Fall Maintenance for Nite Time Décor Landscape Lighting

Summer is quickly creeping away, and with it goes those long bright days you enjoyed. This will mean more work for your Oakville landscape lighting. In order to ensure your Nite Time Décor services are working at top notch throughout the dark and dreary winter, you want to make sure your fall maintenance routine is in order. Fall maintenance requires a little extra attention to your fixtures and wires. These tips from Nite Time Décor will help you keep your Oakville landscape lighting fixtures gorgeous throughout winter.

Cover up exposed wires
The busy summer months can cause all kinds of disrepair to pop up before fall. This is a good time to walk around your yard and determine if any wires are exposed. Exposed wires can be dangerous for you and for your fixtures.

Around now, also make sure that none of your wires are ripped. Any broken wires should be replaced before the onslaught of winter to prevent further damage to your landscape lighting.

Right tilted fixtures
As you walk around your yard checking for exposed wires, look for tilted fixtures as well. With summer traffic, fixtures get knocked over and moved from their original positions. To keep your Nite Time Décor fixtures fully functioning over winter, fall maintenance is the time to right leaning lamps or else you may find lights shining towards the road rather than your home.

Get rid of scratches
Another important part of the walk through maintenance plan is to repair all scratches on your landscape lighting lenses and frames. Take the time to buff off scratches with a little wax or elbow grease and a polishing cloth. Replace any lenses that have an inordinate amount of scratches and will not come clean.

And don’t just stop with the scratches! Spend the extra hour to clean your fixtures. Clean fixtures are well-maintained fixtures. You’ll have an easier time in the spring maintaining your Oakville landscape lighting fixtures if you start off winter with them in the best condition.

Renew and update
As with anything else, your landscape lighting fixtures can become tired. Fall maintenance is a great time to update your landscape lighting system. Replace old fixtures with new, and if you haven’t already, change your bulbs to LED. You’ll save money and energy in the long term with LED lights from Nite Time Décor.

Clean away leaves
When the leaves fall from the trees, one of the first places they’ll land is right on top of your Nite Time Décor fixtures! Leaves obscure the beam of light from reaching its target, and can allow large quantities of dampness to form over your fixtures. Stop this unwanted consequence of fall by cleaning the leaves off your fixtures regularly. Cleaning the leaves off your fixtures is a simple addition to your usual raking routine.

Take the hassle out of fall maintenance by requesting a complimentary quote from Nite Time Décor services today! You’ll be glad you did!