Bring the Moon to Your Home with Landscape Lighting

There’s nothing more beautiful on a breezy spring night or warm summer evening than moonlight whispering in soft beams through tree boughs to your deck below. On nights without the moonlight, the noticeable absence has a serious impact on the ambience of your yard. However, with Oakville landscape lighting, you won’t ever again have to miss out on moonlighting. There is a simple technique that you can do with Nite Time Décor landscape lighting so that your trees have a moonlight effect. You may have seen this effect in other homeowners’ outdoor lighting services without understanding how it was done. Nite Time Décor Oakville is here to help – read on for our tips for getting this beautiful permanent moonlight.

Decide on locale
While it’s true that moonlighting effects are often exhibited in trees, these aren’t your only option for using this effect. Pillars, columns, gazebos, and other tall structures can also be adorned with moonlight landscape lighting. Where the “moonlight” looks most natural and gorgeous will depend heavily on your home’s unique features and landscaping. You’ll want the effect somewhere close to a heavy traffic area, so that you can enjoy it while relaxing on the deck. If you’re choosing a tree, pick a tall, full tree to make it look like natural moonlight has been caught in its boughs.

If you don’t choose a tree, make sure you still choose a location that has a considerable amount of height over the rest of your lawn. A moonlight effect won’t be believable unless it is higher than most of your other architectural and natural features. Try picking the tallest feature you have on your lawn that is within high traffic areas.

Use water to your benefit
If you have any water sources – whether it’s a pond, pool, fountain, or otherwise – you can make this reflective surface contribute to your Oakville landscape lighting effect. Moonlight glimmering on water has been the source of poetic imagery for generations, so why not include an example of that lovely ethereal scenery in your yard? Position your fixtures so that they’re in an architectural or landscape feature close enough to the water to create a shimmering design on its surface.

Create subtle tones
One of the reasons moonlight is so beautiful is its subtlety. The soft glow from a round silver sickle creates ambience and romance in a way that bright yellow outdoor lighting services cannot. So, when you’re mimicking the moon with your Nite Time Décor landscape lighting, imitate its softness as well. Use low voltage landscape lighting to create your moonlight effect.

Use blue Nite Time Décor landscape lighting
Moonlight has a silvery blue tone to it that can be difficult to mimic with outdoor lighting services. The best way to imitate the tone is with slightly blue lights. Be careful with the shade of blue you choose, though. Too blue, and you’ll get a neon carnival look.

Choose a blue that is subtle, silvery, and low. When this filters through branches or onto the ground, the colour will hit the human eye in much the same way that moonlight does, creating the same colour perception.

Use several Oakville landscape lighting fixtures
Once you’ve chosen the locale, the fixtures, and the tone, it’s time to decide on the angling of the lighting. To create a realistic effect with your landscape lighting, you want several lights criss-crossing each other in your tree, angled down to the ground. One light won’t get the shimmering moonlight effect, and will be too harsh a source of light.

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