Increase Your Winter Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

As Canada segues into its cooler winter months, the result is less daylight. Less daylight and its counterpart, less comfortable weather – contributes to drab and dreary winter landscapes. An option to increase the curb appeal of your home, not just during the winter but year round, is to invest in an outdoor lighting installation. Adding some outdoor lighting to illuminate your home will draw eyes to your yard like moths to a flame. If you are unsure how to go about lighting up your home in the winter, then you can read on for some excellent tips or you can contact Nite Time Decor for assistance.

Use a Critical Eye

The first step in creating a dazzling outdoor lighting installation is to make an honest assessment of how your home looks at night. Focus on dark areas that may seem unsafe. Those areas are the perfect places for unwanted intruders to hide. Add path or motion-sensor lights to deter anyone from lurking in the darkness.

If some of your favourite landscape elements are shrouded in darkness, consider including some lighting accents to illuminate them. Remember to take the winter weather into consideration too – illuminating an item that’s covered in a light dusting of snow can have a delightfully festive affect.

From there, you can ask the opinions of any frequent visitors or your neighbours. Sometimes a second opinion really helps. A lot of the time, we become so accustomed to how our yard looks at night, that you don’t see areas that need improvement.

Light a Path with an Outdoor Lighting Installation

You can’t undo a first impression. Often a guest’s first impression of your home is going to be made on the walk to your front door. Make that experience a dazzling one (or at least, one less prone to tripping) by installing lights along your front walk. Alternatively, in ground well lights are bright and unobtrusive, a perfect solution for lighting the way for any guests or family members coming home late. Ask your representatives from Nite Time Decor for a free consultation and find out how to brighten up your walkway – and your entire yard!

Use Outdoor Lighting to Highlight Plants or Architectural Features

Of course, you shouldn’t limit your outdoor lighting installation to the front yard. The back yard is where the entertaining happens. In the winter, it can often look like an undisturbed winter wonderland. Imagine how much more beautiful it would be if you could shed some light on the scene! Make your Christmas lights year-round investments by adding string lights to any outdoor entertaining spaces. Use our spotlight to highlight any tall trees or columns in your property. Spotlights are great for making taller structures more striking. Imagine the impact of the light hitting the snow at night – your yard will look magical!

If you want to turn your lackluster winter landscape into a dazzling snowy landscape, have Nite Time Décor light up the night for you! Your yard has the potential to be bright and beautiful all year round. Add some drama and depth to your property with an outdoor lighting installation. Look at our gallery to see what the Burlington outdoor lighting experts at Nite Time Décor can do for you!

Tips for Cleaning Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

It’s not uncommon for our customers to forget to perform basic landscape lighting maintenance. Outdoor light fixtures are often taken for granted in terms of decorative additions to homes, as well as the safe, welcoming light they cast. However, one of the simplest things you can do is to clean your outdoor lighting. Cleaning light fixtures will enhance their beauty and improve the quality of light cast. It’s quite easy to do and doesn’t require special equipment. All you will need is some spare time and plenty of attention to avoid getting water into electrical sockets. Read on for basic tips on how to perform your Oakville landscape lighting maintenance.

Basic Steps to Perform Landscape Lighting Maintenance

These steps will work for all outdoor light fixtures:

Make sure the light is turned off.

If you cannot reach the light from a ground, secure a ladder near any out-of-reach fixtures.

Remove any globe, shields or grills with the appropriate tool – usually a screwdriver.

Remove the light bulb. Set all parts aside. You are now ready to begin the cleaning part of your landscape lighting maintenance.

Fill two buckets with hot water and add some dish soap. Make sure it has some suds.

Place the removed items (except light bulbs) in one bucket.

Dip a rag or sponge in the second sudsy bucket and use that to wipe down the parts of the light fixture that you could not remove. Keep water from running into open sockets.

Rinse the fixed pieces and the loosened pieces with water.

When all are dry, apply polish or wax to metal parts if desired; clean glass or shades with glass cleaner.

Wipe off light bulbs with a damp rag (if burnt out, replace them). Again, make sure you do not get the end that screws into the socket wet.

Reassemble your lighting fixtures and voila – you have completed your landscape lighting maintenance!

Additional Tips for Your Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Check the manufacturer’s website for cleaning tips for the specific product that you are cleaning.

If your lighting maintenance involves cleaning a copper fixture, cut a lemon in half and dip the half into salt and scrub the copper lighting fixtures. The acid in the lemon helps loosen any tarnish while the grit in the salt helps scrub the tarnish away. Then remove the lemon juice and salt from the copper light with a damp rag and sprinkle on some copper polish. Wait a few moments and then clean off the polish.

If your outdoor lighting is a tiki torch (Nite Time Decor tiki lamps, for example), before you clean the torch, make sure there are no combustible items nearby. Natural or propane gas tiki lamps burn cleanly, but there will be some carbon build-up. Clean the head with mild soap and warm water.

If you are unsure about any part in the landscape lighting maintenance process, feel free to contact us . Our Nite Time Decor associates are always willing to help you out!

Have You Considered Outdoor Recessed Lighting?

If you are considering adding to your Burlington landscape lighting, recessed lighting could be the perfect option to consider.  This is best used as supplemental lighting, so a little will go a long way.  If you want to use recessed lighting in your yard, try using it as accent lighting to spotlight a particular tree.  It can also be used as a wall washing technique to light multiple objects at once.  Lastly, you could have the lights graze your yard and shadow objects.  Before asking your landscape lighting service to install recessed lighting, be aware of some of the pros and cons of using them in your yard.

Benefits of Using Recessed Lights in Your Burlington Landscape Lighting

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, recessed lights rule over outdoor flood lights. Since they are unobtrusively situated, they are less of a nuisance to people, animals, and plants. They’re not a tripping hazard and will not get in your way when you’re doing yard work

In addition, recessed lighting gives off a beautiful ambient light that is great for setting the mood at parties or quiet nights in your backyard. Contact our Burlington landscape lighting service to find out more about some of our landscape lighting ideas.

Disadvantages of Using Recessed Lights

Unless you are familiar with electrical work, installing recessed lighting can be a complex job. You need to have carefully laid-out plans and more importantly, you’ll need to follow them accordingly. This is not your typical DIY project – chances are you’ll need a professional landscape lighting service like Nite Time Decor to take care of the installation.

The next thing to consider is that once you’ve installed recessed lighting, it is not easily moveable, meaning you have to be very sure where you want it to go. Once installed, it’s more trouble than it’s worth to relocate. That’s why working with an experienced outdoor lighting service like Nite Time Decor will ensure proper design and planning from the start.

Since many recessed lights are flush with the ground, some may be covered by dirt, leaves, snow and other miscellaneous debris. And be sure to position your lighting safely away from anywhere where water may pool or settle.

As long as you know beforehand the limitations and have ways to work around them, recessed lighting is a beautiful way to complete your lighting design.

Outdoor Recessed Lighting Ideas

If you’re unsure of how to implement this in your Burlington landscape lighting, ask the experts at Nite Time Decor about these ideas:

  • Covered patios and porches – your fixtures won’t protrude from the ceilings, so your light fixtures won’t be damaged.
  • Steps and stairs – this will prevent tripping hazards
  • Garden paths or walkways – well lights work great in this area.
  • Fountains and ponds – these can be illuminated with waterproof recessed lighting.

Areas where the option is to install lights along vertical surfaces – wall-mounted outside recessed lighting fixtures work well.
Nite Time Décor offers high quality and expert installation of outdoor recessed lighting. Take a look at the outdoor lighting services section of our website for more details about our residential and commercial lighting services.

How to Light Flower Gardens at Night

Come nightfall, a garden takes on a different and even enchanting feel.  However, it’s hard to enjoy your beautiful garden if you can’t see it very well!  Aside from simply planting in light or white flowers, you can make your garden glow in the evenings with our Oakville residential outdoor lighting services from Nite Time Decor.

Create the Vibe You Want with our Oakville Outdoor Lighting Service

Nothing creates a more romantic ambiance than candles, with their flames flickering in the breeze, creating shadows and reflections.  Try the Tiki Lamps offered by our Oakville outdoor lighting service.  They add that magical feel to your garden, but still have style.

If you have beautiful trees you’d like to highlight, try our Oakville residential outdoor lighting services’ Spotlight – which will evenly distribute the light over your trees while providing a nice glow for any ground level plants you may have.   Alternatively, our Down Light could be used to draw attention to an entire garden area on the ground level.  Something similar to our Tiki Lamp is the Area Light, which is great for illuminating steps, paths, or garden beds.  Lastly, if you want to light a path through your garden with more subtlety, try our unobtrusive In Ground Well Lights for that classy touch.

Oakville Residential Outdoor Lighting Services’ Light Sources

When it comes to lighting your outdoor garden, it is important to choose a light source that matches your garden theme and your personality.  And now more than ever, you have a variety of options of light sources to light up your garden.  A typical light is “line volted” which uses the same 120 volts your house uses.  However, these are hard-wired and should be installed by Oakville outdoor lighting service professionals.  Low voltage options are very popular, as they’re easily installed.  Most people place these low to the ground along paths or around gardens to highlight a tree or an ornament. Nite Time Decor Oakville would be happy to discuss with you the various options available for your property.

Design Guidelines from our Oakville Residential Outdoor Lighting Services

When planning your outdoor landscape lighting, make sure that the placement of your lights matches your personal style.  You should also take into consideration that when installing path lights, avoid doing so in straight lines along walkways.  Instead, stagger them to avoid the generic “runway” look.  In addition, be sure that your lights are positioned correctly so that they don’t cause a harsh glare into your eyes. Nite Time Decor Oakville are experts in outdoor lighting and would be happy to help you create the perfect mood for entertaining. Contact us today!

Illuminating Your Deck with Landscape Lighting

Nothing darkens an outdoor party more than dreary or nonexistent Oakville outdoor lighting.  You cannot see the faces of your guests, your barbeque, or even the steps down from your deck.  Or perhaps you do have some lighting, but it blinds your guests and does nothing for the natural beauty of your deck.  Either way, you’re in need of Nite Time Décor’s Oakville outdoor lighting service.  With a quick consultation, your deck lighting will be a dazzling focal point at your next backyard get together.

Know Thy Deck

If you want to spruce up your Oakville outdoor lighting, the first thing you should do is have an idea of your deck’s defining features, as well as the intent of the space.  Are you going to host parties?  Do you have patio furniture?  Is your deck an attention-grabber?  What aspects of your deck are unique?  Is there anything on your deck that shows off your personality?

These questions will allow our Oakville outdoor lighting service to figure out what aspects of your deck should to be shown off, or just need a little bit of illuminating.

Pleasing and Functional

Oakville outdoor lighting isn’t just about being showy.  It can actually have legitimate practical purposes. As such, it’s recommended that before you consult our Oakville outdoor lighting service that you take some time to think about and pinpoint some of the more pragmatic items on your deck.  For example, barbequing in the dark is probably a futile effort.  A conversation with someone whose face you cannot see is very impersonal.  And steps that are shrouded in darkness are just plain unsafe.

However, if you want to facilitate conversation and your deck receives a lot of traffic, it’s important to not blind your guests.  For conversation-facilitating lighting, we recommend low-voltage lights.  That being said, lights that are too weak are just a distraction.  Also, you want to make sure that the lighting comes in at face level to reduce shadow effects on faces of your guests.

Another piece of advice is to make sure that your lighting matches the décor and architecture that your home already possesses and that it highlights these features in a complimentary way.  The size and shape of your patio furniture, for example will determine the placement of your deck lighting.  When it comes to your deck, don’t make the lighting an attraction, but instead, use it to draw attention to the deck’s environment.

If all of this confuses you, try not to feel overwhelmed.  Our Oakville outdoor lighting service can help get you on the right track.

Here Are Some Great Ideas For Your Deck!

Supportive lighting is very trendy in deck décor at the moment.  One example is recessed lighting, where the light fixture remains hidden, giving all of the attention to the featured item.  You could also try to light up your deck from above, although this can be tricky.  You need to make sure the light isn’t too bright and you need to be aware of any shadows the light might create.  If you want to try this technique, our Down Light would be perfect for the job.  Also, try to get a light that pivots, so you’re free to change the angle.

Another beautiful idea would be to light up the posts on your deck.  This evenly distributes the light around the deck, giving it a brighter appeal.

If you have any steps on the deck, be sure to put some lights around them for safety measures.  Our Area Light provides a soft glow to illuminate steps but still remains unobtrusive.

Finally, our Tiki Lamps provide a nice down lighting effect around your deck, as well as adding some funky flair to your Oakville outdoor lighting.

Great Lighting Ideas for Water Features

If your Oakville residential landscape lighting is lacking the sparkling beauty of an illuminated water feature, then we have the ideas and tools to get the job done.  Landscape lighting can turn a dark, dreary night-time landscape into a bright, exciting place to host parties and entertain friends.  This is especially true when water features, which are usually focal points in a garden, are properly showcased.  Highlighting your water feature can provide a beautiful backdrop for nights spent socializing or relishing in some alone time.  Nite Time Décor provides you with an Oakville landscape lighting service that you won’t forget.  And neither will your friends – they’ll be talking about it for years to come.

Leave It to the Pros
If you’re considering updating your Oakville residential landscape lighting, for safety reasons, we urge you to have our professionals install it.  We have over 20 years of combined experience, so your backyard beauty will be in more than capable hands.  There are a lot of electrical wires involved with adding any type of lighting, which can be a fire hazard.  On top of that, combining those wires with water can make for a very “shocking” experience.  Safety aside, we are very knowledgeable about our products and can definitely help you find the lighting options that will bring out the best in your landscape and water features.  With our Oakville landscape lighting service, you’re in good hands.

Submersible Lighting Add An Additional Layer of Drama
Highlight your Oakville residential landscape lighting with submersible lights.  Submersibles features include a light that is placed below the surface of the water in a basin and then directed back towards the body of water.  Fountains look especially beautiful when this type of lighting feature is used.  Adding submersible lighting creates a shimmery effect, as well as illuminating any fountain streams.  This can look very magical and be quite awe-inducing when done properly.  You can even enhance the effect by adding colour filters to your submersible.  This is a fantatml”stic way to show off creativity, as well as add a vibrant, trendy effect to your landscape.  Contact our Oakville landscape lighting serviceto find out more about submersible options and book an appointment.

Non-Submersible Options to Consider
Another way to enhance your Oakville residential landscape lighting is to highlight your water feature with non-submersible lighting.  Non-submersible lighting is available in a variety of lighting options:

  • Solar: this is powered by the sun and requires no electricity.  It is also much more environmentally friendly.
  • LED: this will last you longer and is less expensive than incandescent lighting.
  • Incandescent: the traditional lighting you’ve known and used in your home for decades.

You could use our Spotlight to light up the height of your fountain, as well as shine on the backdrop behind the fountain.  If you’re looking for a big effect, then our above ground well lights are exactly what you’re looking for.  They’re known for creating a huge impact when highlighting fountains.
If your yard has a pool or a pond, you can illuminate the edges around it with our In-Ground Well Lights.  Enjoy a late-night swim while framed in light.  Or take a night-time stroll around your pond – without accidentally falling in!

Whatever your backyard looks like, our Oakville landscape lighting service will bring out the beauty in your home. For more information on our water-specific lighting features, please call 905-632-2445.

10 Reasons to Install Landscape Lighting

10. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Creates a Focal Point
Outdoor landscape lighting can help add drama to your property by creating focal points. Landscape lighting companies often focus on large trees, water features, and statues in order to create eye-catching focal points on a property.

9. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Can Extend Your Living Area
Why spend your time inside when you can enjoy more time in the garden or relaxing on your patio? A creative landscape lighting design can help you enjoy your outdoor space at all hours of the day… and night!

8. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Increases the Curb Appeal of Your Property
Outdoor landscaping lighting can increase the curb appeal of any  residential,  commercial, or industrial property. Even if your home is modest, landscape lighting can give it a little additional charm and whimsy. A beautiful outdoor landscape lighting design shows that you take pride in your property and appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings.

7. Outdoor Lighting Systems Increase the Safety and Security of Your Property
A well lit home or business deters criminals. Protect your property with the power of outdoor lighting. Homes that are poorly lit are more than 30% more likely to be targeted by vandals or criminals. Sophisticated spotlights and functional motion lights add character at the same time enhancing the safety and security of your space.

6. Outdoor Lighting Systems Look Good All Season Long
It doesn’t matter whether the snow’s blowing or the sun’s shining, outdoor landscape lighting looks great all year long. Our outdoor lighting experts can help you highlight a beautifully decorated holiday tree or shine a light on a seasonal floral arrangement.

5. Outdoor Lighting Systems Raise Property Values
A residential landscape lighting system will increase the resale value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Studies have show that outdoor lighting systems can increase the value of your home by more than 20%.

4. Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Property Aesthetically Pleasing
Nothing shows off your home like a sophisticated outdoor lighting system. Shine a light on your home’s architectural details, draw attention to a well-manicured garden, or light the way on your front walk – Nite Time Decor can show you how!

3. Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting is Environmentally-Friendly
Nite Time Decor specializes in energy-efficient, low voltage, and  LED outdoor lighting systems. These environmentally-friendly installations use very little hydro but still give off great light.

2. Outdoor Lighting Sets the Scene
A professional outdoor lighting design will make your yard the talk of the neighbourhood! Whether you’re throwing an evening pool party or an intimate midnight cocktail party, wow your guests with dramatic lighting that really sets the mood.

1. Outdoor Lighting Systems are More Affordable Than You’d Think!
Nite Time Decor can create a totally custom outdoor lighting installation for your home or business for as little as $1,500! Our low-voltage systems are also extremely efficient when it comes to hydro usage. A ten light, low voltage system will use less than $50 of electricity a year. Talk about a great value! Contact a Nite Time Decor sales representative today to receive a personalized quote concerning your outdoor lighting project.

Landscape Lighting Versus Architectural Lighting

Outdoor lighting can have a huge effect on the appearance of your home and property. Not only will an outdoor lighting installation draw attention to your lush landscaping, but it can also highlight impressive architectural aspects of your home’s structure. If you’re considering contracting a landscape lighting company to work on your property, make sure you select the best –  contact the outdoor landscape lighting experts at Nite Time Decor. Our team of highly trained installers and designers can create a lighting design that’s customized to your property and includes both architectural and landscape lighting aspects.

What is Architectural Lighting?
Architectural lighting, also known as architectural lighting design, focuses mainly on illuminating the unique features of public buildings, residential homes, and monuments. When it comes to creating a dazzling architectural lighting design, the outdoor lighting experts at Nite Time Decor focus on three fundamental aspects:

  1. The aesthetic appeal of the building.
  2. The ergonomics or how functional and useful the lighting set up is.
  3. The energy-efficiency of the bulbs and fixtures that are used.

There are many benefits associated with architectural lighting, especially when it’s used as part of an outdoor commercial lighting system design. A professionally installed architectural lighting system will greatly enhance even the most modest aspects of your home. Architectural lighting systems are able to:

  • Enhance the overall structure of a building by pinpointing unique design features.
  • Create a distinct mood or atmosphere.
  • Enhance the safety and security of your property.

Accenting the architectural features of your home’s exterior can do wonders for your home’s night time curb appeal and can greatly increase both the perceived and actual value of your home.

Landscape Lighting Adds Drama
Landscape lighting designs focus more on highlighting the trees and other natural areas that surround your home. Landscape lighting can be installed for a variety of reasons. It can be used to enhance the safety of a property or to improve the aesthetics of a yard. Some home owners choose to incorporate lighting into their landscaping in order to improve the accessibility of their space or to prepare for a social gathering. Whatever your reason, landscape lighting systems are a great investment and can have a huge effect on the usability of your property. While architectural lighting is used primarily to highlight your home’s features, landscape lighting can be used to increase your outdoor living space, add dimension to a garden, or highlight a special installation.

When people first think about outdoor lighting, they think of landscape lighting. But, by adding architectural lighting highlights, you will now start to distinguish your home from others in your neighbourhood. Even modest homes appear bigger and more stately with the addition of just a few lights highlighting certain features of your home’s facade.

A well-balanced outdoor lighting installation includes both architectural and landscape lighting fixtures. For help designing a unique lighting installation for your commercial or residential property, contact the experts at Nite Time Decor by phone at 905-632-2445.