Driveway Lighting Do’s and Don’ts

Are you ready to add a little more style to your home, but not sure where to start? Well, what about your driveway? Your driveway is one of the first things people see when they visit your home, so why not make it stand out?

Read on to find out how you can create a Burlington driveway lighting system that combines function and aesthetics. For personal advice and questions, contact one of our helpful technicians.

Why Is a Burlington Driveway Lighting System Important?

It is proven that a Burlington driveway lighting system will prevent robberies, intruders, and trespassers, while also improving the aesthetics and overall appeal of your property. When it comes to unique design, why not add to the nighttime façade of your home with a beautiful and functional lighting design. Here are some tips to execute the perfect look.

Driveway Lighting Do’s

Here are a few driveway lighting designs that combine function with aesthetics.

Path lighting: This is a method that is much like it sounds – a path of lights on poles, starting with two on either side of an entrance. At Nite Time Décor, we recommend lining the lights along the driveway at regular intervals to improve visibility. Our area lights work beautifully for this technique.

Post lighting: Post lighting differs from path lighting in that it often contains only one or two lights along a drive. This works especially well for shorter driveways. Simply find important focal points and install!

Transit lighting: Unlike the higher lights in the previous two methods, this technique is all about low placement lighting. This Burlington driveway lighting system has a more subtle effect than the previous two and subtracts any glare that high lighting can cause. For a subtle lighting path along your drive, try our in ground well lights.

Ambient lighting: This works for driveways that have shrubbery or trees around the borders. Up light these to add to the overall aesthetic of your property. Our spot lights will not only add to this ambience, but they will also contribute a fair amount of light to the driveway.
Of course, you can always mix and match techniques to suit your own personal style. Try exploring all the options for lighting to create an interesting and unique Burlington driveway lighting system. The more creative you get, the better the finished product will look!

Driveway Lighting Don’ts

There are a few things that you should avoid when thinking of driveway lighting designs.

Don’t self-install: Leave this task for the professionals at Nite Time Décor. Our lighting systems come with a lifetime maintenance guarantee to ensure your lights operate properly both now and in the future.

Don’t over light: If you want your home to have a pleasing effect on the eye, make sure you keep your lighting design subtle. If you over light, the driveway tends to look more like a runway for a jet plane than a driveway welcoming guests and deterring intruders. While the extra lighting may act as a deterrent, low-lights do the same job but with a more pleasing effect.

Don’t forget the entrance: The entrance is one of the most important areas to illuminate as it serves a few different functions: it tells you where the street is, other vehicles where your driveway is, and allows you to see pedestrians and animals crossing the drive.

Don’t only go for aesthetics or function: It’s important to give equal importance to both of these when researching driveway lighting designs. Going purely for aesthetics can end up in a poorly lit driveway that lacks safety and function; only going for function can result in a visually displeasing final product.

For expert help with your Burlington driveway lighting system, request a quote from Nite Time Décor today!