Illuminating Your Deck with Landscape Lighting

Nothing darkens an outdoor party more than dreary or nonexistent Oakville outdoor lighting.  You cannot see the faces of your guests, your barbeque, or even the steps down from your deck.  Or perhaps you do have some lighting, but it blinds your guests and does nothing for the natural beauty of your deck.  Either way, you’re in need of Nite Time Décor’s Oakville outdoor lighting service.  With a quick consultation, your deck lighting will be a dazzling focal point at your next backyard get together.

Know Thy Deck

If you want to spruce up your Oakville outdoor lighting, the first thing you should do is have an idea of your deck’s defining features, as well as the intent of the space.  Are you going to host parties?  Do you have patio furniture?  Is your deck an attention-grabber?  What aspects of your deck are unique?  Is there anything on your deck that shows off your personality?

These questions will allow our Oakville outdoor lighting service to figure out what aspects of your deck should to be shown off, or just need a little bit of illuminating.

Pleasing and Functional

Oakville outdoor lighting isn’t just about being showy.  It can actually have legitimate practical purposes. As such, it’s recommended that before you consult our Oakville outdoor lighting service that you take some time to think about and pinpoint some of the more pragmatic items on your deck.  For example, barbequing in the dark is probably a futile effort.  A conversation with someone whose face you cannot see is very impersonal.  And steps that are shrouded in darkness are just plain unsafe.

However, if you want to facilitate conversation and your deck receives a lot of traffic, it’s important to not blind your guests.  For conversation-facilitating lighting, we recommend low-voltage lights.  That being said, lights that are too weak are just a distraction.  Also, you want to make sure that the lighting comes in at face level to reduce shadow effects on faces of your guests.

Another piece of advice is to make sure that your lighting matches the décor and architecture that your home already possesses and that it highlights these features in a complimentary way.  The size and shape of your patio furniture, for example will determine the placement of your deck lighting.  When it comes to your deck, don’t make the lighting an attraction, but instead, use it to draw attention to the deck’s environment.

If all of this confuses you, try not to feel overwhelmed.  Our Oakville outdoor lighting service can help get you on the right track.

Here Are Some Great Ideas For Your Deck!

Supportive lighting is very trendy in deck décor at the moment.  One example is recessed lighting, where the light fixture remains hidden, giving all of the attention to the featured item.  You could also try to light up your deck from above, although this can be tricky.  You need to make sure the light isn’t too bright and you need to be aware of any shadows the light might create.  If you want to try this technique, our Down Light would be perfect for the job.  Also, try to get a light that pivots, so you’re free to change the angle.

Another beautiful idea would be to light up the posts on your deck.  This evenly distributes the light around the deck, giving it a brighter appeal.

If you have any steps on the deck, be sure to put some lights around them for safety measures.  Our Area Light provides a soft glow to illuminate steps but still remains unobtrusive.

Finally, our Tiki Lamps provide a nice down lighting effect around your deck, as well as adding some funky flair to your Oakville outdoor lighting.