5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Outdoor Motion Lighting

There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to choosing outdoor motion lighting and the selection process might seem overwhelming. We’ve developed a list of key questions to answer in order to help you narrow down the right light for your needs and yard.

1. What do you want the motion lighting to do?
Most homeowners choose outdoor motion lights for one or more of these reasons: to save electricity so the light is not forgotten and left on, to improve home security and light up dark areas, to provide light in areas where you might have your hands full or want the lights to come on automatically.

2. How many degrees and feet do you need the light to reach?
Motion sensors vary in what range of degrees they will detect motion or heat (180, 100, 60, etc.). If the light is being mounted on a wall or in a dark corner, you may not need the motion sensor to have a large range of detection. How far away from the light do you want the sensor to detect motion? If you’re lighting a narrow pathway down the side of your house, you may not need it to detect motion that far away, but it you want it to detect motion down the length of your driveway, these are good things to have in mind before you choose your light.

3. How long do you want the light to stay on for?
There are some motion lights that will detect motion and turn on, there are other lights that will detect an absence of light and turn off. There are others that will detect both and stay on for a set or variable length of time. If you have answered question #1, this will help considerably when answering this question. Many motion lights also come equipped with photocells so they don’t come on during the day, and others are equipped with Dual Brite technology that will provide a dimmer light during dusk and dawn hours, but come on at full strength at night when used for security.

4. How powerful does the light need to be?
Who doesn’t want to save money? There are a variety of bulbs on the market that offer a variety of energy efficiency depending on the needs of the homeowner. Decide how powerful the light needs to be. Purchasing the correct wattage will lessen annoyance to neighbours or casting light onto the street, or blinding people as they approach your house.

There are many energy efficient options now such as LED lights and halogens.

5. How sensitive do you want the light to be?
Depending on your needs and where you install the light, you may want the light to pick up wind-blown leaves, or ignore your dog doing its business at night. Most lights will allow you to adjust the sensitivity, but if you’re looking for an especially sensitive light (you want it to trigger a security camera or alarm for instance) that may require additional technology and cost.

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