How to Use Coloured Lighting in Your Landscape Design

Landscape lighting designs provide a myriad of possibilities to light up your outdoors. One option is using coloured landscape lighting – but that can be tricky. It can definitely add some drama, but it should be used sparingly, and only after you have experimented with white light. Since this is such a neat spin on outdoor lighting, but can end up backfiring, ask your Nite Time Decor landscape lighting experts for some advice on how to include coloured lighting tastefully. With Nite Time Décor’s help, your coloured landscape lighting will be in season year round!

How Coloured Landscape Lighting Designs Work

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to achieve coloured lighting for your outdoor lights. Usually it’s done in one of two ways.

Using a special coloured lens kit designed to snap over the face of any standard landscape light. Made of heat-resistant weatherproof glass, it typically comes in red, green, blue, or amber.
A weatherproof reflector flood lamp with the colour fused into the surface of the bulb. This is more expensive and can be harder to find than the first option, but it eliminates the need for separately coloured filters. These come in red, yellow, blue, green, and amber.
Keep in mind that any coloured filter will considerably lessen the brightness of the light. To counteract this effect, you need to increase either the number of fixtures or the wattage of the bulbs. Ask your Nite Time Decor Oakville landscape lighting experts for the best option for you.

Ask the Oakville Landscape Lighting Experts for Winter Tips!

True, autumn and winter don’t come with the vibrancy in colour that summer does, but that doesn’t make it any less dramatic. Bathe your house in warm fall colours, such as red, yellow, and amber around Thanksgiving. Illuminate a spooky Halloween landscape with amber or yellow and delight the trick-or-treaters!

During the holiday season, use green and red lights to dress up your house and any trees in festive colours. If your scheme is blue, use blue lights to complement the outdoor theme. Similarly, if your personal preferences lean towards gold, then accent it with amber or yellow landscape lights.

It’s also possible to use coloured landscape lighting designs throughout the winter as well. During the winter months, the snow provides a blank canvass for you to combine any colours you like and turn your lights into a beautifully painted landscape. In addition, since snow tends to be quite bright, the issue of coloured lens filters diminishing the brightness of your lights may not be as big of an issue.

Landscape Lighting Designs in the Spring and Summer

Come spring and summer, the leaves and flowers come out, giving you a chance to be truly creative in your designs. While it’s true that shrubs and colourful flowers look their best in white light, that doesn’t mean colour has to be ignored. Use green or greenish-blue filters to enhance the colours of grass and green foliage. Avoid yellow around anything green, as that can have a deadening effect. If your home is set far back from the road, red is an excellent choice, as it is best used when viewed from a distance and can give the appearance of firelight. Avoid blue, as it gives off an unnatural effect, unless mixed with green. However, pale bluish-white lights are an exception, as they can have a truly beautiful effect.

For more information on how to inject a bit of colour to your landscape, contact Nite Time Decor, your Oakville landscape lighting experts!

Outdoor Tree Lighting Transformations

A lot of your Oakville neighbours have probably discovered the wonders of landscape lighting. You too are likely eager to highlight your yard’s natural beauty with some lighting, but you also want to separate yourself a bit from the crowd. If you’re looking to spice things up with your outdoor lighting, why not ask your landscape lighting service to incorporate tree lighting in your yard. Outdoor tree lighting is one of the most unique ways to bring attention to your property and can really enhance the look of your outdoor environment. Your landscape lighting service in Oakville can use the trees as a centerpiece in your landscape, to add depth to your outdoor design, or as a tool to help focus more attention to specific areas of your property.

Start Your Tree Transformation With Our Oakville Landscape Lighting Service

Before you go crazy with the lights, you’ll need to plan out your landscape lighting style and approach. Questions to ask yourself include:

How big is the tree that you wish to light?

What’s the structure of the tree?

What is the shape of the tree?

What is the texture and colour of the bark?

Where is the tree positioned in the yard?

Not every tree is a great choice for outdoor lighting. As such, it’s important to consider each tree in your yard carefully before deciding which ones to light up. Ideally, you should pick a tree that is fairly large, structurally sound and undamaged. Also, the tree should obviously look good!

Pick Your Lights

Now you can decide on the lights. These days, lights mounted on a stake and recessed outdoor lighting fixtures are very popular for lighting trees. Stake fixtures are the cheaper and more flexible of the two, but they can be knocked out of place. Recessed lighting options do not have the same flexibility in terms of the angle, but protected from being moved or damaged.

The Best View for Your Landscape Lighting Installation

This is all about the position of the lights. You really need to consider what distance and angle people will be viewing the tree. If the tree is farther away, you will need brighter illumination than ones that are closer to the viewing recipient. This prevents your trees from fading out in the distance.

Another factor when choosing the brightness of the light is the colour of the tree’s foliage. Lighter colours reflect light much easier, so low voltage lighting may be all that is required. Darker coloured leaves need brighter light since the darker hues will absorb the vast majority of the light that is being projected.

That being said, leave room for flexibility. Adjustments are almost always necessary.

Positioning Your Fixture

If you decide that you want to uplight a tree, take into consideration the shape and density of the tree. If the tree has a dense canopy, uplighting won’t be too effective if the light is obstructed and can’t flow up into the tree.

If your tree has dense foliage, illuminate it from outside of the canopy. This will provide a blanket of light reflecting off the thick canopy of the tree.

If your tree’s canopy is less dense, then use your landscape lighting to uplight it.

If you’re looking for a landscape lighting service in Oakville, contact Nite Time Décor. The holidays are a perfect time to add some pizzazz to your landscape lighting design.

How to Keep Bugs Away from Outdoor Lighting

Bugs swarming around your Oakville outdoor residential lighting can be quite annoying when you’re trying to enjoy a quiet night on your porch or deck. There is no concrete reason as to why bugs fly right into lights, but the common theory is that bugs tend to be attracted to the brightest light in the sky, like the moon, but now modern outdoor lights confuse them. This poses an irritating and persistent problem. Rather than turn the lights off or poison yourself with bug killer, depend on Nite Time Decor to make lights less appealing to buggy visitors.

Change the Location of Your Oakville Residential Lighting

This one is fairly basic, but you can do things such as switching to spotlights and putting them away from where the bugs will annoy you. Consult with our residential outdoor lighting service to ensure that no matter where lights get moved, the illumination will still shine in an appropriate area.

Have Our Residential Outdoor Lighting Service Install Motion Lights

Installing motion lights may do the trick. Have Nite Time Decor install motion lights but put the sensor away from the lights. Just be sure that the area you want to light up gets lit! This way you, and not the bugs, will trigger your Oakville residential lighting to turn on.

Try Yellow Lights in Your Oakville Residential Lighting

Bugs tend to see very well in ultra-violet light – far better than we can. Thus they are naturally drawn to these types of lights. To keep the bugs away, try and avoid installing lights in the cooler light spectrum. Trying switching to a warmer, yellower light. Insects don’t see nearly as well in the yellow to infra-red spectrum. Since they can’t see yellow lights as much, they won’t be as drawn to them. It’s important to note that this won’t actively repel the bugs, but it will certainly reduce the traffic flow around your lights, especially if you have a persistent problem with May beetles, June bugs and moths.

Useful Lighting Accessories

While any of these alone will not do the trick, they can certainly help:

Citronella candles: mosquitoes dislike the smell of citronella.

Paint your porch ceiling a light blue: the colour may help keep wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects away.

Ceiling fans: these can be a deterrent to flying bugs. Install them above your porch or balcony.

Bug zappers: these come in both electric and solar models. They can be a bit noisy and if you get an electric model, you’ll need to pay to keep it running. Put them in an area where you don’t sit frequently to reduce the noise and potentially the traffic flow.

For more information about our outdoor lighting services and to set up a consultation, contact Nite Time Decor today!

How to Select the Best Motion Lights for Your Property

One of the simplest solutions for commercial security lighting at night is to install motion detector lights. This type of lighting is great for lighting dark pathways and remote areas of a property. Here are some things to think about when choosing motion detector lights.

How Motion Detector Lights Work

Motion lights work by detecting infrared rays through the use of small electric eyes. Infrared measures heat waves radiating from any moving object. If a warm object moves through the detection field, the light automatically switch on. How long your commercial security lighting remains on is determined by a timer. If the sensor does not continually sense movement, it will shut off. Detector lights usually have a 240 degree semicircular field of view with a maximum distance range of 70 feet.

A small annoyance these lights pose is that sometimes they will be set off by cars, which can be irritating to homeowners and neighbours. Your commercial lighting service can solve the problem by doing two things. First, they can adjust the light’s distance-range setting. Second, they can also limit the sensor’s field of view by aiming it more carefully or slightly obstructing the view.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Commercial Security Lighting

There are three factors to consider when choosing the type of light needed from your commercial lighting service like Nite Time Decor. First, how far away do you want your motion detector to sense movement prior to switching on? If the purpose of installing motion lights is for security, the sensing distance is very important. High quality motion sensors are very good to invest in. LED lights or halogen lights are your best choice. However, if your goal is to light up pathways or decorate, go with less expensive, but less powerful, motion sensor lights.

Second, how wide of an area do you want your motion sensor to detect? This choice will dictate your coverage width or detection area. A full circle is the best option, as no areas will go undetected. However, if your sensor is mounted against a wall, a half circle will be good enough.

Finally, how bright do you want your lights to be? High quality motion sensors designed for security can handle 300 watts or more. If your lighting is for aesthetic purposes, then a 150-300 watt light bulb will work fine.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Your Lighting Service

If you have decided to invest in some commercial or residential security lighting, you need to decide if you want your feature to have sockets for CFL bulbs, incandescent bulbs, or quartz halogen lights. Do you want the unit to switch on during daylight hours? Do you want your lighting to have two brightness levels? A good motion sensor will have a timer-based medium brightness level for hours between dusk and dawn then have a higher brightness level for when motion is detected. There is a lot to think about, and that’s why contacting Nite Time Decor Oakville for a consultation will help you make the best decision for your property.

Curious about our commercial lighting service? Visit our Nite Time Decor commercial lighting service overview for a more detailed look at our product offerings.


Set the Mood with Outdoor Accent Lighting

During the Christmas season, houses are spectacularly lit up with visually appealing Christmas lights, which provides a warm, inviting look to those viewing the property.  After the holiday season, houses have a dark, lacklustre appearance that can only be defined by their lack of outdoor accent lighting.  Outdoor landscape lighting creates a first impression of your home to pedestrians and guests.  Frequently it showcases the homeowner’s level of pride (or lack thereof) in their home.  Owning a home is worth being proud of and you should showcase your home’s beauty with some fabulous outdoor accent lighting.  So what impression do you want to create?  One of pride?  Or do you want your house to be the night time wallflower of the neighbourhood?

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The most obvious reason to include outdoor accent lighting as part of your home is to highlight and feature trees, plants, architectural objects, and water features.  Use our spotlight to light up any columns or tall trees in your yard.  Our wash light is great for illuminating a wall and can be used with two types of light bulbs, for a variety of unique lighting effects.  Our above-ground well lights shed light on trees, fountains, and other vast spaces in your yard.  Our in-ground well lights add a very nice grazing effect to your home.

Other Uses of Outdoor Landscape Lighting 

Another important feature of accent lighting is security features. Use lights to highlight pathways or garage doors. Draw attention to other areas of your house, such as windows or side doors. Use flood lights for a more direct and obvious message to unwanted intruders. The bottom line is, the more your house is illuminated, the more visible it is to others, which is a deterrent for potential thieves.

In addition, outdoor accent lighting creates for additional home enjoyment in the summer months. During warm weather, outdoor lighting creates more living space with which you can enjoy the heat. You can start with deck and patio lighting and expand it from there. Use landscape lighting to enhance water features, a garden or pool.

Popular Lights for Your Outdoor Accent Lighting

When contemplating where to place the lights, think in terms of your desired effect. The majority of landscape lighting is LED, which is generally made in smaller lights. This makes it easy to point them in any direction and cuts down on their level of obtrusion. While LED lights tend to require professional residential installation, they are very bright and inexpensive to operate.

LED lights are becoming more popular by the year due to advances in technology. Such advances allow them to be brighter.

For more information about our outdoor accent lighting and the products and services we offer, please call 905.632.2445.

Driveway and Pathway Lighting Ideas

Installing custom outdoor lighting systems on your driveway or pathway is a great way to make your home or business more welcoming.  Not only will this lead visitors to your door, but the lighting provided can deter potential thieves.  The best aspect aside from the functionality is that the lighting also serves to enhance the beauty of any outdoor gardening you may have. If you want to install some Oakville commercial lighting at your place of work, here are some general guidelines as well as some great ideas.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems for Paths

Path lights are great for general safety and way finding.  This also helps avoid having to use ugly flood lights when directing customers to your establishment.  When designing your path lights, avoid putting them too close together, which creates a runway effect.  Also, when it comes to brightness, less is more.  Be subtle and avoid blinding your patrons.  Use our Oakville commercial lighting service to come up with some unique ideas that will help set your business apart.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems for Driveways

Placing lights in the driveway of your business provides a safe, welcoming entrance.  One great idea is to put a lamppost or an entry pier at the entrance, which also doubles as an address marker, making it easier for clients to locate your business.  Place driveway lights wherever there are changes of direction and close obstacles such as trees, walls, fences, boulders, or a hillside.  The last thing your business needs is a nasty accident that leaves you liable.  Place the lights every 10 to 15 feet on alternating sides.  This provides some illumination without being intrusively bright.  Why not light the way for your customers using our Oakville commercial lighting.

We Have Plenty of Light Options to Create the Outdoor Mood You Want

The first decision you will make when installing your custom outdoor lighting systems is whether you’ll go with solar or conventional lighting.  Solar lights have a solar panel mounted on top and do not require electrical wiring, which means minimal installation.  However, the length of the charge may vary.  A great option is our LED lighting, which uses 90 per cent less electricity and do not have issues with overheating.  You do pay a bit more initially for LED lights, but the savings in energy consumption and light bulb replacement over the lifespan more than makes up for the initial investment.

Another factor to consider is the light style.  Would you like your Oakville commercial lighting designs to be prominent or subtle?  Options like lanterns, lamps, or posts protrude a bit more, but are also a great way to add decorative elements to the landscape of your business.  Recessed lighting may take a backseat to your garden, but it’s also a great way to illuminate any flowers or shrubbery without the light itself competing for attention.  This is a very personal preference, and it all depends on your business and your style.  Check out our website and book a consultation today.  Light up your business so you are never left in the dark!

The Artistic Side of Outdoor Lighting

The ongoing trend towards creating beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces has created increased demand for delightful decorative landscape lighting. From stylish sconces to trendy torches, outdoor lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. Turn your yard into a work of art with dramatic landscape lighting effects and beautiful lighting elements from Nite Time Decor.

The Art of Outdoor Lighting
A well-designed landscape lighting installation can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. The residential landscape lighting experts at Nite Time Decor offer the following advice when it comes to planning an exceptional outdoor light installation:

  1. Incandescent lights are incredible
    When it comes to creating an artistic outdoor lighting design, the experts at Nite Time Decor highly recommend choosing incandescent lightbulbs over halogen bulbs. While halogens are known for producing a lot of light, they tend to overheat and burn out quickly. Halogens can also distort the colour of plants, flowers, and garden decor. Incandescent lights give off a much cleaner light and have a longer lifespan.
  2. Start by lighting main “living spaces”
    Lighting a main living space, like a deck or patio, can seem like an overwhelming task. To make things easier, the residential landscape lighting professionals at Nite Time Decor recommend focusing on the atmosphere that you’re trying to portray. It’s also important that you make sure enough light is cast to ensure the safety of the space. Outdoor landscape lighting fixtures can be strategically placed along walkways, on deck railings, and mounted on stairs to create a magical lighting effect.
  3. Don’t forget about cooking spaces
    Summertime is all about outdoor grilling; make sure your barbeque pit is properly illuminated with strategically placed landscape lighting. Make sure your cooking areas receive ample light by installing efficient downlighting fixtures.
  4. Avoid direct light
    Paths, pools, walkways, and water features look best when the light is directed downwards. A poorly placed landscape lighting fixture can cause more harm than good in these areas, so be sure to consult with a residential lighting system expert from Nite Time Decor. Directing the light down and away from your eyes will enhance the aesthetics and safety of your outdoor space.
  5. Look for understated elegance in your fixtures
    In the old days of landscape lighting, the philosophy was simple: “always hide the source of the light.” This couldn’t be further from the truth today, thanks to the creation of sophisticated landscape lighting installations that come with lifetime warranties on the fixtures. Instead of hiding your lamps behind shrubs or planters, let them take centre stage in your lighting installation – they’ll add an extra layer of interest to your landscaping forever.

Turn your property into an illuminating art installation with an innovative new landscape lighting design from Nite Time Decor. Schedule a consultation with a lighting specialist today!