How to Keep Insects Off Your Outdoor Lighting

If you’re installing Burlington landscape lighting this year, you may be interested in learning about landscape lighting maintenance. One of the major concerns that many homeowners have is the fact that exterior lights attract bugs. This can turn a nighttime barbecue, party, or bonfire into a nightmare.

Luckily, there are ways to keep insects away from your landscape lighting. Read on to learn about what kinds of bugs will be attracted to your Burlington landscape lighting and how to choose lighting options that will minimize insect infestation.

What Kinds of Insects and Why

This is a brief list of the types of insects that will be attracted to your lights. Keep in mind that there are far too many to be listed here.

2.Some beetles
4.European hornets
5.Wood cockroaches

Unfortunately, with bugs come other pests as well. This infestation of bugs may seem like an annoyance to you, but to spiders, bats, toads, and other creatures a proliferation of insects equals a feast! To avoid a full on infestation, increase the cleaning frequency of the lanterns in your landscape lighting maintenance routine. This will help prevent these creatures from coming around more often.

Why Do Insects Love Burlington Landscape Lighting?

While it is different for every species, there are a few theories. For some bugs, the bright light acts as an emergency signal. They fly towards it, rather than into the darkness, as an act of safety.

Other bugs use natural lights as a navigational source, which forces them to be confused by artificial lighting. As long as the light is far away, such as the moon or the sun, the light can be used to guide them. As soon as the insect gets close to the light, they become confused. This is why you see moths fluttering around your Burlington landscape lighting aimlessly.

Some insects may become night-blind. Their eyes have multiple lenses that don’t always adjust to the dark properly, which causes a dangerous situation if predators are near.

How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Don’t worry – there are ways to reduce the party of bugs crashing your barbecue.

1.Reduce wattage. If your lights have a high watt bulb, replace it with a lower watt in order to decrease brightness. There are also yellow insect bulbs that can be purchased. Something like our wash light may be perfect for softer lighting.

2.Decrease UV output. Ultraviolet attracts bugs. Buy lamps that minimize this. Yellow, pink, or orange tones in lighting attract fewer bugs than harsh white lighting. So, placing one of our spotlights right next to the seating area may not be a good idea. Try positioning bright lights like these further away from the area in which you wish to socialize.

3.Timing is everything. When planning your landscape lighting maintenance, it is a good idea to make sure that you set your lights to turn on about one hour after sundown. There are some bugs that fly at dusk only, and you want to prevent them sticking around your lights when night falls.

4.Position and narrow your Burlington landscape lighting. Focus the area of light that your lamps give off. Avoid placing them within 15 to 20 feet of the entryway by allowing the light to shine on the area, without having it directly next to or above the door. This will prevent you and your guests from walking through a city of moths. Focus the beam so that light isn’t spreading further than it needs to, to prevent drawing more insects in from the darkness.

For the best Burlington landscape lighting and helpful landscape lighting maintenance tips, contact Nite Time Décor today!