The Challenges of Exterior Lighting for Businesses and Organizations

Oakville commercial landscape lighting can bring curb appeal and safety to your business. There are numerous benefits to having exterior lighting. Unfortunately, this type of landscape often presents a number of problems when it comes to illuminating it properly.

Creating Safety Without Glare
You want to light your business up enough that there’s security and safety, without creating a glare for passers-by. As such, your commercial landscape lighting system should be designed so that there’s gentle lighting along any pathways and next to the building proper. Any lighting that goes beyond the lines of the property, including into the sky, is obtrusive and can cause glare.

However, glare or obtrusive light isn’t always caused from too-bright lighting. It can also come from poorly positioned fixtures that spread their glow further than intended. If glare is being caused by above ground lights, it could be that these fixtures have been knocked, or that the lights are mounted too high for the intended area of illumination.

How to Fix Glare
Talk to a specialist at Nite Time Décor Oakville to find out which of our fixtures will provide a more efficient glow for your commercial landscape lighting. You may also need to spend some time working on the positioning of the lights. Over time, it’s quite possible that your fixtures will be shifted from their original locations or positions. This happens easily in commercial areas thanks to pedestrians and traffic that are constantly passing by.

It’s usually best to avoid floodlights. While these can often work for larger properties, the light often overpowers smaller buildings and lawns. What’s more, it’s a lot more difficult to position a floodlight so that it doesn’t run over the boundaries of your business’s property. This can often result in a prison yard-like glare. This is unappealing, and is harsh on the eyes of visitors.

Costly Bills
One of the major problems that many business owners have with Oakville commercial landscape lighting is the cost. Lighting up a business for safety and security can be a costly undertaking; however, what would you rather be spending your money on: landscape lighting or a costly slip and fall lawsuit? Proper lighting will help protect you from these types of unfortunate accidents, saving your money in the long run.

LEDs Will Contribute to Your Bottom Line
While LEDs may seem like a large expense at first, they’ll more than pay for themselves over the lifetime of your business. In fact, you can save up to $60 a year simply by installing LEDs rather than conventional bulbs or halogen lights in your landscape lighting system. Once you pair your LEDs with more efficient lighting positions, you’ll reap the benefits of lower utility bills.

On top of this, you’ll get the reputation of being a more eco-friendly business. With the push towards greener options for both individuals and institutions, you can boast of your efforts to create a more environmentally friendly business.

Shine a Light on Curb Appeal
While it may feel like an unnecessary expense, creating beautiful Oakville commercial landscape lighting with gorgeous fixtures can actually bring you more money. This is a way to market your business by attracting in the eyes of your customers. When they see how well you take care of your business, patrons are more likely to investigate your services. Remember that first impressions make a huge impact on new clientele.

Focus your efforts on accent lighting and highlighting the areas of your property that are particularly appealing.

Are you ready to get help with your commercial landscape lighting? Then now’s the time to contact Nite Time Décor for your complimentary quote. You will be glad you did!