Create a Resort in Your Backyard with Landscape Lighting

You can make your backyard twinkle like a resort with some professional Oakville landscape lighting. A professional landscape lighting design can extend the time you enjoy outdoors with your family and friends. Take a break from the busy world around you and indulge yourself in the scenery of your backyard.

Our Oakville Landscape Lighting Will Add to the Aesthetics of Your Backyard

We have a variety of sophisticated landscape fixtures that can be used to compliment a variety of plants and architectural styles. Create a resort-like feel with a subtle, classic landscape lighting design:

Does your backyard feature tall structures, such as trees or columns? Highlight them to perfection with our spotlight. Or you can make a big impact with our above ground well light.

If you want to bring out the intricate detail of the stone work in your siding or if you have a beautiful fence covered with ivy, our wash light works well as a wall washing fixture. Want to get the second story of your home in on the action? Our mini wash light will do just that!

Shed some light on…almost anything! Our down light is easily our most versatile and popular item.

Create a soft light to illuminate pathways, steps or garden beds with our area light. It’s the ultimate in safety!

Graze your homes with a nice pop of colour provided by our in ground well lights.

Bring the resort to your backyard! Our tiki lamps will give you a beautiful down lighting effect for your own personal haven.

For more ideas about enhancing the mood, such as accent lighting, water features, or moon lighting, check out the resources section of our website. It has solutions and advice for all of your lighting conundrums. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us to request a quote or to ask advice!

Enhance Safety and Security With a Landscape Lighting Design

Combine the beauty of your favourite resort’s lighting with first-class security. With landscape lighting from Nite Time Decor, you get both. When it comes to your property and your family, as well as yourself, safety and security should always be your number one priority (even before aesthetics). You can use lighting to increase safety around the pool area, for example. Add a motion-sensor component to your lights to reduce wasting energy and to deter any unwelcome trespassers. Keep yourself on the straight and narrow by highlighting driveways and paths.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting, Just Like at Your Favourite Resort

Our world has moved towards energy conservation, and make no mistake, your landscape lighting design does use energy. Make sure you are casting your lighting exactly where you want it to go and that it’s not too bright. In addition to getting the most bang for your energy buck, you will also be very courteous to your neighbours, who likely don’t want your lights shining in their eyes. Also, a key factor in any resort-atmosphere is that you can still see the stars. For more information on how to keep light pollution out of your Oakville landscape lighting, check out this informative article.