Landscape Lighting: Protecting Your Investment

There are many benefits to a well designed and professionally installed landscape lighting system for your home or business. From the highlighting of key aesthetic features to increased safety and security, the impact of landscape lighting cannot be overstated. Like the rest of your home’s beautiful and functional features, landscape lighting is only beneficial if it is working.

If your landscape lighting system is a few years old, chances are there’s components not functioning the same as they did when it was first installed. In cases where landscape lighting has not been updated or maintained, this may be especially true. Here are a few tips as we approach fall that can help keep your landscape lighting in tip top shape.

Fixture Locations

When installing a new system, or even making some changes to an existing system, an important consideration is the location of the fixtures. A properly located fixture will be less susceptible to damage.

Areas where people are frequently walking may not be the best places to place your lights. It is important to illuminate these areas, however fixtures should not be placed in locations where people are walking. Look for locations to place your fixture in a way that protects the fixture, but illuminates the areas where people will be gathering or walking.

A second consideration related to location is the environmental effects. Consider things like rain, snow and wind along with effects from plantings. Look for areas that are protected from weather effects and possible damage from falling branches and leaves or even fertilizer placement.

Awnings, eaves, or overhangs can provide protection which will help your fixtures last longer. If your fixtures are in a location where fertilizers are being used another helpful tip is to regularly apply glass protectors or look for ways to keep the fertilizers from contacting the fixtures.

 Routine Maintenance Reviews

Another tip that will help to diagnose problems early and keep your lighting system functioning properly is to check it over regularly. This can simply be a walk around your property reviewing the landscape lighting fixture by fixture looking for any signs of damage. While doing this checkup it may help if you are able to do it at night with the system on, this will allow you to make sure they are properly cleaned and aimed correctly.

Careful Yard Maintenance

One last tip to help you protect your lighting system is to take extra precautions when you are doing other yard maintenance. Things like pulling weeds, raking leaves, or mowing and trimming the grass can cause damage to your lighting system. Take extra time to point out your fixtures to anyone else you may have doing any yard maintenance on your property.

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Protecting your landscape lighting system begins with a good design. Quality materials and proper planning are essential. Our team of landscape lighting professionals would love to help you make these important decisions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you design and install the landscape lighting design of your dreams, and how you can properly protect that investment for the future.