How to Prep Your Landscape Lighting System for Fall

Just like that, August has practically come and gone. It’s hard to believe that fall is just around the corner. As the days start to get shorter, and the temperatures begin to cool off, it’s important to prepare your home and property for fall. While it may not be the first thing you think about as a homeowner, prepping your landscape lighting system for fall is an important step to ensuring the longevity of your system. To help you check this task off of your to-do list, our lighting experts have compiled a helpful list of tips for preparing your landscape lighting system for fall.

Do a ‘Walk About’

The best way to start prepping your lawn for fall is to go outside in the daytime and do a complete ‘walk about’ of your property. Inspect your light fixtures and assess the condition of all wires.

If you notice any scratches on the lenses of your lights, take the time to buff them out or replace the lenses altogether. If your landscape lighting design operates all year long, scratches can take away the effectiveness of your system.

If you happen to notice exposed wires, or wires that are torn or damaged, you’ll need to resolve this issue right away. Exposed and damaged wires present a safety risk on your property, especially if you have children or pets in your household. If you have exposed or damaged wires, contact Nite Time Décor and have one of our experienced technicians cover, repair or replace the problem wires.

Straighten Fixtures

During your ‘walk about’ you may notice that your fixtures have shifted since their original installation. This is typical as fixtures may fall victim to foot traffic and lawn maintenance activities over the summer months. If you have any leaning light fixtures on your property, simply restore them to their correct position by straightening them out and tighten the mount if applicable.

Clear Leaves

The leaves may not be falling from the trees just yet, but before you know it, fall will be in full force and the branches will quickly become barren. When this happens, it is important to clear the leaves from your landscape lighting system. Not only do leaves cover your fixtures and impact the effectiveness of your system, they can also allow dampness to accumulate and cause damage to the fixture, bulb and wires.

Consider Changing Your Design

If you’ve had the same landscape lighting setup for quite some time and you’re looking for a change, now is a good time to change up your design. You can take this opportunity to illuminate a new area or feature of your home, or you can start thinking about installing new festive lighting for the upcoming holidays.

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Landscape Lighting FAQs Answered

Are you considering installing a landscape lighting system that is specifically designed to meet your home’s unique features and needs? If so, you may have some important questions you need answered before making your decision. When it comes to your home, you should always do your research before making any big purchases or installations. That’s why our lighting experts at Nite Time Decor Oakville want to make the research process that much easier for you. To do so, we’ve provided answers to a number of frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision about designing and installing your very first landscape lighting system.

Q: What are the benefits to investing in a landscape lighting system?

A: There are many benefits to investing in a landscape lighting system. Financially, a well-designed and professionally installed landscape lighting system can boost the curb appeal of your home which can ultimately increase you’re home’s value. Another benefit of a landscape lighting system is the added safety and security it provides. Exterior lighting will help your family members and guests safely navigate their way around your outdoor space after dark, while also helping to deter criminal activity such as theft.

Q: How much does a landscape lighting system cost?

A:  Landscape lighting systems can vary in cost, as they are designed and installed based on the unique needs of your family and your home. Depending on what you are looking for, your landscape lighting system can range from minimal to intricate, with a price tag that reflects those lighting choices. Whatever route you decide to take, the cost will come down to two main factors: the quantity of light fixtures your design requires and the desired effect you’re looking to achieve. Our landscape lighting professionals can work with your vision and budget to create the perfect lighting design for your home.

Q: Will an installation damage my yard?

A: Not at all. Our experienced landscape lighting technicians are trained to conduct a professional installation without damaging any parts of your lawn in the process. If any trench work in required to bury wires, our technicians will make a small incision and carefully place the wiring in the appropriate spot. When this occurs, your grass should recover after a normal rainfall, and no lasting marks should remain.

Q: Is landscape lighting hard to operate and maintain?

A: Absolutely not. With programmable settings and customizable timers, you’ll be able to set your preferences and let your system do what it does best – illuminate your home and property!

While your landscape lighting system may require some occasional maintenance, our experienced technicians can help. Whether it’s repairing a fixture or replacing a wire, our lighting technicians are always available to help you out!

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Tips for Illuminating Your Pool or Pond

Water features like pools and ponds often become focal points for homeowners and guests, so it makes sense that they should garner attention even after the sun goes down. With a landscape lighting design that is customized to the unique features of your property, you can continue a pool party long into the summer evenings, or stay out late relaxing to the trickling sound of your water feature. Whether you’ve got a pool, a pond or any other kind of water feature, our landscape lighting professionals have put together this list of tips for illuminating these important areas of your property.

Pool Lighting Tips

Tips #1: Keep the liner colour in mind

When it comes to illuminating your pool, remember to consider the colour of your pool liner when creating your design. Lighter colours tend to reflect light while darker colours will absorb it. Factoring in the colour of your pool liner and how it might reflect or absorb the light will help you decide what kind of bulbs to use and how to place each fixture so that it achieves your desired effect.

Tip #2: Cheaper is not always better

While incandescent lights may be cheaper to install, they will cost you more in the long run as they use more electricity and may need to be replaced more often. LED and Fiber Optic lights on the other hand, will likely cost you more up front but are less expensive to run, easy to maintain and usually last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs.

Tip #3: Don’t forget the pool deck and walkways

When creating a landscape lighting design for your pool, it can be easy to focus on the pool itself and forget about the surrounding area like the pool deck and the walkways leading up to the pool area. These surrounding areas are essential to creating a full-bodied and even lighting design, so make sure you factor them into your design.

Pond Lighting Tips

Tip #1: Choose the right technique for your pond

When illuminating a pond, there are two lighting techniques you can choose. The first is underwater lighting and the second is exterior lighting.

Underwater lighting is great if you are looking to create focal points with features like waterfalls. This lighting technique is also best used for water that will remain clear, as murky water will take away from the lighting effect you are trying to achieve with this technique.

Exterior lighting works great when you are trying to illuminate the surrounding features of your pond. Using this technique, lights can be set up around the pond – in rocks or foliage – to create a warm and tranquil atmosphere.

Tip #2: Use soft white lights

Soft white lights work well with ponds because they create a nice, subtle surface glow.

Tip #3: Use brass fixtures

If your lighting fixture is going to be submerged underwater, or it is going to be in constant contact with water, it is ideal to use solid brass fixtures. Unlike other materials, solid brass fixtures will last in these wet conditions. While it might cost you a little more money initially, you will end up saving money in the long run with these fixtures.

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How to Light Up Your Outdoor Space in Layers

When it comes to creating a landscape lighting design for your outdoor space, it’s more than just lighting up a pathway or illuminating your favourite tree. In fact, creating a landscape lighting design that brings all the unique elements of your home and property together takes both planning and creativity.

Whether you want a landscape lighting design that can add to your home’s aesthetics, increase the safety and security of your property or simply just add practicality to your outdoor space, a well thought-out design can incorporate all of these benefits at once. The best way to achieve multiple benefits of landscape lighting is to illuminate your home in layers. To help you understand layered lighting, and how you can achieve this full-bodied look in your next landscape lighting design, we’ve compiled this helpful list of the top three areas to focus on.

Ambient Lighting

Starting with the base of your outdoor lighting design, you’ll want to create a layer that focuses on ambient lighting. This kind of lighting can be created with a ceiling fixture, overhead string lights or even an accent light on a pillar or any other unique feature of your home.

Ambient lighting helps set the tone for your entire landscape lighting design as it helps to create a warm, inviting atmosphere by providing just enough illumination for comfort.

Task Lighting

After you’ve created just the right atmosphere with your ambient lighting, it’s time to create the second layer of illumination through task lighting. Task lighting aims to create functionality by illuminating specific areas that are used regularity such as pathways, steps and outdoor cooking areas.

While task lighting does not necessarily create the warm atmosphere that ambiance lighting does, it helps make your outdoor space both practical and functional.

Accent Lighting

The third and final layer you’ll want to consider when creating your next landscape lighting design is accent lighting. These are your accessory lighting features – they aren’t always necessary but they are the small details that will turn a good design into a great design.  If you have a water feature on your property such as a pool, pond or fountain, consider underwater lighting options to create remarkable effects. If you have a favourite tree, or if your home has unique architectural features like pillars or posts, use accent lighting to play with the angles and shadows. These are the details that will make your home stand out long after the sun has gone done.


While the above lighting techniques could be used on their own, a full-bodied landscape lighting design uses all three together to enhance the aesthetics of your home while also improving practicality, safety and security. With layered landscape lighting, you get all the benefits that outdoor lighting has to offer in one simple, streamlined design.

Get a Professional Installation

Creating the perfect landscape lighting design for your outdoor space can be difficult. You need to know what areas to illuminate, how to illuminate them and what techniques to use. On top of that, you have to make sure your landscape lighting system is installed safely and securely, with no exposed wires or loose fixtures that could cause safety hazards around your property. With all these different factors at play, it’s best to contact a professional landscape lighting company like Nite Time Décor Oakvile. Whether you need help creating the perfect design, or you simply need a professional installation, our experienced team can help! Contact us today to get started on your next design or installation.