The Critical Dos and Don’ts of Outdoor Lighting

The Critical Dos and Don’ts of Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor landscape lighting can be a tricky skill to master. At Nite Time Décor, we understand that each home is unique. All homes have individual requirements that can create a daunting task out of planning the right placements for outdoor lighting fixtures. Fortunately, there are some foundational dos and don’ts that can help you out. Read on for tips from the Nite Time Décor landscape lighting pros.

Do focus on your home
Before positioning outdoor landscape lighting around the natural features of your yard, light up your home. Highlight the walls of your house and the architectural features that make your home unique. This offers better security and safety, as well as a beautifully elegant backdrop for the rest of your outdoor lighting.

Don’t forget the second story
While you’re figuring out how to light up your home, don’t forget to include the second story. With this, you’ll also want to include any peaks, pillars, overhangs, and other aspects that will look ethereal when illuminated above your lawn. Elevated lighting helps your lawn stand out in the night.

Do make use of multiple layers
As with many other areas of design, complexity in layers adds beauty to the overall effect of your Nite Time Décor landscape lighting. Using layers in an area of lighting adds depth and three dimensions to your outdoor landscape lighting. For instance, positioning several spotlights from different angles against a statue can create silhouettes and layers to offer a detailed lighting effect, which would not have been accomplished with only one light.

Don’t ignore small or dark spaces
Many homeowners focus purely on the larger, grandiose aspects of their lawn. However, the small details are sometimes what can provide the loveliest accents to outdoor landscape lighting. Find the little areas in your lawn that are easily forgotten, and offer them dignity in beauty through lighting. The benefit of this is also added security. When you light dark spaces, you create fewer holes for intruders to sneak through.

Do consider LEDs from Nite Time Décor
LEDs are more than just the latest fad in trendy energy conservation. They really do the trick for offering beautiful outdoor landscape lighting while saving you money on your hydro bill. Though the initial start up cost appears pricey, the amount of money you’re saving in electricity more than makes up for it in the long term. Nite Time Décor has done the savings breakdown calculations on LEDs for you if you’re still not convinced.

Don’t light for a runway
Countless numbers of homeowners make the mistake of lighting pathways with fixtures positioned in a straight line. This is boring, and tends to make your garden walk or driveway look like an airplane landing strip. Get creative with the placement – stagger the lights a bit to gain a more aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting experience.

Do down light pathways
Pathways with down lighting are highly underrated, and also very rare. It’s difficult to find situations in which you can adjust your Nite Time Décor landscape lighting so that a path is lit from above. So, if you find the opportunity, take it. This is a gorgeous way to add illumination and safety, and has the added appeal of being uncommon in outdoor lighting.

Don’t ignore limitations
Everything has its limits. When you’re choosing fixtures for your home, make sure to understand the limitations of both your home’s design, as well as the limitations of the fixture itself. Ask questions about our products, and a Nite Time Décor specialist will be more than happy to help you find the fixtures that are best suited to get the job done well. Sometimes what you had envisioned for your home’s outdoor landscape lighting design just won’t work within the inherent boundaries of the architecture of your house. That’s okay: there are always solutions. And whatever solution you find is bound to look more beautiful for being perfectly tailored to the needs of your home.

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