Hamilton Landscape Lighting Tips for Small Properties

Think that your property is too small to benefit from a professional Hamilton landscape lighting system? Think again! Every yard deserves to be bathed in light, regardless of size limitations. With the proper lighting fixtures and techniques, our Hamilton landscape lighting company can transform your small plot of land into a charming slice of life.

When it comes to maximizing your small property, start with the basics. Good landscape planning will set the stage for your lighting, providing you with a beautiful canvas to work from. When working with your landscaping professional, ask them to incorporate elements that give the illusion of more space. For example, laying paving stones diagonally will make your yard look wider. Creating different levels will also help stretch a small space, delineating specific areas on your property.

Combining Landscape and Lighting
When it comes to illuminating a small plot of land, our Hamilton landscape lighting company recommends highlighting three landscaping components: softscaping, hardscaping, and lighting.

Softscaping: Variety is the Spice of Life
Softscaping, or the plant life that you incorporate into your landscape, is a critical component of your Hamilton landscape lighting project. Not only will these plants at colour, texture, and visual interest to your property during they day, but they can also help trick the eye into thinking your plot of land is larger at night. Varied species give the impression of a much larger garden through the simple trick of contrast. Different colours and sizes make your garden look expansive.

What’s more, don’t assume that your softscape elements need to be small when working with a smaller space. By varying the sizes of your flowers, shrubbery, and trees, you’ll create multiple levels and layers of visual interest. Then, when it comes to light your yard with Hamilton landscape lighting, our designers can subtly highlight these areas in order to further accentuate the effect. Use smaller plants around the exterior of your property in order to breakup the boundaries and extend the view. Finally, when it comes to colours, try to avoid planting darker flowers at the back of your garden. Lighter coloured flowers will help give the illusion of more space; darker flowers will only deepen any shadows.

Hardscaping: Find Your Focal Point
A small plot of property generally won’t be able to support a lot of hardscaping features. As such, try and select one solid architectural feature as a focal point for our Hamilton landscape lighting experts. The idea is to ground your design with a central item. This will help your space achieve a sense of balance during the day, as well as provide drama and depth once the sun sets.

On the same note, don’t hesitate to incorporate hard surfaces into your property with patio stones or landscaping bricks. Contrasting soft foliage against hard stone and brick will help to break up your space and give it the appearance of being much larger.

Lighting: Finish the Look
Hamilton landscape lighting will help you tie your entire property together, creating a flawless finish. This is because subtle lighting, when directed properly, will give the illusion of space. One technique to consider is centralizing your lighting somewhere in the middle of your property, and directing the light out in a downlighting spread. This will help extend your space naturally with moonlighting. Alternatively, ground lights, when pointed at focal elements, can help create sophisticated shadowing effects.

Turn your small yard into a space fit for a king! Don’t let size limit your creativity. Contact our Hamilton landscape lighting company to book a complimentary consultation at your home today.