4 Ways To Save Energy With Outdoor Lighting

We all know energy costs have been trending up and not down for some time. When considering your outdoor lighting, it’s important to think about energy efficiency. An efficient outdoor lighting system puts money in your pocket. There are a few ways to be energy efficient when it comes to outdoor lighting, so our lighting experts at Nite Time Décor Oakville put together a few ideas that may help.

Plan For Energy Efficiency

This might sound simple and basic, but if you are in the process of developing your outdoor lighting system there are many ways to incorporate energy savings into your design. First, it is important to know and understand your goals for your outdoor lighting system. It might be appropriate to provide brighter lighting for things like walkways and stairs, however dimmer lights may be more appropriate to show off your gardens or architectural features. An effective and aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting setup is one that varies lighting levels and creates texture and intrigue.

Select Energy Efficient Fixtures

Another consideration during design is fixture selection. Once you know what your goal is, you can begin to select appropriate fixtures. Some can be substituted for more energy efficient fixtures without compromising the lighting levels they will provide. One popular way to dramatically reduce energy consumption is to use LED fixtures. These eco-friendly fixtures may have a slightly higher initial cost, but can quickly make up for those costs with significant energy savings.

Use Programmable Timers

Not every light needs to be on for the entire night so another way to save on energy is to incorporate timers. You can program the lights to be on or off at certain times depending on their purpose. For example, area lighting for entertaining would only need to be on when you are entertaining, however security lighting would stay on from dusk until dawn. It may be helpful to coordinate certain lights into a zone or a group of lights that are controlled by one timer to help simplify the setup. By adjusting when each light is on or off, you are maximizing your energy savings.

Consider Solar Lights

Solar lights may be an option for you depending on where and how you plan to use them. Solar lights have typically been dimmer than other types of lights, however some manufacturers have claimed improved brightness more recently. For some applications such as garden lights, solar lights may be a great solution. However, for areas where a brighter light is needed they may not be the best fixture to use.

Those are just a few ideas for building some energy efficiency into your outdoor lighting system. Even if you already have some outdoor lights there may be a way to incorporate some of these ideas into your system. To maximize each of these it may be helpful to hire a professional to help provide options and customize your outdoor lighting plan to be energy efficient while meeting your specific needs. Contact our team at Nite Time Décor Oakville to get started today!

Lighting Ideas For Spring

Summer might feel like it’s a long way away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about enjoying your yard and deck after the sun goes down. Our experts at Nite Time Decor Oakville are available to help you plan your landscape lighting to best highlight the features of your home or business with an eye to aesthetics, function, safety and security.

Here are some of the most popular lighting solutions for outdoor lighting.

String Lights

One of the easiest solutions for outdoor lighting are string lights. These require very little preparation – just string them up and plug them in. They can be used along a wall as accent lights or hung over an outdoor living space to provide general area lighting.String lights work well in trees, or over a dining area to provide ambiance without creating light pollution.

Portable Lights

Portable lights are a great, versatile and quick solution for some outdoor ambiance. These wireless lights come in a variety of styles, heights, and finishes.Solar powered LED lights are a great option and are well-suited to a wide range of applications from pathway lighting, garden lighting, pool deck security lighting, and many more options. A great bonus is that you can move these lights depending on your lighting needs.

Edge Lighting

LED strip lights can mounted to the underside of many surfaces to provide subtle outdoor lighting that serves many purposes. Whether you’re looking to use them to light up stairs or level changes on your deck, along a railing, bench seating, or an outdoor bar or kitchen as area lighting, this is a great option that suits almost any outdoor space. Not only will these lights look great, but they’ll also double as effective safety lighting

Edge lighting can also be used to define walkways and paths around your yard to help people navigate a dark or unfamiliar yard.

Garden Lights

Don’t let the sun go down on all that hard work you’ve put into landscaping plants, gardens and other features. Show off all that hard work by choosing garden lights to correspond with the type of garden you have. There are several ways to illuminate your gardens to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting for your guests. Up lights accentuate taller plants or can be shone against a light-coloured backdrop highlighting the greenery. Down lights put the focus on ground cover or lower plants and provide safety lighting for paths without blinding guests.

Architecture Lights

Your home is beautiful, why not show it off? Want to highlight the fantastic natural stone, columns or symmetry of your home? Want to create a visual focal point at night with yardornaments or features, well designed architectural lighting not only creates curb appeal and pleasing aesthetics but also helps deter theft and break-ins.

Contact Nite Time Decor

Looking to install or upgrade your outdoor landscape lighting? Contact our experienced lighting professionals at Nite Time Decor Oakville. Our experts can create a versatile, functional and beautiful lighting layout to highlight your home or business and keep your family or customers safe. Contact our team at Nite Time Decor to get started today!

4 Types Of Landscape Lighting That Work In Any Garden

With spring upon us and gardening season right around the corner, now is a great time to plan your landscape lighting. Whether you’re updating existing gardens or starting from scratch, don’t forget about your outdoor lighting so you can enjoy those gardens after the sun goes down too.

Gardens can be enhanced and add to the visual aesthetic of your home or business with a well-designed and properly implemented outdoor lighting plan. It is important to plan ahead and know what options are available to show off your hard work on that lovely garden in the evening. Here are our expert’s top five types of garden lighting.

String Lights

Often used for narrow gardens along the perimeter of your property or in trees, these lights can create a warm and inviting ambiance as part of the outdoor lighting on your property. These lights can be hung along fences, in pergolas, or even directly on the branches of trees to complete the desired effect.

Up Lighting

This landscape lighting technique can create depth and show of some of the varied textures of your garden features. To achieve this a light is placed in a lower position and directed up at the feature being accented. This effect works well with trees, foliage or other taller garden features.

Down Lighting

As the name implies, this technique is the inverse of up lighting. A light is placed above the feature being accented, illuminating it from above. This type of landscape lighting is quite popular and especially effective at creating a natural effect, showing off the garden features in a way that mimics how it would be seen on a bright evening where the moon and stars are shining bright.

This technique can also be used in the branches of a large tree to light up the tree and the gardens below. This type of outdoor lighting not only illuminates gardens, but provides good general area lighting.

Post Lighting

This is one of the most common and popular types of outdoor lighting. It is used for a variety of purposes and is an effective part of a landscape lighting system. Post lights evoke warm memories due to their nostalgic feel. Locations should be well planned to achieve the desired effect. Post lights can become a feature themselves and the design options for these types of lights are nearly unlimited.

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These are just four fairly simple types of outdoor lights that can be used in any variety of combinations for an effective landscape lighting plan. To achieve the best results, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each system, that’s why we recommend contacting our professional landscape lighting team at Nite Time Decor.

Our outdoor lighting experts can help you develop a design and select the appropriate lighting techniques from these and many other options to create the perfect plan for your property. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a system in place, let us help you. Contact our team at Nite Time Decor Oakville to get started today!

How To Maintain Your Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Basic spring maintenance for your landscape lighting system will not only ensure your outdoor lights are performing well, but it’s also a time to re-evaluate whether it’s time to upgrade or update some of your older fixtures.

You don’t need special equipment or training to get started on basic cleaning and maintenance, but you will need to pay careful attention to electrical components and ensure sockets stay dry.

As always when working with any electrical elements, ensure the power is turned off before you begin to clean. If the fixtures aren’t easily reached from the ground, be sure to secure the ladder properly to avoid accidental tips or falls.

Always make sure to check the lighting manufacturer’s website for any cleaning instructions specific to your fixture.

A screwdriver is usually all that’s required to remove the globe, shields, or grills of your fixture. Any removeable components can be easily cleaned up with a soft cloth and warm soapy water to remove any dirt or bug carcasses that may have accumulated over the last season. Alternatively, any glass components can be cleaned with a standard glass cleaner.

Do not wash the light bulbs! Water in sockets can cause damage.

With your soft cloth and sudsy water, wipe down the exterior of the light fixture. This should shine things up considerably. Avoid getting water into the open sockets as this could damage your fixture.

Give things a good rinse with a clean damp cloth. You don’t want to leave any soapy residue behind. Let everything dry before applying polish or wax to metal parts.

Lightbulbs can be fragile, so handle with care. This is also a great time to replace burnt out light bulbs. Again, make sure not to get water in the sockets.

And you’re done! It’s fairly quick and easy to do basic cleaning and maintenance on your lighting fixtures for a polished and clean shine that will light up your home or business for another season.

Additional Tips for Your Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Lemon For Copper Fixtures – A great homemade cleaner for copper fixtures is a cut lemon. Take half a fresh lemon, dip the cut end in some salt, and scrub the copper clean. The acidic lemon and salt mixture scrubs and removes tarnish. Be sure to wipe the lemon juice off the fixture before applying a copper polish.

Cleaning Tiki Lamps – These are fun fixtures for the garden and landscape and if you’ve purchased a Nite Time Décor tiki lamp, it should last with little maintenance. Even with natural or propane gas tiki lamps that burn clean, there will be some carbon build up. Just clean the head with warm water and mild soap and it should be good as new again.

Is It Time To Upgrade Or Replace?

This quick spring cleaning is a great time to learn about new smart technology lighting solutions, or upgrades to LED for greater efficiency. Or maybe it’s just time to change the look of things and see what’s new. Our Nite Time Décor Oakville associates are always willing to help with any questions you might have. Contact us today!