Plan Like A Pro With Tips From Nite Time Décor

Planning is the key to success for any great endeavour. The same can be said of planning your landscape lighting system. It can be difficult to get the right landscape lighting design to represent your unique style. At Nite Time Décor, we understand how important it is to have a flawless night time façade on your home. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips and hints to help you plan your landscape lighting system.

Plan your spaces accordingly
Every great outdoor lighting system begins with a plan. The best thing to do before beginning anything is to figure out what each area of your lawn will be used for. Will you be spending more time on the back or front porch? Do you have a gazebo that you’d like to entertain in? Is there a walkway that should be illuminated in case of twilight strolls? Each area should be lit according to its function.

Pick your team
Nite Time Décor has a team of experts ready to help you get the most out of your landscape lighting. It’s a lot of work to realize an idea. With the mechanics, proper placement techniques, and all the fine details that go into creating a flawless landscape lighting system, you want to be sure to get the best.

Include convenient switches
Place switches at your entry points to make turning your landscape lighting on and off more efficient. Consider, also, placing a switch in your bedroom so you no longer have to run to the door to turn off the lights before bed.

Create a magnificent moonlit landscape lighting system
This is a gorgeous natural lighting effect that uses softer lighting, rather than sharp glaring lights. You want to create a design that feels as if a full moon has appeared just to illuminate your home. Low lighting around paths and greenery combined with soft lighting pointing up and down into your trees will create this effect.

Don’t overdo it
One of the major mistakes homeowners make is creating a design that is just too over the top: too many fixtures, too bright of lights, too many varieties. Pick one or two types of fixtures you like and stick to those. Use a few low wattage fixtures to avoid the prison yard-like effect that can come from landscape lighting that features too high a wattage.

That being said: avoid the overly yellow lights that homeowners think appear soft, but actually create a sickly effect. You want white enough light that it doesn’t make your plants look ill, but keep it soft. Try Nite Time Décor’s products with LED lights.

Think layered landscape lighting
The way you see your landscape lighting system matters just as much as the way visitors see it. Think about how your lighting will look to you as you look out upon your lawn from the comfort of your living room, but also when you are outside looking upon your gorgeous home.

Use your space to your advantage
Why cram all your fixtures into one area? Leisurely place your lights throughout your design.

Don’t use spotlights too much. Overuse subtracts from the dramatic effect. Space the rest of your lights far enough apart that you don’t detract from the safety and security of your design, and also so that your lights don’t become glaring. Pathway fixtures, in particular, should be no higher than two feet from the ground and should always direct light downwards.

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Get Inspired By These Five Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas

Are you bored with your old outdoor lighting system? Tired of the design you’ve had since you installed your system, but stumped for ways to change it up? Read on to learn how you can create a beautiful design that suits your needs and style.

Take advantage of your whole landscape
Don’t fall into the old idea that only the flowerbeds and back patios are to be lit up at night. You can, and should, light up any area of your landscape to create a more pleasing effect on the eyes. This could be pathways, doors, pools, trees, statues, gazebos, even uplighting walls. Any structure you have on your property carries outdoor lighting design possibilities.

The point of lighting these areas is to accent the high qualities and pleasing features of the structure. This may involve lighting up the branches of a tree to create a beautiful silhouetted canopy.

Incorporate your fixtures
Don’t just leave the lights out in the open. The best way to light your landscaping is to incorporate your outdoor lighting system right into your garden, trees, and structures. This has the added benefit of protecting your fixtures from the elements. Lights that are left out in the open are more likely to be damaged from wind and snow.

Create an atmosphere with your outdoor lighting system
Use different lighting effects to create ambience. You want your outdoor lighting system to be warm and welcoming, not glaring and cold. There are a few ways to do this.

Add in coloured lights. A soft blue and white on evergreens in the winter, or subtle reds and yellows on a flowerbed of the same colours can create a gorgeous effect when done properly. Green lights on foliage also tend to bring out the tones quite nicely at night. Talk to one of our specialists about how this can be done properly for your outdoor lighting system.

Use low voltage lighting. Low watt lights will bathe your lawn in tender lighting and softly accent the features of your home. Low watt lighting won’t subtract from the safety and security aspect of your outdoor lighting system. For energy efficient options in low volt lighting, try LED lights.
Create a natural moonlight effect. This can be done with gentle lights around your paths and by up lighting walls and trees. Our wash lights and spotlights are great for this. Try having a few lights within the trees that light both up and down to give the impression that a full moon, rather than lanterns, are lighting your yard.
Bring water into your outdoor lighting system

A well-lit pool or birdbath that reflects the light of the moon can bring so much more wonder to a yard. Light across the surface of the water to reflect and illuminate the ripples. If you have a pool close to a wall, try lighting up the surface of the wall. This will create a mirror reflection in the pool if done right. Try lighting so that the moonlight is reflected in the water.

Go dramatic
Light your trees so there is a dramatic silhouette against a wall. Up light structures to create intriguing shadows. When used appropriately, and when not overdone, this can have an aesthetically pleasing effect that enhances the curb appeal of your home. Play with the tall structures of your home to find the dramatic effect that works best for you.

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How To Light The Exterior Walkway Of Your Business

Are you looking to add a little flair to your Burlington commercial landscape lighting? Considering illuminating the walkway. This not only adds a little extra to the aesthetics of your business, but it also contributes to the safety and security of your commercial outdoor lighting. Read on for advice on how to properly light your exterior walkways.

If you own any of the businesses below (or any business that operates after nightfall), consider lighting the walkways to enhance curb appeal and safety. Businesses with long walks up to the entrance, like a nightclub, for example, can benefit greatly from this added pop of light and ambiance.

Restaurants: This is particularly true of restaurants that have a patio area or offer alfresco dining on a promenade.

Nightclubs: This is all about combining safety for late night partiers, as well as curb appeal for attracting new patrons.

Movie theatres: Make your audiences feel like they’re walking onto the red carpet when they arrive to watch the latest blockbuster.

Fast food: This will help ensure your customers don’t trip on their way to get a late night snack.

Gas stations: This is a good safety precaution to avoid unfortunate accidents around motor vehicles.

Banquet halls: Long dresses, heels, and a dark, unlit path never mix. Walkway lighting will add a certain amount of elegance to the atmosphere as well as reduce the number of rolled ankles at your establishment.

Benefits of exterior walkway lighting

There are many benefits to adding exterior walkway lighting to your Burlington commercial landscape lighting.

Safety: Walkway lighting helps your guests to avoid tripping over unseen steps, cracks, or walking into the landscaping. Outdoor lighting also generally wards off thieves and vandals.

Aesthetics: Walkway lighting makes it easy to show your personal and professional style by adding curb appeal and attracting customers.

A Beacon to Clientele: An illuminated walkway is basically an “open sign” signaling to potential customers driving by. Broadcast your late night hours to regulars and first-time customers alike.

Commercial outdoor lighting tips

Some technical things to remember:

Know the length of your pathway and how much area each light fixture illuminates. This will allow you to determine the number of lights needed. Talk to one of our specialists to get expert advice for your Burlington commercial landscape lighting project.

Know your budget. Once you know how much your business can comfortably spend expanding your commercial outdoor lighting, take a look through our products for fixtures and designs that match your style and finances.

Research. Look through our gallery to get a better understanding of landscape lighting installations.

Hire one of our professionals. We’ll give you the service without the hassle. Trying to install commercial outdoor lighting without an expert can be dangerous and can often end with improperly installed lights.

Burlington commercial landscape lighting design techniques

Think timers, intervals, and pools of light. Know the seasons and when nightfall occurs. This is when you’ll want to set the time for your lights to switch on.

Now that you know how long your path is, and how much each light fixture illuminates, you’ll be able to plan intervals. This will depend on whether you want footlight fixtures or bollard lights, which are lights on short poles. It’s important to note that bollard lights tend to cast off more light than footlight fixtures. Of course, a mixture of the two is always a great option.

While the walkway is important, be careful not to forget the entrance. Lighting the entrance is one of the most important areas for curb appeal as it draws possible customers in, and welcomes them to your business. If there’s shrubbery, try working with it to cast aesthetically pleasing shadows across your entryway path.

Finally, don’t forget to position lights in areas where obstacles may cause injuries. Places like steps or small plants are good areas to light to prevent your clientele from tripping.

Now that you’re prepared, you can think about designs for your Burlington commercial landscape lighting! Request a complimentary quote from Nite Time Décor today!

Tips for Preventing Damage to Outdoor Lighting System

Your exterior lighting makes your house more aesthetically pleasing at night. It also provides a useful security feature. Outdoor lighting systems give the impression that someone is home, even if that is not the case. Luckily for our customers, Oakville outdoor lighting maintenance is usually not a laborious task. Follow these tips to prevent damage to your outdoor lighting systems – either accidentally or purposefully by potential intruders.

Keep Your Outdoor Lighting Systems Away from Lawnmowers

When cutting the grass, avoid mowing too close to landscape lighting. You could potentially hit the lighting with the lawn mower, or have debris shooting out the side of the mower. Both situations can cause damage to your light fixtures. A simple solution is to place a bucket over your light fixtures before mowing the lawn or using a weed whacker to trim around your lights.

Oakville Outdoor Lighting Maintenance for Protecting Your Lights

Landscape lighting components can potentially get damaged from heavy rain, snow, or fertilizer. You can protect the glass portion of the lighting with a protective glass treatment to help prevent the glass from getting scratched or foggy.

A solution that does not involve treatment is to position lights under the cover of awnings and overhangs to protect against weather hazards. You should also check your lights weekly for signs of wear or damage and replace any broken or burned out bulbs. In addition, you should clean off the lights monthly with a damp rag to ensure there is no dirt build-up. After a rain or ice storm, dry the lights off and clear away any ice that has frozen on to the fixture.

Placing Your Outdoor Lighting Systems Away from Traffic

To prevent damage before it occurs, try having your lights placed in areas that don’t receive a lot of foot traffic. You can place your outdoor lights in a way that will highlight your garden and illuminate any unwanted company that happens to wander into your yard. Our down light is an excellent example of a light that can multi-task!

To further discourage unwanted traffic around your home, set your exterior lights on timers. It is preferable to have them come on once it gets dark. However, if the lights operate on a light-sensor, this step is not necessary. Having your exterior lights on a daily routine is useful in creating the impression that there is always someone at home.

A key part of your Oakville outdoor lighting maintenance is purchasing good quality lights made from durable materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper, or other materials that resist rust and corrosion. You can trust the team at Nite Time Décor to use only the best equipment with top quality workmanship so your lights will stand the test of time. Contact us today for more details.

Three Ways Outdoor Lighting Can Increase the Value of Your Oakville Home

Having an Oakville outdoor lighting service install landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your home, your garden and deter unwanted intruders.  Those three aspects increase your curb appeal and resale value of your home.  Similarly to how great landscaping or an irrigation system can increase the value of a home, lighting systems also increase the property value.  Installing outdoor lighting from Nite Time Decor Oakville is an investment that will last a lifetime.  Here are some tips on how to enhance your property value with landscape lighting.

Install Oakville Outdoor Lighting for Beauty

You can showcase your beautiful garden and a winding lighted path with our Tiki Lamps, or place them around the pool or barbeque to give your backyard a tropical, paradise-like feel.  Our above ground well lights will light up your trees or water features.  You could frame the edges of your deck stairways or enhance your planters on your deck with our Oakville outdoor lighting service.  If you want to give your backyard an all-year appeal and your home has natural gas capabilities, you can install gas patio lights on the walls or patio heaters, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of fall and winter, without the chilling effects!

Enhance the Safety of Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

If you are concerned about the safety around your backyard, outdoor lighting from Nite Time Decor Oakville can improve visibility for you and your family. For example, you could use underwater lights or In Ground Well Lights to surround the exterior of your pool. Or you could use well lights to light paths around your outdoor, above ground pool – just be sure to space the lights up properly. You don’t want that runway effect, so a pleasing design is essential.

If you need some additional lights when you take out the recycling or garbage, why not install some motion sensors? Your Oakville outdoor lighting service by Nite Time Decor could also place some reflectors or LED lights in the stones or asphalt surface of your path to catch any overhead lighting

Use Landscape Lighting to Increase Home Security

If you equip your yard with outdoor security lighting, it will rob thieves and vandals the cover of night. Motion sensors with a decent range are an excellent accessory for areas like garage doors and home entrances. You can also use motion sensors to deter less dangerous but annoying intruders, such as raccoons and skunks. Place them near the trash and recycling bins to startle them. You can use outdoor timers or sensors the same way you could use them indoors. Have our Nite Time Decor Oakville outdoor lighting service install pathway and doorway lights with a sensor or timer to create the illusion that you are home. There are also varieties which turn on and off with natural light to give you added flexibility.

Light up the night with Nite Time Décor Oakville’s landscape systems. We cover residential, commercial, and industrial Oakville landscape lighting design. We do repairs, replacements, upgrades, as well as electrical and wiring troubleshooting. What’s more, we will also replace the bulbs and transformers in your installation for a worry-free experience. Contact us today!

Enhance Security at Your Business with Outdoor Commercial Lighting

It wasn’t until roughly ten years ago that outdoor security lighting became a high priority for commercial spaces and local retailers. Back then, lighting in parking lots and on the exterior of commercial buildings was expensive and unattractive. Luckily, recent outdoor landscape lighting advancements have helped improve commercial landscape lighting options, creating affordable and aesthetically pleasing illumination options for business owners. If you haven’t evaluated your outdoor security lighting lately, now is the perfect time to contact Nite Time Decor for a custom consultation and outdoor landscape lighting quote.

Basic Considerations for Your Commercial Lighting System
When it comes to designing a commercial outdoor lighting system, it’s important that you focus on some fundamentals. When evaluating the safety and security of a commercial landscape lighting installation, the experts at Nite Time Decor recommend that you focus on five basic considerations:

  1. The intensity of the light – how bright should it be to increase the property’s security and enhance the aesthetic of the storefront and/or grounds?
  2. The uniformity of the light – is the lighting consistent throughout the property? Are areas of the commercial property left in shadows?
  3. The colour of the lighting – could coloured lighting be used to better enhance the commercial landscape lighting installation? How accurately does the lighting render colour?
  4. The lighting’s efficiency – how much light per watt of electricity is being emitted? Is there a more efficient alternative?
  5. Lamp life – how long will the lamps last before they must be replaced? Is there a longer lasting option available?

Landscape Lighting Suggestions to Improve the Safety of Your Commercial Property
Improving the lighting levels outside of your commercial property doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The outdoor landscape lighting experts at Nite Time Decor can help improve your commercial lighting set-up quickly and efficiently. The following are just a few suggestions to help you improve the security of your commercial property with light:

  1. Evaluate your landscaping
    The growth of trees and other types of landscaping can have a significant effect on your outdoor security lighting. A well-designed commercial landscape lighting system becomes ineffective if plant growth blocks large portions of the light. Regularly trimming your landscaping will help ensure that your commercial lighting system is performing to the best of it’s ability.
  2. Compare lighting types
    Many older types of  landscape lighting fixtures or luminares (commonly used in parking lots) are inefficient because they project much of their light horizontally and upward rather than downwards. The commercial lighting experts at Nite Time Decor recommend replacing this type of lamp with a more modern downlighting fixture to increase the efficiency of the lighting effect.

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in the safety and security of commercial property. Learn more about proper security lighting levels from the expert landscape lighting installers at Nite Time Decor – contact us today!

Make Your Garden Glorious with Landscape Lighting

Lighting the gardens in your yard for the best affect and effect takes some careful planning and consideration. Just as you took the time to carefully plan your flower beds and planters, so too will you need to organize your approach to outdoor landscape lighting. Haphazardly throwing a few spotlights amongst the shrubs will leave your outdoor space lacking structure and balance. While there are no hard and fast rules for garden lighting (every garden is different, after all!), there are a few universal tips that will help improve the look of your garden lighting installation.

Design Your Landscape Lighting for Both Night And Day
The purpose of incorporating garden lighting into your outdoor landscape lighting installation is to enhance the beauty of your property at night, but doing so shouldn’t ruin the look of your garden during the day. The ideal garden lighting installation is inconspicuous – you notice the lighting effects at night, but the fixtures don’t attract your attention during the day. This landscape lighting design is difficult to achieve when working with solar power fixtures as the solar batteries require direct sunlight in order to charge during the day. Low-voltage lights or energy efficient LED lighting fixtures are a much more aesthetically appealing option.

Light Plants and Landscaping Properly
It’s important to remember that you want to SEE the result of your outdoor landscape lighting installation and not the actual light source. When selecting landscape lighting fixtures to use in your installation, pay close attention to the light shielding. This will help reduce the glare of the lamp and will help the fixture blend in with its natural surroundings. To avoid unnecessary glare, use spotlights sparingly. Spotlights should only be installed in an outdoor landscape lighting design in order to highlight an otherwise evenly illuminated space or an important feature, like a pond or tall tree.

Garden Lighting Tips to Consider
Every garden lighting installation can benefit from the following landscape lighting tips:

  1. Avoid the use of front lighting
    It doesn’t matter whether the light source is positioned above or below your garden, just make sure that most of the light is positioned to shine in on an angle. Front lighting is very unforgiving and can wash out your landscaping. Angled and side lighting results in better modelling and will create a more interesting shadow effect in the end.
  2. Create soft pools of light
    When lighting large flower beds, the professional landscape lighting installers at Nite Time Decor prefer to use many smaller lights rather than one large lamp. When placed correctly, these lights will create soft overlapping pools of light rather than one harsh beam.
  3. Avoid skinny branches
    Solid objects will illuminate better than thin ones. When setting up your garden lighting system, make sure that you avoid positioning any beams on open trellises, bare trees, or spindly branches.
  4. Since natural light almost always comes from above, try to ensure that some of your outdoor landscape lighting comes from this position as well. The higher your overhead lighting, the better, so don’t be afraid to reach for the sky!

You spend a great deal of time, effort, and money on your garden. Make sure it looks lovely long after the sun has set with sophisticated landscaping lighting from Nite Time Decor. Receive a custom quote from one of our professional designers today.

Three Ways Outdoor Landscape Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Three Ways Outdoor Landscape Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’ve ever driven past a home with landscape lighting, chances are good it caught your eye. One of the main benefits of outdoor landscape lighting is its visual appeal – proper lighting can make even the most modest of homes look stately and sophisticated. A well-manicured lawn and immaculate gardens are great for curb appeal, but what happens at night when these features are no longer visible? Illuminate all of your yard and home’s best features with outdoor lighting from Nite Time Decor.

How Landscape Lighting Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

  1. It Gets Attention
    A professionally designed outdoor landscape lighting installation demands attention. When placed strategically throughout your yard, landscape lighting fixtures will accentuate your home’s architecture and landscaping. A good landscape lighting design is understated, but effective. Adding a landscape lighting system to your home will help increase the curb appeal of your home by accenting all of the features that already make your home magnificent. Whether you’re highlighting brickwork, stonework,  or a beautiful garden, outdoor landscape lighting can enhance any aspect of your yard.
  2. It Increases the Security of Your Property
    Landscape lighting increases both the safety and security of a property. A well-lit home or business is far less likely to be targeted by criminals. Burglars and vandals tend to operate under the cover of darkness, so increasing the outdoor lighting in your yard can dramatically improve the security of your property. The lighting will also draw attention to the house increasing the chance of a neighbour noticing something out of place. Walkways, patios, and stairs can also be illuminated to eliminate the chance of injury.
  3. It Adds Value
    According to the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, professional landscaping can increase the value of your home by a minimum of 15%. This often equates to the homeowner recouping 100% to 200% of their investment! Incorporating outdoor lighting into your landscape design will make your home visually appealing morning, noon, and night.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques to Enhance Curb Appeal
Uplighting, downlighting, and pathway lighting are three simple ways to instantly increase the curb appeal of any home.

Uplighting: The outdoor landscaping lighting experts at Nite Time Decor use uplighting to create depth. Uplighting is achieved by placing a light on the ground and pointing the beam up towards an object. This technique is perfect for highlighting a tree, sculpture, gazebo, or arbor. Uplighting can also be placed behind an object to emphasize it’s silhouette.

Downlighting: Downlighting it commonly used for safety and security purposes. Downlighting, or moonlighting as it’s often referred to, involves placing a landscape lighting fixture up above eye level and pointing it down. The effect is very natural looking and is a great way to illuminate a dark pathway.

Pathway Lighting: Low voltage pathway lighting is a great way to add a third layer of illumination to your landscape. Placing lights under railings, benches, and stairs can help eliminate accidents and increase the usability of decks, porches, and pools.

Increase the curb appeal of your home with an inexpensive outdoor lighting installation from Nite Time Decor.  Request a quote today to learn more about our illuminating business!