Eco Friendly Landscape Lighting – Learning to Love LEDS

LED outdoor lighting has become a growing trend in Burlington and throughout southwestern Ontario. And it comes as no real surprise. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why Burlington LED landscape lighting is a popular choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Economic Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

Let’s talk money. Light-emitting diode lights use less energy, involve less waste, and therefore save you more money in the long run.

You may be thinking, “But LED outdoor lighting is so expensive!” And it’s true – the initial cost of installing Burlington LED landscape lighting can cost more. But look at the long-term savings. When you crunch the numbers (and, trust us, we have!), over time you save more money with an LED system than a traditional setup – a lot more. Our calculations have told us that for one year of LED outdoor lighting you will save almost $70 compared to conventional lighting, and almost $40 compared to halogen lamps.

LED lights also last longer, meaning that the purchasing costs occur less frequently than with conventional lighting. Throw Nite Time Décor’s lifetime maintenance into the mix, and you’ll enjoy a worry- and hassle-free LED outdoor lighting system for many years to come.

Help protect the planet and your bank account with Burlington LED landscape lighting this summer.

Ecological Benefits of Burlington LED Landscape Lighting

As mentioned, LEDS require less energy than conventional outdoor lighting. This makes them far more efficient, than conventional or halogen systems. In fact, they are estimated to be approximately 80% more efficient than conventional lighting.

LED bulbs do not contain mercury, meaning that the small amount of waste created is environmentally friendly; in fact, almost all of the fixture can be recycled. Also, because LED lights last longer than conventional lights, you will create less waste over the lifetime of your system.

Other Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

There are many benefits other than monetary and environmental.

Durability: LED lights are solid, and do not contain filaments. This means that in situations in which an incandescent light may have broken, an LED will remain intact.

Insect Control: LED amber lights don’t attract insects like regular incandescent lights do. With LEDS you can enjoy your patio without being eaten by bugs.

Heat: LEDS don’t allow a build up of heat, which enables them to stay cool and efficient, unlike those old conventional lights.

Burlington LED Landscape Lighting Aesthetics

Some people believe that LED lights are too bright – that they come across as “cold” or harsh looking. However, there are many different types of LED lights, and if done properly, your LED outdoor lightings system can be designed in a way that creates a warm and inviting ambiance.

What’s more, there are many ways to customize the light output of an LED lighting system. For example, you can control illumination with wattage and lumens to create bright specks of whimsical lighting for parties, or dim mood lighting for small, cozy nights on the patio. You should never have to sacrifice aesthetics for the eco and monetary benefits of an LED system. Contact Nite Time Décor today to learn more about LED compatible fixtures and lamps.

If you’re unfamiliar with creating an LED outdoor lighting design, don’t be afraid to ask one of Nite Time Décor’s specialists to share their opinion or expertise. We’ve conceptualized and installed dozens of exceptional landscape lighting systems since opening our doors – and we’d love to work on your project!

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Driveway Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

Are you ready to add a little more style to your home, but not sure where to start? Well, what about your driveway? Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they visit your home, so why not make it stand out?

Read on to find out how you can create a Burlington driveway lighting system that combines function and aesthetics. For personal advice and questions, contact one of our helpful technicians.

Why Is a Burlington Driveway Lighting System Important?

It is proven that a Burlington driveway lighting system will prevent robberies, intruders, and trespassers, while also improving the aesthetics and overall appeal of your property. When it comes to unique design, why not add to the nighttime façade of your home with a beautiful and functional lighting design. Here are some tips to execute the perfect look.

Driveway Lighting Do’s

Here are a few driveway lighting designs that combine function with aesthetics.

Path lighting: This is a method that is much like it sounds – a path of lights on poles, starting with two on either side of an entrance. At Nite Time Décor, we recommend lining the lights along the driveway at regular intervals to improve visibility. Our area lights work beautifully for this technique.

Post lighting: Post lighting differs from path lighting in that it often contains only one or two lights along a drive. This works especially well for shorter driveways. Simply find important focal points and install!

Transit lighting: Unlike the higher lights in the previous two methods, this technique is all about low placement lighting. This Burlington driveway lighting system has a more subtle effect than the previous two and subtracts any glare that high lighting can cause. For a subtle lighting path along your drive, try our in ground well lights.

Ambient lighting: This works for driveways that have shrubbery or trees around the borders. Up light these to add to the overall aesthetic of your property. Our spot lights will not only add to this ambience, but they will also contribute a fair amount of light to the driveway.
Of course, you can always mix and match techniques to suit your own personal style. Try exploring all the options for lighting to create an interesting and unique Burlington driveway lighting system. The more creative you get, the better the finished product will look!

Driveway Lighting Don’ts

There are a few things that you should avoid when thinking of driveway lighting designs.

Don’t self-install: Leave this task for the professionals at Nite Time Décor. Our lighting systems come with a lifetime maintenance guarantee to ensure your lights operate properly both now and in the future.

Don’t over light: If you want your home to have a pleasing effect on the eye, make sure you keep your lighting design subtle. If you over light, the driveway tends to look more like a runway for a jet plane than a driveway welcoming guests and deterring intruders. While the extra lighting may act as a deterrent, low-lights do the same job but with a more pleasing effect.

Don’t forget the entrance: The entrance is one of the most important areas to illuminate as it serves a few different functions: it tells you where the street is, other vehicles where your driveway is, and allows you to see pedestrians and animals crossing the drive.

Don’t only go for aesthetics or function: It’s important to give equal importance to both of these when researching driveway lighting designs. Going purely for aesthetics can end up in a poorly lit driveway that lacks safety and function; only going for function can result in a visually displeasing final product.

For expert help with your Burlington driveway lighting system, request a quote from Nite Time Décor today!

Principles of Lighting Design

Much to our dismay, some homeowners still aren’t fully aware of just what landscape lighting in Burlington can accomplish for their yard. When it comes to designing a system, it’s important to note the flexibility. While some systems are limited to path lighting, others can include the extensive illumination of an entire home and property.

At Nite Time Décor, we find that our clients’ expectations vary greatly, mostly because our clients aren’t entirely sure what to anticipate from a landscape lighting installation. As such, our lighting designers often adjust their roles to lighting educators in order to help clients truly understand what it is they hope to achieve with their landscape lighting system. Through the years, we have discovered some basic principles when it comes to landscape lighting in Burlington. Please review these tips and you’ll be better prepared for your consultation with Nite Time Décor.

Principles of Burlington Landscape Lighting

Cohesion: the house is the central feature of the landscape. Other areas of focus can include plants, driveways, pathways, decks and lawns. A good design will tie these separate elements together with illumination to establish a cohesive appearance.

Depth: if only your home is lit, your landscape will retreat from view as darkness falls. This flattens the viewing experience, as the gaze will start and end with the surface of the home. Create a three-dimensional viewing experience; ask our experts how landscape lighting can add depth to your property.

Focal points: everyone’s vision is dynamic, and as such, your lighting designed should anticipate this. In the case of Burlington landscape lighting, the aim is for the viewer’s gaze to finally land on the home, and so we carefully plan the design to include various focal points in the landscape that gradually leads the eye to the entrance of the home.

Quality and direction: since many people already have porch lights or down lights under the portico, they don’t see a need to light up the home. Sometimes these lights can be pointing in a distracting (or blinding) direction and the brightness can be too harsh compared to the low voltage lighting in the landscape. This does not highlight architectural features of your home or the lovely landscape in your yard. A better approach is to ask about architectural lighting services from the design experts at Nite Time Décor.

Security: obviously no one wants a home invasion. Lighting only the house neglects the yard and gives intruders places to hide. Strategically placed landscape lighting aimed at the shadows in your yard can increase the security of your home.

Functionality: aspects of your home such as decks and patios clearly need to be lit up. However, you may also want to take a stroll through your garden at night. Why not create compelling and inviting lighting throughout your entire property!

Beauty: this is a pretty basic point. When you invest your money in some landscape lighting, you expect the result to look good. Contact the lighting experts at Nite Time Décor Burlington and we’ll be sure to leave your home looking better than ever!

Nite Time Décor can improve your landscape lighting design quickly and easily using these straightforward design principles. Let us show you how simple changes can improve the aesthetic and functionality of your system. Contact Nite Time Décor today at 1-800-952-3006.

Commercial Landscape Lighting for Golf Courses

If you’re looking to capture the beauty of your golf course at night with some commercial landscape lighting, moonlighting could be the answer. This will enhance the beauty during evening events, as well as enhance the attractiveness of your club entrance. In addition, investing in Burlington landscape lighting can enhance the security of your golf course. To find out how to achieve a secure, aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting system for your golf course, keep reading!

What is Moonlighting?

Moonlighting, as the name suggests, aims to mimic the light of the moon. This lighting technique will create a soft, glowing effect that shines down on your golf course. Another side effect of this commercial landscape lighting technique is that it creates a unique shadowing design, which completes the moonlight resemblance.

What’s more, Nite Time Décor uses only the finest materials in their lighting fixtures, such as copper, in order to enhance the look and feel of your Burlington landscape lighting. This will allow the lights to blend in seamlessly with the landscape of your golf course.

Tips for Including Moonlighting Techniques in Your Landscape Lighting Design

If you’re planning on installing a commercial landscape lighting system at your Burlington golf course, it’s important to note that moonlighting fixtures are typically installed in large trees. This allows light to filter through the branches, resulting in a natural moon-like glow, regardless of the actual moon or weather.

It’s worth noting that you may need to use numerous fixtures in order to filter enough light through the trees on your golf course. As such, we encourage our clients to ask their Nite Time Décor commercial lighting rep about our LED light systems. These economical options are designed to help lower your utility bills and reduce light pollution. To save energy further, try automating your lighting system.

To give off a more shadowy effect, try placing the lights close to the trunk, but higher up in the tree. On the other hand, if you want fewer shadows, mount your commercial landscape lighting fixtures near the edge of the canopy and closer to the ground.

Highlight Architectural Features with Landscape Lighting!

You can also use lighting to enhance the unique features of your building or any statues around your property. When decorating your building, the experts at Nite Time Décor take into account what your building looks like, how useful the lighting set up is, and the energy-efficiency of the fixtures that are being used.

Our Commercial Landscape Lighting Can Enhance Security

Obviously, you will want your golf course to remain a safe place. Darkness gives thieves or unwanted intruders convenient places to hide. The proper use of landscape lighting will increase the area of visibility in your golf course at night. This can also help employees feel safer as they leave to go home for the night.

While this option won’t increase the aesthetics of your golf course, adding motion-sensing lights around the various entrances and exits of your building and property is a great way to improve safety. Motion lights will save electricity, while at the same time illuminating specific areas if the sensor is triggered by unwanted activity.

For more information about our Commercial Lighting services and how they can benefit your golf course, simply give us a call at 1-800-952-3006.

How to Light a Backyard Event

There are several elements to hosting a memorable backyard event. You need the right weather, delicious food, good company and the right landscape lighting system to set the mood. But lighting does more than create ambiance; a great outdoor lighting system can also perform functional tasks such as providing cues or segues for presentations. Use your Burlington landscape lighting to highlight water features or architectural pieces, or make it the décor itself. Here’s how to light up your backyard this spring and summer using outdoor lighting.

Give Your Landscape Lighting System a High-Tech Feel

Over the years, lighting technology has become more sophisticated, greatly improving the quality and flexibility of Burlington landscape lighting. However, high-tech doesn’t always mean high-impact. If you’re looking to create a big lighting bang for not a lot of bucks at your next outdoor event, don’t assume you need a state-of-the-art system. Simply contact Nite Time Décor and ask about our outdoor lighting system options. Our systems can be modified to feature coloured lighting or repositioned in order to create different effects and highlights on the features you want to stand out:

Put the spotlight on your garden with our mini wash light.

Illuminate tall features such as trees, statues or walls with our spotlight.

Shed some light on a pathway with a little help from our area lights.

There are plenty of alternatives, so don’t just turn a porch light on. Instead, illuminate your life with a Burlington outdoor lighting system. We have solutions to satisfy a wide range of budgets.

Keep It Discreet

The effects of our Burlington landscape lighting are pretty, but sometimes you want the lighting effects themselves to be the only thing that’s seen. One cost-effective option is to use a high wattage, bright light on a high strand. From there you can use reflective materials, such as foil or gossamer silk. Scrim is a translucent cloth that will really bring your landscape lighting system to life. Scrim can be put on walls or ceilings and it can be used with par cans, spot lights, or other lights.

Use Your Landscape Lighting System Intelligently

The secret to event lighting involves matching the movement and colour of the light to the mood of the event décor, theme, music, and vibe. More extravagant systems require a computer to operate, but simplistic ones just have a colour filter or maybe a dimmer so you can get the effect that you want.

One way to use intelligent lighting is to push the envelope with your Burlington landscape lighting. A person’s sense of what’s visually appealing can be manipulated using design; if you’re in the process of planning an outdoor event, now is the opportune time to consult with an expert at Nite Time Décor for outdoor lighting ideas. Don’t shy away from new trends – let the light stream in!

Different Ideas for Your Outdoor Event

Try lining aisles in your backyard with lights, such as our area lights or tiki torches. This looks especially nice in a dimly lit setting.

Try hanging lights from a high point, such as in a tree, or attached to your home. A nice effect is several lights going across one another. Alternatively, one strong light can make a statement on its own.

Don’t leave your backyard in the dark! Contact Nite Time Décor for a consultation and find out how to bring out the beauty in your yard.

How to Brainstorm Ideas for Your Oakville Lighting Design

Brainstorming can be such a pain, especially if you’re trying to come up with new ideas for your Oakville landscape lighting. At Nite Time Décor, we get it. It can be hard trying to picture your ideal landscape lighting design. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably keep drawing a blank or discarding your ideas. However, it’s always a good idea to have some concepts in mind before you consult with your landscape lighting service. Here are some tips to get the creative juices flowing when it comes time to create your lighting design.

Get Ideas from Magazines or Books

Home and garden magazines or books can be a godsend for coming up with ideas for your outdoor lighting. Not only are they a source of good information on all topics related to your property thanks to their helpful articles, but the accompanying pictures can be an excellent source of inspiration. Visit your local bookstore, home improvement store, or nursery for books with ideas on how to brighten up your outdoor landscape.

Search Online for Ideas

Landscape lights

Landscape lighting methods

Outdoor lighting ideas

Think of Features to Highlight with Your Oakville Landscape Lighting

You may have some fantastic features in your yard that currently come across as “blah” in daylight, or fade into the darkness come nighttime. Think of what your landscape lighting service could do to enhance these items with dazzling hues of colour and light. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

Highlight your garden with our mini wash light.

Illuminate tall features such as trees, statues or walls with our spotlight.

Shed some light on a pathway with a little help from our area lights.

This is just an overview of what can benefit from a little landscape lighting!

Try Simulating Lighting Effects with a Flashlight

Once it gets dark out, put fresh batteries in a bright flashlight for maximum brightness and take a walk outside. Your mission? Use the flashlight to simulate the effects of landscape lighting in your yard.

Point the flashlight at objects you would like to illuminate, and observe the different effects. Point the light on objects you wouldn’t think to light up, and observe the effects as well. You may be surprised at what dazzles and what distracts. Make note of what looks good, as well as the positioning and angles that look the best. This information will come in handy when you contact your Oakville landscape lighting service.

Visualize the Effects of Your Landscape Lighting Service On Your Yard

Take the time to visualize the effects of our different products on your landscape lighting on your yard. Some common effects are:

Wall wash lighting

Shadow lighting






All of the above, when put in place correctly, can make your yard come to life once the sun has set. Don’t get stuck in the dark with your creativity! Contact us at Nite Time Décor for all of your outdoor lighting needs.

Reasons to Invest in Outdoor Lighting

If you’re on the fence about investing in landscape lighting, it’s time to commit to a brighter future! There are so many reasons to add landscape lighting to your outdoor décor that it’s actually silly not to do it. Spring is less than a month away, so it’s important to start thinking of how you want your yard to look. Do you want its natural beauty to be highlighted at all hours? Or do you want the fantastic landscape you worked so hard on to disappear once the sun has set? Our landscape lighting service can help the beauty of your Oakville yard shine at any time.

Landscape Lighting is Pretty

Who does something to their yard to make it look uglier? Landscape lighting adds beauty to your home, enhancing its look, curb appeal and its resale value. Lighting provides a welcoming feeling to anyone who visits after dark. And who doesn’t like a brightly lit home to greet them?

Our Landscape Lighting Service Can Increase Curb Appeal

A beautiful outdoor lighting design will give your neighbours something to appreciate (and envy!). Not only that, it will make your home stand on a crowded block as well.

Landscape Lighting Increases the Value of Your Home

Oakville landscape lighting improves the appearance, safety, and ambiance of your home, which will have an impact when you go to sell it. However, if the lighting is poorly installed or placed, it will not have nearly as big of an impact, which is why you should invest in our reputable landscape lighting service.

It Adds Safety to Your Home

No burglar wants to be seen. If your home is bathed in light, chances are that craft villain will be easy to spot both by you and your neighbours! Having landscape lighting in your yard will make your home an unattractive possibility for thieves.

In addition, our landscape lighting service can position the lights strategically to reduce the chances of trips and falls. Lighting a pathway, especially during the winter when it’s icy, is something you should definitely consider when consulting with us. Homeowners are liable for any accidents that occur on their property, so lighting pathways and stairs is a smart investment. This is even more critical if you own a business.

Landscape Lighting Increases Usability of Outdoor Spaces

Barbequing is great, but not if you can’t see what you’re doing! When you invest in landscape lighting, you are giving yourself the ability to extend the usability of your yard, making it a great place to spend time during darker hours.

Get a Jump Start on Holiday Decoration

Christmas may be the last thing you want to consider right now, but outdoor lighting can add to your holiday décor. If you install coloured lights, it can give your outdoor lighting a festive feel during the holiday season.

Why are you waiting to light up your yard? Visit our website to contact us or book an appointment. Spring is just around the corner, so act quickly – our appointments book up fast!

Create a Resort in Your Backyard with Landscape Lighting

You can make your backyard twinkle like a resort with some professional Oakville landscape lighting. A professional landscape lighting design can extend the time you enjoy outdoors with your family and friends. Take a break from the busy world around you and indulge yourself in the scenery of your backyard.

Our Oakville Landscape Lighting Will Add to the Aesthetics of Your Backyard

We have a variety of sophisticated landscape fixtures that can be used to compliment a variety of plants and architectural styles. Create a resort-like feel with a subtle, classic landscape lighting design:

Does your backyard feature tall structures, such as trees or columns? Highlight them to perfection with our spotlight. Or you can make a big impact with our above ground well light.

If you want to bring out the intricate detail of the stone work in your siding or if you have a beautiful fence covered with ivy, our wash light works well as a wall washing fixture. Want to get the second story of your home in on the action? Our mini wash light will do just that!

Shed some light on…almost anything! Our down light is easily our most versatile and popular item.

Create a soft light to illuminate pathways, steps or garden beds with our area light. It’s the ultimate in safety!

Graze your homes with a nice pop of colour provided by our in ground well lights.

Bring the resort to your backyard! Our tiki lamps will give you a beautiful down lighting effect for your own personal haven.

For more ideas about enhancing the mood, such as accent lighting, water features, or moon lighting, check out the resources section of our website. It has solutions and advice for all of your lighting conundrums. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us to request a quote or to ask advice!

Enhance Safety and Security With a Landscape Lighting Design

Combine the beauty of your favourite resort’s lighting with first-class security. With landscape lighting from Nite Time Decor, you get both. When it comes to your property and your family, as well as yourself, safety and security should always be your number one priority (even before aesthetics). You can use lighting to increase safety around the pool area, for example. Add a motion-sensor component to your lights to reduce wasting energy and to deter any unwelcome trespassers. Keep yourself on the straight and narrow by highlighting driveways and paths.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting, Just Like at Your Favourite Resort

Our world has moved towards energy conservation, and make no mistake, your landscape lighting design does use energy. Make sure you are casting your lighting exactly where you want it to go and that it’s not too bright. In addition to getting the most bang for your energy buck, you will also be very courteous to your neighbours, who likely don’t want your lights shining in their eyes. Also, a key factor in any resort-atmosphere is that you can still see the stars. For more information on how to keep light pollution out of your Oakville landscape lighting, check out this informative article.

How to Choose Architectural Lighting that Suits Your Home

You have a beautiful home, with impeccable landscaping, but at night, everything disappears! Architectural lighting from Nite Time Decor Oakville is a key component in highlighting the beautiful structures of your house. However, before you start planning your architectural lighting design, you should understand the different components of your home and how architectural lighting can add or subtract (if done poorly) from the aesthetic appeal. Below we’ve detailed some factors to take into consideration when thinking about your architectural lighting design.

The Scale: It’s All about Balance

Not only with architectural lighting, but with any lighting project, you must consider the size of the objects you are highlighting. You don’t want anything to disappear among all of the other elements, nor do you want them to be grossly overstated. If you want the lighting fixture itself to add to the decoration, then pair small, delicate fixtures with homes that have finer architectural features and vice versa.

Alternatively, you could be discreet with your architectural lighting design. Our In-Ground Well Lights go virtually undetected and can add a lovely pop of light across the architecture of your home.

Characteristics of Various Architectural styles

When choosing lighting to fit your home’s exterior, the design of your outdoor décor is one of the first things to consider:

Colonial: this comes from a design period featuring wall fixtures and lanterns designed for candles. The designs are simple and geometric.

Greek revival: lighting in Greek revival homes tends to be very symmetrical. In addition, it’s filled with pillars.

Spanish Revival: these homes tend to have a lot of ornamentation, with wrought iron lanterns and torch lighting.

Tudor: identifiable by its black and white timber and plaster walls. Lighting from this period tends to have a rugged appearance.

Georgian: this style is all about ancient Greek and Roman harmony combined with a feeling of lightness and space.

Victorian and Edwardian: this is a very ornate style, typically comes with urns, lyres, and caryatids.

Arts and Crafts and Mission: this movement is all about rustic designs with a handmade look. Square, rectangle, or cylindrical shapes are very common.

Choosing Your Oakville Architectural Lighting

You can show off your garden and highlight your home at the same time:

Grazing (casting light obliquely to bring out the texture of a surface): works well with stucco or brick walls. Our In-Ground Well Lights have a nice grazing effect.

Highlighting: this is a great technique if your home has statues or sculptures or has Greek or Roman revival. Our Spotlight has a very dramatic uplighting effect.

Beyond enhancing safety and security, architectural lighting design adds drama and dimension to your home and outdoor garden. Understanding how lighting techniques and decorative lighting fixtures can complement your home’s architecture with one of our lighting professionals is the first step to developing a lighting system that will enhance your entire landscape! Contact one of our experts at Nite Time Décor Oakville or visit the residential lighting section of our website for more information!

Mood Lighting is All About Moon Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent tool to accent and enhance certain features of your outdoor décor. Whether you want to light up your deck for social occasions, deter thieves by illuminating the house, or draw attention to your beautiful foliage, an outdoor lighting service can work with you to create the mood you’re looking for. Set your landscaping apart from the rest of the neighbourhood by creating a wonderful ambiance and atmosphere on your property. All eyes will be on your home when you have our outdoor lighting service include moon lighting techniques in your Oakville landscape lighting design. Read on to discover what moon lighting is and the wonders it will do for your Oakville home!

Ask Your Outdoor Lighting Service About Moon Lighting!

Moon lighting, as the name implies, mimics the light of the moon. It creates a soft, ethereal moonlight effect that shines down on your landscape. In addition to the light, its other effect is to create a natural shadow, similar to the moon. Romantic and whimsical, moonlighting is a great way to set the mood on a back patio, beside a pool, or on a front porch.

The residential lighting experts at Nite Time Décor use brass or copper fixtures in lighting installations, in order to add to the otherworldly feeling that moon lighting can create. These fixtures won’t stick out in your yard or garden; rather, they’ll blend nicely as if they were a natural part of your landscape.

Advice for Adding Moon Lighting to Your Oakville Landscape Lighting System

Moon lighting is typically done from large trees (25 feet or higher), and the light filters through the branches of the tree. This results in a soft, full moon glow, regardless of the actual moon or the weather. As such, a tree with a large canopy is the best candidate for a moonlighting installation.

For the right effect, you may have to use numerous lights. But numerous lights won’t necessarily mean numerous digits on your hydro bill. Ask Nite Time Decor about LED technology.

Flood lights are the most common products used. These will need to be placed at different angles and areas of the tree, depending on what you want to highlight.

To create more shadows and a lower light effect, place the lighting fixtures close to the trunk and higher up in the tree.

For lighter and less shadowing, ask your outdoor lighting service to mount the lights near the edge of the canopy and closer to the ground.

If you want to highlight just the tree trunk, place a light lower in the tree, just above the trunk and point it straight at the ground.

To save energy, try automating your lighting. Ask Nite Time Décor about our landscape lighting automation options.

Leave It to the Pros

What part of hanging lights in a 25 foot tall tree sounds fun to you?

No one wants to spend his or her weekends or holidays engaging in something that could easily lead to an injury. This should be the time to relax, after all.

Not only will working with our outdoor lighting service provide you the most aesthetic results, but it will also minimize the following:

Tree damage – installing electrical fixtures in trees isn’t as easy as you’d think.
Accidents and personal injury – why risk it?

Maintenance – we don’t walk away when the job is done. Visit our website to learn more about our lifetime maintenance!

For any outdoor landscape lighting job that needs doing, we can do it for you! Contact Nita Time Décor Oakville for more information or to book a consultation.