Dress Up Your Deck or Porch With Outdoor Lighting

A properly conceptualized outdoor lighting design can add that little extra something to your deck or porch in a way no other type of décor or design element can. Don’t let dusk run you off your patio this summer. With the right Burlington outdoor lighting, you can turn your deck or patio into a comfortable zone to relax and socialize.

Plus, if you’re worried about your energy bill, you’ll be relieved to find out that many outdoor lights are low-voltage – perfect for energy-efficient outdoor entertaining!

Safety First

When choosing your outdoor lighting design, there are a few qualities you’ll want to consider. Of course, safety is a major concern. Lighting up your deck and patio takes nighttime risks away, but there are certain areas in particular that will be easy and efficient to illuminate. These include:

2.Entryways and doorways
5.Ponds and fountains

By adding a bit of soft lighting to these features, you’re able to alert visitors to areas that may have otherwise caused injuries or accidents. What’s more, our lifetime maintenance guarantee ensures that your Burlington outdoor lighting design will always been in proper operating condition, creating a safe and beautiful backyard oasis for many years to come.

Avoid the Glare

It’s also a good idea to consider softening your outdoor lighting, in order to reduce unwanted glare or a sickly colouring. Conventional exterior lights often glare down from the ceiling of a porch or off the walls of a house. Not only is this blinding, but it detracts from the safety that a Burlington porch lighting system is intended to add.

With new lighting technology you can create a more comfortable atmosphere. You’ll find that modern Burlington outdoor lighting designs include multiple fixtures at a low voltage. This creates an atmosphere that’s both aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Variety is Key

When you conceptualize your outdoor lighting design, you’ll want to look at a variety of fixtures to increase the form and function of your porch or patio.

Here are some ideas for lighting up your deck, patio, or porch in a way that suits your personal style, without neglecting function. If you’re in need of some examples, our gallery features a number of great examples.

Accenting: These fixtures provide downcast lighting from walls, posts, or railings. Nite Time Décor’s downlight is great for accenting, and provides a soft, overhead lighting to accent walls or stairs.

Post Lighting: These fixtures are positioned at the top of posts or railways to illuminate a large space. Our area light is great for walkways and large decks that require additional light from above. Don’t be fooled by the aesthetics of the lamp – functionality isn’t neglected for aesthetics, and it beautifully lights up any area in which you want to avoid accidents and injuries.

Recessed Lights: These lights are not only great for illuminating your space, but also for space saving. These are installed right into your deck floor or lawn to light from the bottom up. Recessed light fixtures have many uses: around stairs and decks to avoid tripping, around ponds to stop someone from falling in, or around gardens to prevent trampling by a wandering visitor. If you’re looking to achieve this effect, you may be interested in our in ground well lights. If you don’t want in ground lights, but like the idea of lighting from the bottom up, you may wish to try a spotlight, or above ground well light.

If your deck or patio has a paradise-like feel to it, you may even be interested in our tiki lamps to add a little ambiance on top of your other Burlington outdoor lighting effects.

Take the first step in realizing your perfect porch lighting design today and request a quote from Nite Time Décor.