Brighten Your Cottage Getaway with Nite Time Décor

Landscape lighting for your cottage involves an entirely different outlook. It’s unique in its execution, and singular in its demands. But when done properly, landscape lighting Oakville enhances your cottage experience in a way that you could never imagine.

Nite Time Décor Oakville lighting services can bring added safety and security to your cottage, as well as aesthetics. Nite Time Décor Oakville is conscious of the environment and the impact on neighbours and throughout installation – two areas that we’ve kept in mind when we compiled this list.

Be respectful – prevent light trespass
One of the most important aspects of lighting for cottage country is being considerate of other cottagers’ search for serenity from the urban life. For that reason, it’s critical that you avoid light trespass when you engage in cottage Nite Time Décor Oakville lighting services.

Preventing light trespass is done easily with the use of down lighting. Down lights swing the beam toward the ground, rather than up in the sky. This directed beam creates a focused focal point, which doesn’t allow any light to escape into unwanted zones. When up lights are used, parts of the beam escape into the night sky. Often, this escaped light sneaks through to your neighbour’s window, disturbing their peace. It’s likely you’ve experienced this light trespass yourself. Don’t put your neighbours through an uncomfortable situation with light trespass.

Accentuate danger zones
There are specific areas in cottage country that require closer lighting than areas in the suburbs or cities. These are parts of the property that are uneven, close to dangerous areas – such as lakes or ponds – and areas that may suddenly end off. A good example of these zones are uneven steps or around the docks.

When placing fixtures along these laneways, stairs, and docks, avoid placing them in a straight line. Straight lines of lighting can look like an airplane strip.

Have a landscape lighting Oakville curfew
Animals in the country aren’t used to lights the same way that urbanized animals are. They have sleeping and hunting patterns that require darkness. When light intrudes on the night, these hunting and sleeping patterns will quickly become confused and halted.

Set yourself a curfew for your landscape lighting Oakville. Nite Time Décor Oakville recommends 11 pm as a shut down time. Beyond providing peace for the local animals and their habitats, it also allows your neighbours to get a good night sleep on their vacations.

Tone the lights down
When you’re in cottage country, the main point of lighting is safety and function – being able to see where you’re going, or to have the best visibility during a late night volleyball game.

So, unlike in the city where security is a major issue, you can tone down the amount of lights you use. Minimalist is better for your cottage. Make it look like there are little glittering stars that fell from the sky and collected across your property. Use subtle, low voltage lighting in your Nite Time Décor lighting services.

Stardust your cottage with Nite Time Décor lighting services. Receive your complimentary quote on cottage lighting from Nite Time Décor Oakville today.