Illuminate Your Pond With These Expert Landscape Lighting Ideas

Lighting up a pond can be a tricky task. However, ponds are a special kind of feature of your commercial or residential yard that can look absolutely gorgeous when lit properly. So how is it done? Here are a few tips to use your Oakville landscape lighting service appropriately for your pond.

The Purpose of Pond Lighting
Not only is lighting up your pond an aesthetic choice, but it is also a safe choice. While you use your Oakville landscape lighting service to highlight and accentuate the pond’s appealing qualities, you have the added benefit of outlining clearly for your guests where the pond is so that they can be careful around it.

The Types of Pond Lighting
Pond lighting can be either external or underwater. External lighting is used to highlight the plants, waterfalls, or edge of the pond’s surface. If this is the choice you go with, make sure you use subtle white, ground level lights that will cast a glowing reflection across the water.

Underwater lighting should not be used if you would like the moon to be reflected on the surface of your pond. Furthermore, less is generally better with underwater lighting. This choice is most often installed in fountains or sculptures in ponds. It can also look quite nice when used beneath waterfalls. The light shining up creates interesting reflections with the cascading water, and the foam. If you are lighting a waterfall, however, make sure to light from both sides of the water to create an even lighting effect.

Keep Your Oakville Landscape Lighting Service Simple
You don’t need to overdo it. Hiding lights among rocks around the pond can be a great way to provide subdued, but effective, lighting around your pond. Keep the lights at ground level and use simple fixtures.

If you want, putting coloured filters over your lights can also be quite nice. Subtle blues or yellows can provide natural tones to glow from the surface. Usually if you’re going with a blue then you’ll want to try something that would be used for moonlighting. More of a silvery blue works well in ponds to create that effect. If you go with another colour of lighting, avoid anything too bright or bold, particularly for commercial properties. If your Oakville landscape lighting service is being used on a commercial property, you want to keep your lighting neutral, elegant, and subdued.

Light for Safety
If you have children, or if your pond is on a commercial property near the pathways, you’ll want to definitely play up the safety aspect. For this purpose, lighting around the edge of the pond, highlighting protruding rocks, or small channels is really important.

Many restaurants or event halls with ponds tend to have bridges over the water. If this is so, make sure to place lights along the bridge to show your clients where the edge is.

Low-voltage Lighting
One of the ways to keep the lighting subtle and appealing is to use low voltage lighting. The water will reflect any light that is shone on it, so there’s no need to use super-bright lights in or around the area. Low voltage will get the job done, and continue to encourage safety.

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