Illuminating Your Lawn

During the summer our lawns become a main focal point of our homes. We take care of it for three long seasons out of every year in hopes that it will be beautiful, green and healthy during the summer months when we want to lay out on it, play fetch with the dog on it, or simply just to show it off to our neighbours.

While we work so hard to maintain a great looking lawn, we sometimes fail to include it in our landscape lighting designs. The lawn – like the garden – has required a great deal of labour and love over the course of the seasons, so why not keep it on display even after the sun has gone down? To help show the many benefits of incorporating your lawn into your landscape lighting design, our team of lighting design experts has put together this list of reasons to light up your lawn this summer.

It Increases Aesthetics 

Extending your landscape lighting design beyond your back porch is a great way to add beauty and character to your home after dark. This is particularly useful for those who like to spend time outside hosting dinner parties with friends or enjoying a nice sit-down meal with the family on warm summer nights. Not only does thoughtfully placed lighting around your lawn help create extra space that can be used at all hours of the day and night, it also helps to create added ambiance and depth in your outdoor space.

It Provides Added Safety

One of the worst feelings you can experience is being out in the dark trying to feel your way back to a familiar space. Unfortunately, without a landscape lighting design this can become a frequent occurrence, especially if you find yourself returning home after dark or outside enjoying an outdoor activity like hot-tubbing or stargazing. While pathway lighting and porch lighting can help guide you back to where you need to be, illuminating areas of your lawn will add increased visibility which will help you get back inside without tripping, falling or stubbing a toe at any point along the way.

It Provides Increased Security

Unfortunately, it’s become common knowledge that dark, shadowed areas bring with them an increased risk for criminal activity such as theft and trespassing. While lighting around your driveway might deter thieves from snooping around your vehicles and an illuminated entranceway might deter trespassers from approaching any further toward your home, illuminating other areas of your property – including your lawn – will provide increased security. By lighting up areas of your lawn, you can effectively eliminate entry points and hiding spots for trespassers and thieves looking to get uncomfortably close to your home and belongings.

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Whether you’re looking to improve the beauty of your home and property, increase safety or amp up your security, incorporating your lawn into your outdoor lighting design will help you achieve all your lighting desires. See how some of our customers have illuminated their lawns by viewing our gallery, or contact our knowledgeable team today for information on how you can get started on the landscape lighting design of your dreams.