Easy Ways to Incorporate Light Into Your Yard

Incorporating light into your yard’s design is simple with professional quality landscape lighting. Before talking to Nite Time Décor lighting professionals, it’s a good idea to know what you want out of your exterior lighting system. Here are some things to think about before getting started.

Progression and Perfection Takes Planning
Before you go any further, decide what you want from your lights. Are you interested in security, enhancing your curb appeal, safety, or functionality for outdoor sports and events? Perhaps you want it all. Know the answer to this question before you continue, and the rest of the work will go much more smoothly and cohesively.

The Basics of Landscape Lighting
Now it’s time to decide the specific areas you want to light. Consider the following options when planning your Oakville landscape lighting design:

Path lighting
This is a pretty obvious choice for most people. Path lighting brings not only safety, but it also when done well, can give a gorgeous aesthetic appeal. The first thing to remember about path lighting design is that setting them at regular intervals can look more like a landing strip. Have fun with it – downlight shrubbery, place them in staggering lines through the path, or choose strategic accent lighting to guide your guests to their destination.

Accent lighting
Highlight the aspects of your yard that are already aesthetically pleasing. This is a simple way to enhance your curb appeal. This could be ponds, statues, and particularly beautiful flowerbeds. Downlight the trees in your yard to highlight their natural majesty, while offering a soft moon effect.

Do you have a wide expanse of brick or stone wall? This classic landscape lighting technique includes brushing light against the wall to accentuate the textures of the space. This can be used on trellises and vine covered surfaces as well.

If you have a few especially beautiful areas in your yard, you may want to use spotlighting to specifically highlight their elegance. Don’t think you need to stick to the typical mono-spotlight either. Use a few spotlights to intersect each other for a particularly dramatic effect that will really make your yard pop.

Silhouetting can get really fun with intriguingly shaped trees that twist every which way. You can use either spotlights or uplights to create a silhouette of your unique tree shapes against a wall of your home.

Fill in the Gaps
Do you have a wide expanse of lawn that is just asking to be illuminated? Downlights from walls or trees can bring additional safety and security to your lawn.

If your lawn is on the smaller side, you can create a sense of depth with perspective lighting. This involves directing a light beam down the edge of your lawn, or up your lawn to give a greater feeling of length. This is particularly attractive along a line of shrubs, trees, a path, or a garden wall.

Don’t forget about background lighting in your planning. Walls are just as important for lighting as your lawn, and contribute a lovely ambience when highlighted with uplighting.

Don’t hesitate – landscape lighting is a great investment for your home, but only when it’s done right. Contact the outdoor lighting experts Nite Time Décor to get started with a complimentary quote. You’ll be glad you did!