How to Bring Light to Your Chimney

Lighting up your home is a large undertaking. But with the proper landscape lighting services you don’t have to struggle to have a beautiful after-dusk landscape. The benefit of Nite Time Décor Oakville outdoor lighting is that you can accentuate the unique aspects of your home. If you have a chimney, then this is the perfect feature to highlight as they are becoming increasingly rare with the decline in natural fireplaces. Lighting a chimney, however, can be tricky. Read on for tips and information from the pros at Nite Time Décor Oakville.

The pros and cons of chimney lighting
Because chimneys are such rare and unique features, and because they are usually the tallest part of your home, they make gorgeous focal points to increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. Their height will offer them visibility and clarity. This can also be useful for visitors finding your home on a darkened street.

Lighting a chimney can be dangerous, though. You’ll need to make sure you have a Nite Time Décor Oakville outdoor lighting expert to avoid harm. A professional can also advise you as to the best way to light your particular chimney to highlight its uniqueness.

Light for your chimney
Before you begin lighting up your chimney, you need to make a plan for your landscape lighting services. Figure out what angles of light would look best on your chimney, and then you can decide which Nite Time Décor Oakville fixtures you’ll want to use.

While you plan, keep unique qualities of your chimney in mind. If you have sculptures, engravings, or statues highlight these to bring out the beauty of your home’s architecture.

Types of lighting
There are three common types of Nite Time Décor Oakville fixtures that are used on chimneys: up lighting, down lighting, and recessed lights.

When you’re trying to decide whether or not to use an up light or a down light, figure out the visibility of your chimney. If your chimney begins being visible at the roofline, rather than at the base of the home, you’ll want to use a down light. This ensures that more of the chimney is highlighted, while a spotlight on a chimney like this will light up more of the wall. Spotlights are great for chimneys that begin at the base of the home toward the roofline.

Recessed lighting, though not as common as up or down lighting, can still be used on chimneys if you don’t want your landscape lighting services to be visible from below. The only negative quality of these is that you’re going to have fewer options for lighting if you choose this route.

Plan your chimney to match
If you’re adding chimney lights to pre-existing Nite Time Décor Oakville outdoor lighting, make sure it matches in style and doesn’t add too much light. You don’t want to over light the area and create an unbalanced effect in your yard.

Also watch out for unfortunate shadows formed by the use of chimney landscape lighting services.

Are you ready to begin lighting up your life with Nite Time Décor Oakville outdoor lighting? Contact Nite Time Décor Oakville today for your complimentary quote.