Landscape Lighting for Your Flagpole

Are you ready to beautify your Oakville commercial outdoor lighting? If you’re reading to improve your business’s façade by lighting up your flagpole, and other aspects of the exterior, then it’s time to bring in Nite Time Décor’s professionals. Read on for tips to bring professional curb appeal to your business.

Subtlety Adds a Natural Look
To get a more subtle, natural look, try well lights. These little fixtures can be hidden in the ground or shrubbery around your flagpole in order to illuminate it from below. What’s more, well lights will give a sense of grandeur to the flagpole as they emphasize the height. You’ll need more than one to fully light up the structure, however. Generally, depending on how bright you want it, two well lights are enough to create the right level of illumination.

Use Spotlights From the Base
If you want to produce more light than well lights offer, try installing spotlights at the base of the flagpole. Figure out what you want from your Oakville commercial outdoor lighting before you do this, however. Using one light will provide a dramatic, sharper effect. Using two lights, intersecting from opposite directions, can provide a softer lighting. The method you choose may depend on the lighting currently used to illuminate the rest of your business’s façade.

Light the Flag Directly
If you don’t want to emphasize the height of the pole, try an uplighter. These can be attached directly to the pole, further away from the ground. This is used to make the flag pop out as an important feature of your yard.

For flagpoles that are beginning to peel or become weathered, uplighting may be a good option. It’s a great method to use if you don’t want to draw attention to a flagpole that needs to be replaced or repainted.

Try a Floodlight for Greater Illumination
Does your flagpole have shrubbery around it that you want to highlight? If so, then floodlighting may be a good option. This potent form of Oakville commercial outdoor lighting can be used to accent a new flagpole, and the surrounding environment to create a beautiful complete night time scene.

The other benefit of this option is that you only need one light. Floodlights are so bright that they can stand alone, without the help of other devices. They are also great for security to ward off thieves from ransacking your business.

You’ll need to plan your other lights around this, though. Creating a commercial outdoor lighting plan that adds too much brightness to the lawn threatens to subtract from the overall appeal. It can bring a sense of a prison yard, rather than a gentle beacon in the night.

Other Aspects That use These Techniques
These Oakville commercial outdoor lighting techniques aren’t just for flagpoles. They can be used on pillars, trees, or other tall features. Many may also be used on walls, depending on the look you’re going for.

Well lights are great for shorter aspects of your lawn, as well. They can be used on shrubbery or along paths to bring added safety to visitors, if your business is open late.

Spotlights and uplights look great on trees. They can provide a gorgeous silhouette effect to bring about majesty to your business.

Don’t let your Oakville commercial outdoor lighting get away from you. To hire the best lighting professionals, get a complimentary quote from Nite Time Décor today!