Illuminating Oakville & Burlington’s Gold Coast with Outdoor Lighting

Often referred to as the area’s Gold Coast, the area is known for old, stately mansions as well as new, modern mansions owned by notable residents both past and present. This iconic stretch of road, Lakeshore Road, runs along Lake Ontario from Ford Drive near the border of Oakville and Mississauga, through downtown Oakville and into Burlington. Often referred to as Oakville’s Gold Coast, it contains some of the most expensive real estate in the province.

Beautiful homes like Chelster Hall or the new developments at the Edgemere Estate make the area sought after for those with luxury tastes and luxury budgets.

When discerning buyers purchase homes of this scale and beauty, no stone goes unturned as it relates to the finer details. Landscaping, outdoor lighting, water features and expansive gardens set these properties apart, making them the envy of their neighbours.

Nite Time Decor has been fortunate to work in the Burlington and Oakville area, providing outdoor lighting consultation and installation, taking curb appeal to a whole new level.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation
Lighting that surrounds gardens and walkways brings a warm, inviting feel to each home making a garden party a real possibility. Not only does properly installed and designed outdoor lighting make a home look impressive, but outdoor lighting provides safety for residents and guests as they stroll through the property on a warm summer evening.

Spotlight Installation
Properly arranged spotlights can help draw attention to the home, giving a whole new meaning to curb appeal. The right type of lighting, the right installation and the proper placement of spotlights will illuminate the front of a home, tree’s or other landscape features as well as entry gates.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
Once a professional outdoor lighting system is installed by our professional technicians, it’s recommended that regular maintenance of the outdoor lighting system is completed on an annual basis. The cold Canadian winters and the hot Ontario summers make it important to check on an outdoor lighting system ensuring it lasts for many years to come. Nite Time Décor can schedule a visit to the home in the spring and fall of each year to check on the system and perform any maintenance required.

Over the course of a year, bulbs may require replacement, timers need to be re-adjusted or snow, ice and high winds may have shifted the position of the lighting system components. Our technicians are trained to keep our outdoor lighting systems running and looking as good as the day it was installed.

Outdoor Lighting: Not a Do-it-Yourself Task