Light Up Your Blossoms: Springtime Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Birds are chirping, temperatures are slowly inching up, and the official start of spring is a mere three weeks away. Soon, blossoms will begin to sprout, and lawns will return to their vibrant splendour. Better update your outdoor landscape lighting to match the shift in season!

Spring outdoor lighting is quite different from winter outdoor landscape lighting. Nite Time Décor Oakville can help transform your cold winter lighting into something magical and hopeful. Here are our tips on how to turn your landscape lighting up to eleven for the new season!

Bring Back Colours
Winter outdoor lighting is often blue or white to highlight the shimmers in the snow. In spring, you’re not so limited with your outdoor landscape lighting. Bring back colours.

Emphasize the coloured plants you have in your yard. Subtle reds, greens, purples, amber, or brighter blues can go a long way to revitalizing your home and creating a welcoming, warm ambience.

Light Up Your Patio
Soon it will be time for garden parties and nights spent on the patio with a good book and glass of wine. Let Nite Time Décor landscape lighting help you create the most relaxing atmosphere possible.

Outline the edge of your deck for safety and ambience. Gentle amber lighting always looks gorgeous and classic. However, this is another instance where you can bring in coloured lights for a more vibrant tone. The colour you use will depend on the style of your deck. A Nite Time Décor Oakville expert can help you stylize properly.

If you don’t want to use coloured lighting, there are plenty of other options. Pendant lighting is another elegant addition to your patio. Heating lamps are great investments for your patio, too, as they will allow you to enjoy your deck even on chilly nights. Tiki outdoor lighting offers a more tropical feeling to your deck, and will transport you to exotic oases outside of the city chaos.

Reflect Warmth with Outdoor Lighting
If winter outdoor landscape lighting uses cold tones, then your spring and summer Nite Time Décor landscape lighting should be the reverse. Use your lights to reflect and create warmth.

A great way to do this is to bring in colours, as mentioned above. Green on your foliage and trees will accentuate the life of your lawn. These colours in your Nite Time Décor landscape lighting can create gorgeous silhouettes and shadows against your walls.

Amber lighting also works beautifully to create a sun-kissed feel to your lawn. Amber lights work best on patios, porches, paths, driveways, gazebos and against walls. White or coloured lights are best on plant-life, as amber against the foliage and blossoms can contribute an unhappy, sickly aesthetic that you want to avoid.

Create Reflections on Your Water
Do you have any ponds, pools, or fountains in your yard? Accentuate their shimmering surfaces with Nite Time Décor landscape lighting. There is nothing more beautiful than light reflected off a still surface of water at night.

Nite Time Décor recommends ambers and blues in your water. When installed properly, amber or white lighting can have the same appearance of a sun or moon shining on the surface. Blues accent the water to make it seem more like you’re looking into the depths of a Caribbean ocean.

Get the most elegant outdoor lighting for spring with Nite Time Décor Oakville landscape lighting. Receive your complimentary quote from Nite Time Décor today!