Security Doesn’t Have To Sacrifice Beauty in Outdoor Lighting

There are two main reasons to place lights outside around our homes – security and beauty. Many times, these two functions are considered independent of one another, but is there a way to add beauty in our security lighting and vice versa?

Security Lighting

Nearly every house has some sort of outdoor lighting. Often the primary concern for this outdoor lighting is security. Security takes into account prevention of theft and unwanted guests, as well as prevention of injury for friends and family who are visiting.

To prevent unwanted intruders there must be adequate lighting to make your property unattractive to potential trespassers. The lighting should provide ample opportunity for physical detection and reduce hiding spots, without being too bright. Over-illumination can draw unwanted attention to your home and belongings and can contribute to light pollution.

The second consideration for security lighting is preventing injury of your visitors. This must be well thought out and should provide ample lighting along walkways, stairsand in areas where people will be gathering. It is also important to provide adequate lighting around things like pools, decks, gazebos and patios – where much of your entertaining will be taking place.

Security lighting for both of these functions may also incorporate things like timers and motion sensors intended to provide lighting when and where it is needed. Timers can help to provide security even when you are not at home, and motion sensors can turn on lights only when movement is detected which will deter would-be intruders from continuing onto your property.

Lighting for Beauty

Decorative lighting is designed around a much different purpose than security lighting. These lights are designed to accentuate physical features and create an atmosphere that is inviting and attractive. Decorative lighting can help to showcase the outside of your home, including attractive architectural features, gardens, and ornamental decorations.

There are many considerations that are made with decorative lighting that are different from those made for security lighting – symmetry, balance, focal points, depth, light, colour, and others. These considerations are made in conjunction with one another to create one cohesive, beautiful design.

Beautiful Security

Combining the functionality of security lighting and the aesthetics of decorative lighting is not an easy task, but with some good planning it’s achievable. Security lighting does not need to be harsh or alarming to be effective. Sometimes security lighting is so bright that it actually detracts from a home’s aesthetic beauty. A good landscape lighting design will incorporate security lights in a way that accentuates the beauty of your home and landscape and provides ample ambiance for your outdoor living spaces.

Consider consulting with our trained outdoor lighting experts and designers. We can help you create a custom design that blends security with aesthetics that enhances your landscape and makes your outdoor living space feel like home.

For more information on how we can help you achieve all of your landscape lighting goals contact our team at Nite Time Décor Oakville to get started today!

Extend Your Outdoor Hours With Landscape Lighting For Every Purpose

When properly designed, your landscape lighting will enhance both the look and functionality of your outdoor spaces after dark. A good design will consider your personal needs and activities as well as leave flexibility for special events and gatherings. When the sun goes down and you are ready to relax in your outdoor oasis, a well-designed lighting system will not only be safe and functional, but beautiful as well. A system that is designed around your needs and customized for your outdoor space could be the most important part of your own personal retreat in the evenings.

Night Vision

It is important to visualize your space at night and think about how it will be used. It can be challenging to design lighting for an outdoor space without imagining what it looks like after dark. It’s more than just guessing what kind of fixture is needed and where it will be placed, it is seeing what kind of light should be provided in each space and selecting appropriate fixtures based on those needs. A good lighting design is one that has been designed with light, not one that has been designed with fixtures.


Not only are the best lighting designs done based on the light, the light is customized to meet your needs. Areas for entertaining will have different lighting needs than areas where your gardens and architecture are the focus. Walkways, stairs and steep slopes may also have some additional safety concerns that should be considered in your lighting design. If you’re looking forlighting to help you relax and enjoy your outdoor living space, you’ll want light that is nuanced, warm, and inviting. Areas that have multiple uses should have lighting options to suit each function without compromising the ambiance and appeal. Outdoor lighting design should take into consideration how you will use each space.

The Final Design

Perhaps the most important aspect of the lighting design is how all of these needs are combined and coordinated into an overall plan. Landscape lighting done well will take all of these considerations and areas into account and create a blended, textured lighting scheme that will meet all of these needs. It will give you an integrated system that provides the proper amount of light for each activity. It will provide flexible (perhaps even move-able) lighting options that are long-lasting and energy efficient. It will provide safety for you and your guests, and it will enhance, not detract from the beauty of your outdoor space.

It can be a little overwhelming when you are looking at your space and trying to imagine what kind of lighting you will need and which of the thousands of fixtures you would want to provide that lighting. There is help available! We have a team of experts that has the right blend of experience and knowledge to help you design a system that will enhance your space and be customized to meet your specific needs. Contact our team at Nite Time Décor Oakville to get started today!

4 Ways Outdoor Lighting Can Light Up Your Cottage

With spring in full swing, it’s time to head up north and open those cottages. Are you concerned about break-ins? Do you want to ensure your family and guests can safely navigate the yard or paths around the cottage? Are there features that require safety lighting? Maybe you’d just like to invest in an outdoor lighting upgrade. Our experts would love to help you find the best outdoor lighting solutions for your cottage, so we put together some points to think through so you have a better idea of what you need and want.

Less is Often More

As you think about and plan your outdoor lighting it may be easy to look around your home or other homes in your neighbourhood for ideas, but also remember that your cottage is a place where you go to get away from the city so it is probably better to keep your outdoor lighting to a minimum. In the city you set up outdoor lighting so that you can enjoy your landscaping and architectural features, but while you’re at the cottage you want to enjoy nature. It’s hard to see the stars when there are lights everywhere. Another consideration is the impact excessive lighting can have on wildlife unaccustomed to artificial lighting in their natural habitat. One more consideration – extra lighting means extra bugs.

Safety Is Vital

The are some areas where you want to make sure there is adequate lighting. These are areas where safety is a concern. Features such as steep paths, steps, docks, pools, and decks should have additional safety lighting to prevent falls and other injuries. Safety lighting not only keeps your friends and family from harm, it delivers better peace of mind for you. Consider installing lighting in outdoor workspaces that get used after dark – barbecues, outdoor bars, outdoor cleaning stations, etc. The most important consideration here is safety, but also keep in mind where the light is directed to keep neighbours happy.

Available Power and Alternative Options

Depending on the layout and the soil conditions of your cottage property, it may be impractical to run wiring to things like the dock or along steep pathways. For these areas consider using battery or solar powered lighting fixtures. While they may often be not as bright, they may be perfectly suited for this type of application. For other lighting consider using LED fixtures to save on energy. LEDs may have a higher initial cost, but they will typically require less energy and less maintenance over their lifetime, resulting in a net benefit.

Use Timers

Regardless of what lighting options you choose it is helpful to have them controlled by a timer. Timers can help to save energy and minimize the impacts of your lighting on the nature and wildlife around your cottage. Not only will your human and wildlife neighbours appreciate it, you’ll have better control over your hydro bills.

Our experts can help you develop the right plan for your cottage. Contact our team at Nite Time Décor Oakville to get started today!