Get Strategic About Your Landscape Lighting in Oakville

Planning your landscape lighting in Oakville can be a difficult and daunting experience. You may not know where to start, and the idea of devising a design that will provide an efficient, effective, secure, and visually appealing lighting system can be cause for anxiety. This is particularly true if you’ve never attempted to plan a system before. Here are a few tips the lighting experts.

Plan for Living
Figure out which areas of your landscape and property you use most. Then decide which of these you will want to use at night, if it isn’t all of them. From there, you can plan your landscape lighting in Oakville to highlight these areas for safety and security so you can continue enjoying the great outdoors after sunset.

Decide where there are “risk zones” in your yard. Pick areas that need to be lit up for safety reasons, such as steps, around the pool, dark zones, and other areas where guests may be in danger of tripping. This has the benefit of adding security from trespassers.

Illuminate Points of Interest and Unique Features
Just as every homeowner is unique, so too is every yard unique. It’s important that you find the unique features of your yard and accentuate them. This is also the perfect time to express your personal style and tastes for passers-by.

While trying to create a unique look, talk to your Nite Time Décor expert about using lights that will work for your specific climate. In the design, you should also think about placing the fixtures so that your landscape lighting in Oakville is appealing regardless of the time of day. Think about any alterations or changes that you make to your yard with the seasonal shifts.

Think of the Effect of Your Landscape Lighting in Oakville
Rather than just considering what the fixture looks like, you should be thinking of what the desired effect is. What are you trying to achieve? Common techniques are grazing, silhouetting, spot lighting, moonlight effect, and cross lighting.

When thinking of the effect, consider factors such as the height of the feature highlighted, the type of feature (hardscape like fire pits, walls, and ovens, or natural landscaping), the colour of the feature, and the sort of texture. Texture can do a lot to enhance the effect of the lighting by creating shadows. Also think of interior and exterior space – you want to light up the yard to provide safety and security, without creating an irritating glare in your living room.

Go Green
Why add a glaring amount of money to your bill? Consider the greener options to help out the environment, and your bank account. LED lights may be more expensive at the initial purchase, but will save you in the long run – especially with the many lights needed for landscape lighting in Oakville.

Hire a Pro
The best way to get landscape lighting in Oakville to fit your needs is to hire a professional. Seasoned experts can tell you exactly what fixtures will provide what effect, and how to enhance the usefulness of your yard, as well as the safety, security, and curb appeal of your home. The warranty is another huge benefit.

Don’t wait to enhance the night time beauty of your home. Contact Nite Time Décor for your complimentary quote today.