Great Lighting Ideas for Water Features

If your Oakville residential landscape lighting is lacking the sparkling beauty of an illuminated water feature, then we have the ideas and tools to get the job done.  Landscape lighting can turn a dark, dreary night-time landscape into a bright, exciting place to host parties and entertain friends.  This is especially true when water features, which are usually focal points in a garden, are properly showcased.  Highlighting your water feature can provide a beautiful backdrop for nights spent socializing or relishing in some alone time.  Nite Time Décor provides you with an Oakville landscape lighting service that you won’t forget.  And neither will your friends – they’ll be talking about it for years to come.

Leave It to the Pros
If you’re considering updating your Oakville residential landscape lighting, for safety reasons, we urge you to have our professionals install it.  We have over 20 years of combined experience, so your backyard beauty will be in more than capable hands.  There are a lot of electrical wires involved with adding any type of lighting, which can be a fire hazard.  On top of that, combining those wires with water can make for a very “shocking” experience.  Safety aside, we are very knowledgeable about our products and can definitely help you find the lighting options that will bring out the best in your landscape and water features.  With our Oakville landscape lighting service, you’re in good hands.

Submersible Lighting Add An Additional Layer of Drama
Highlight your Oakville residential landscape lighting with submersible lights.  Submersibles features include a light that is placed below the surface of the water in a basin and then directed back towards the body of water.  Fountains look especially beautiful when this type of lighting feature is used.  Adding submersible lighting creates a shimmery effect, as well as illuminating any fountain streams.  This can look very magical and be quite awe-inducing when done properly.  You can even enhance the effect by adding colour filters to your submersible.  This is a fantatml”stic way to show off creativity, as well as add a vibrant, trendy effect to your landscape.  Contact our Oakville landscape lighting serviceto find out more about submersible options and book an appointment.

Non-Submersible Options to Consider
Another way to enhance your Oakville residential landscape lighting is to highlight your water feature with non-submersible lighting.  Non-submersible lighting is available in a variety of lighting options:

  • Solar: this is powered by the sun and requires no electricity.  It is also much more environmentally friendly.
  • LED: this will last you longer and is less expensive than incandescent lighting.
  • Incandescent: the traditional lighting you’ve known and used in your home for decades.

You could use our Spotlight to light up the height of your fountain, as well as shine on the backdrop behind the fountain.  If you’re looking for a big effect, then our above ground well lights are exactly what you’re looking for.  They’re known for creating a huge impact when highlighting fountains.
If your yard has a pool or a pond, you can illuminate the edges around it with our In-Ground Well Lights.  Enjoy a late-night swim while framed in light.  Or take a night-time stroll around your pond – without accidentally falling in!

Whatever your backyard looks like, our Oakville landscape lighting service will bring out the beauty in your home. For more information on our water-specific lighting features, please call 905-632-2445.