How To Light The Exterior Walkway Of Your Business

Are you looking to add a little flair to your Burlington commercial landscape lighting? Considering illuminating the walkway. This not only adds a little extra to the aesthetics of your business, but it also contributes to the safety and security of your commercial outdoor lighting. Read on for advice on how to properly light your exterior walkways.

If you own any of the businesses below (or any business that operates after nightfall), consider lighting the walkways to enhance curb appeal and safety. Businesses with long walks up to the entrance, like a nightclub, for example, can benefit greatly from this added pop of light and ambiance.

Restaurants: This is particularly true of restaurants that have a patio area or offer alfresco dining on a promenade.

Nightclubs: This is all about combining safety for late night partiers, as well as curb appeal for attracting new patrons.

Movie theatres: Make your audiences feel like they’re walking onto the red carpet when they arrive to watch the latest blockbuster.

Fast food: This will help ensure your customers don’t trip on their way to get a late night snack.

Gas stations: This is a good safety precaution to avoid unfortunate accidents around motor vehicles.

Banquet halls: Long dresses, heels, and a dark, unlit path never mix. Walkway lighting will add a certain amount of elegance to the atmosphere as well as reduce the number of rolled ankles at your establishment.

Benefits of exterior walkway lighting

There are many benefits to adding exterior walkway lighting to your Burlington commercial landscape lighting.

Safety: Walkway lighting helps your guests to avoid tripping over unseen steps, cracks, or walking into the landscaping. Outdoor lighting also generally wards off thieves and vandals.

Aesthetics: Walkway lighting makes it easy to show your personal and professional style by adding curb appeal and attracting customers.

A Beacon to Clientele: An illuminated walkway is basically an “open sign” signaling to potential customers driving by. Broadcast your late night hours to regulars and first-time customers alike.

Commercial outdoor lighting tips

Some technical things to remember:

Know the length of your pathway and how much area each light fixture illuminates. This will allow you to determine the number of lights needed. Talk to one of our specialists to get expert advice for your Burlington commercial landscape lighting project.

Know your budget. Once you know how much your business can comfortably spend expanding your commercial outdoor lighting, take a look through our products for fixtures and designs that match your style and finances.

Research. Look through our gallery to get a better understanding of landscape lighting installations.

Hire one of our professionals. We’ll give you the service without the hassle. Trying to install commercial outdoor lighting without an expert can be dangerous and can often end with improperly installed lights.

Burlington commercial landscape lighting design techniques

Think timers, intervals, and pools of light. Know the seasons and when nightfall occurs. This is when you’ll want to set the time for your lights to switch on.

Now that you know how long your path is, and how much each light fixture illuminates, you’ll be able to plan intervals. This will depend on whether you want footlight fixtures or bollard lights, which are lights on short poles. It’s important to note that bollard lights tend to cast off more light than footlight fixtures. Of course, a mixture of the two is always a great option.

While the walkway is important, be careful not to forget the entrance. Lighting the entrance is one of the most important areas for curb appeal as it draws possible customers in, and welcomes them to your business. If there’s shrubbery, try working with it to cast aesthetically pleasing shadows across your entryway path.

Finally, don’t forget to position lights in areas where obstacles may cause injuries. Places like steps or small plants are good areas to light to prevent your clientele from tripping.

Now that you’re prepared, you can think about designs for your Burlington commercial landscape lighting! Request a complimentary quote from Nite Time Décor today!