Brighten Up Dreary Winter Nights With Landscape Lighting

Don’t let the dark days of winter get you down. Add some light to your life with winter landscape lighting. It may be dreary outside, but with the right outdoor lighting systems in Burlington, your yard can be a beacon of cheer gleaming through the snow.

Low voltage lighting
The great thing about low voltage lighting is that it can be used during the day when the clouds are dark in the sky, without looking too dramatic. Low voltage winter landscape lighting will cast an enchanting combination of shadow and light on your home any time, day or night.

This type of light can also create a more natural effect. Rather than the appearance of glaring, intense brightness, low voltage can appear to be the moon shining on your home in the gloomy night. This natural glow can accent gorgeous features of your home, while bringing security and safety in the darkness. Add a few fixtures along paths directing your guests into your holiday party safely. Fend off burglars and trespassers with simple accents along doors and walls.

This natural effect also adds warmth to your winter landscape lighting. Dimmer lighting is much more welcoming and warm, as it is reminiscent of the cozy glow from a fireplace.

Low voltage uses less electricity, as well, so you can save money on your outdoor lighting systems in Burlington.

Find the dark areas
Keep in mind the areas of your home that are shadowy and gloomy. These are the key areas where you’ll want lighting. This will help fend off trespassers and make your landscaping safer.

Choose architectural and landscaping high points
Whether it’s an evergreen lit up with a blue toned wash light or a birdbath encircled with some fairy Christmas lights, architectural and landscaping features can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. Find these areas, and use your outdoor lighting systems in Burlington to highlight them. This will draw eyes away from the winter gloom, and onto bright beauties. Don’t be afraid to add in some blues to splash across the ever greens, or to use your lights to create silhouettes of the bare branches on your wall.

Our gallery has some great ideas to inspire your own outdoor lighting systems in Burlington. You’ll find ideas on how to accent your landscaping and architecture wonderfully.

Consider Christmas lights and icicles
While you may think it’s a little early for Christmas lights, these lights can add speckles of mystery and beauty in a dreary night. You can use these to light up the icicles that may be beginning to form around the eaves troughs of your home.

Create icicles and play with lighting them up. These small spears of ice can become simple ice sculptures adorning your home. All you need is to play with your winter landscape lighting and add a few spotlights beneath the icicle lines. These will create a beautiful effect by playing with the use of light and nature. You can even create icicles on your eaves by spraying them with a hose for a few minutes a day.

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