Have You Considered Outdoor Recessed Lighting?

If you are considering adding to your Burlington landscape lighting, recessed lighting could be the perfect option to consider.  This is best used as supplemental lighting, so a little will go a long way.  If you want to use recessed lighting in your yard, try using it as accent lighting to spotlight a particular tree.  It can also be used as a wall washing technique to light multiple objects at once.  Lastly, you could have the lights graze your yard and shadow objects.  Before asking your landscape lighting service to install recessed lighting, be aware of some of the pros and cons of using them in your yard.

Benefits of Using Recessed Lights in Your Burlington Landscape Lighting

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, recessed lights rule over outdoor flood lights. Since they are unobtrusively situated, they are less of a nuisance to people, animals, and plants. They’re not a tripping hazard and will not get in your way when you’re doing yard work

In addition, recessed lighting gives off a beautiful ambient light that is great for setting the mood at parties or quiet nights in your backyard. Contact our Burlington landscape lighting service to find out more about some of our landscape lighting ideas.

Disadvantages of Using Recessed Lights

Unless you are familiar with electrical work, installing recessed lighting can be a complex job. You need to have carefully laid-out plans and more importantly, you’ll need to follow them accordingly. This is not your typical DIY project – chances are you’ll need a professional landscape lighting service like Nite Time Decor to take care of the installation.

The next thing to consider is that once you’ve installed recessed lighting, it is not easily moveable, meaning you have to be very sure where you want it to go. Once installed, it’s more trouble than it’s worth to relocate. That’s why working with an experienced outdoor lighting service like Nite Time Decor will ensure proper design and planning from the start.

Since many recessed lights are flush with the ground, some may be covered by dirt, leaves, snow and other miscellaneous debris. And be sure to position your lighting safely away from anywhere where water may pool or settle.

As long as you know beforehand the limitations and have ways to work around them, recessed lighting is a beautiful way to complete your lighting design.

Outdoor Recessed Lighting Ideas

If you’re unsure of how to implement this in your Burlington landscape lighting, ask the experts at Nite Time Decor about these ideas:

  • Covered patios and porches – your fixtures won’t protrude from the ceilings, so your light fixtures won’t be damaged.
  • Steps and stairs – this will prevent tripping hazards
  • Garden paths or walkways – well lights work great in this area.
  • Fountains and ponds – these can be illuminated with waterproof recessed lighting.

Areas where the option is to install lights along vertical surfaces – wall-mounted outside recessed lighting fixtures work well.
Nite Time Décor offers high quality and expert installation of outdoor recessed lighting. Take a look at the outdoor lighting services section of our website for more details about our residential and commercial lighting services.