Get Inspired By These Five Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas

Are you bored with your old outdoor lighting system? Tired of the design you’ve had since you installed your system, but stumped for ways to change it up? Read on to learn how you can create a beautiful design that suits your needs and style.

Take advantage of your whole landscape
Don’t fall into the old idea that only the flowerbeds and back patios are to be lit up at night. You can, and should, light up any area of your landscape to create a more pleasing effect on the eyes. This could be pathways, doors, pools, trees, statues, gazebos, even uplighting walls. Any structure you have on your property carries outdoor lighting design possibilities.

The point of lighting these areas is to accent the high qualities and pleasing features of the structure. This may involve lighting up the branches of a tree to create a beautiful silhouetted canopy.

Incorporate your fixtures
Don’t just leave the lights out in the open. The best way to light your landscaping is to incorporate your outdoor lighting system right into your garden, trees, and structures. This has the added benefit of protecting your fixtures from the elements. Lights that are left out in the open are more likely to be damaged from wind and snow.

Create an atmosphere with your outdoor lighting system
Use different lighting effects to create ambience. You want your outdoor lighting system to be warm and welcoming, not glaring and cold. There are a few ways to do this.

Add in coloured lights. A soft blue and white on evergreens in the winter, or subtle reds and yellows on a flowerbed of the same colours can create a gorgeous effect when done properly. Green lights on foliage also tend to bring out the tones quite nicely at night. Talk to one of our specialists about how this can be done properly for your outdoor lighting system.

Use low voltage lighting. Low watt lights will bathe your lawn in tender lighting and softly accent the features of your home. Low watt lighting won’t subtract from the safety and security aspect of your outdoor lighting system. For energy efficient options in low volt lighting, try LED lights.
Create a natural moonlight effect. This can be done with gentle lights around your paths and by up lighting walls and trees. Our wash lights and spotlights are great for this. Try having a few lights within the trees that light both up and down to give the impression that a full moon, rather than lanterns, are lighting your yard.
Bring water into your outdoor lighting system

A well-lit pool or birdbath that reflects the light of the moon can bring so much more wonder to a yard. Light across the surface of the water to reflect and illuminate the ripples. If you have a pool close to a wall, try lighting up the surface of the wall. This will create a mirror reflection in the pool if done right. Try lighting so that the moonlight is reflected in the water.

Go dramatic
Light your trees so there is a dramatic silhouette against a wall. Up light structures to create intriguing shadows. When used appropriately, and when not overdone, this can have an aesthetically pleasing effect that enhances the curb appeal of your home. Play with the tall structures of your home to find the dramatic effect that works best for you.

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