How to Light Flower Gardens at Night

Come nightfall, a garden takes on a different and even enchanting feel.  However, it’s hard to enjoy your beautiful garden if you can’t see it very well!  Aside from simply planting in light or white flowers, you can make your garden glow in the evenings with our Oakville residential outdoor lighting services from Nite Time Decor.

Create the Vibe You Want with our Oakville Outdoor Lighting Service

Nothing creates a more romantic ambiance than candles, with their flames flickering in the breeze, creating shadows and reflections.  Try the Tiki Lamps offered by our Oakville outdoor lighting service.  They add that magical feel to your garden, but still have style.

If you have beautiful trees you’d like to highlight, try our Oakville residential outdoor lighting services’ Spotlight – which will evenly distribute the light over your trees while providing a nice glow for any ground level plants you may have.   Alternatively, our Down Light could be used to draw attention to an entire garden area on the ground level.  Something similar to our Tiki Lamp is the Area Light, which is great for illuminating steps, paths, or garden beds.  Lastly, if you want to light a path through your garden with more subtlety, try our unobtrusive In Ground Well Lights for that classy touch.

Oakville Residential Outdoor Lighting Services’ Light Sources

When it comes to lighting your outdoor garden, it is important to choose a light source that matches your garden theme and your personality.  And now more than ever, you have a variety of options of light sources to light up your garden.  A typical light is “line volted” which uses the same 120 volts your house uses.  However, these are hard-wired and should be installed by Oakville outdoor lighting service professionals.  Low voltage options are very popular, as they’re easily installed.  Most people place these low to the ground along paths or around gardens to highlight a tree or an ornament. Nite Time Decor Oakville would be happy to discuss with you the various options available for your property.

Design Guidelines from our Oakville Residential Outdoor Lighting Services

When planning your outdoor landscape lighting, make sure that the placement of your lights matches your personal style.  You should also take into consideration that when installing path lights, avoid doing so in straight lines along walkways.  Instead, stagger them to avoid the generic “runway” look.  In addition, be sure that your lights are positioned correctly so that they don’t cause a harsh glare into your eyes. Nite Time Decor Oakville are experts in outdoor lighting and would be happy to help you create the perfect mood for entertaining. Contact us today!