Light Up Your Nights This Summer: Patio and Pergola Lighting Tips

The warm evenings of the approaching summer are a great opportunity for planning some outdoor entertainment with friends and family, or to simply unwind in the comfort of a landscaped backyard. Those who like to spend their summer downtime at a lakeside cottage somewhere in the backwoods never seem to mind that their sole sources of outdoor light are a mosquito-clogged lamp and a buzzing blue moth zapper. Maybe this adds to the rustic charm of cottage life, but it would hardly create an enjoyable space in the outdoors of your home. The harsh light of a standard incandescent porch light doesn’t quite do the trick either.

If you’re looking to boost the ambience of your backyard this summer, we have some tips for an Oakville outdoor lighting system that will add pizzazz to your patio or pergola.

Add a Tropical Touch
Much like the hypnotic glow of a log fire, an arrangement of Tiki lamps can add a warm down-lighting effect that will transport you and your guests to a romantic Hawaiian setting. This simple addition to an outdoor lighting system is relatively easy to maintain, and is a good option for those who want the ambience without having to install extra electrical wiring.

Romantic Rendezvous and Grand Feasts
Take your main evening activities into account when brainstorming ideas for your Oakville outdoor lighting system. If lingering over a fine meal is your idea of a great evening, then bring the indoors outside with attractive hanging lamps or a chandelier. A small hanging fixture designed for outdoor use can provide a romantic bistro-style setting. A larger pendant light attached to a solid patio cover or an overhead pergola beam will add soft down light for a larger table arrangement and create a grand dining experience for the outdoors. A fixture that includes a fan can add a nice breeze for your guests on the more sultry summer nights.

If a more indirect lighting option is preferred, consider the addition of recessed spot lighting combined with a dimmer switch. These can be installed within solid patio covers or attached to pergola beams and enclosed in weatherproof casing.

Adding a Warm Glow
Indirect lighting techniques result in an outdoor lighting system that has a more subtle effect. If your outdoor paradise is surrounded by gardens or mature trees, soft up-lighting fixtures can be placed to illuminate the foliage with a beautiful glow. Installing pole lighting that is directed through a canopy of leaves will give your outdoor space its very own moonlight.

The magic of indirect lighting is that the source of illumination isn’t readily noticed. Instead, the glow seems to be coming from the structure or the surroundings. Up-spots or small sconces placed around the base of the pergola footings turns the columns into majestic lamps. If your outdoor space is in the planning and construction phase, consider durable recessed floor lighting, much like those used to light concrete pathways. Likewise, strip lighting can be hidden underneath raised decks or planters, or encased in wall mouldings to cast a wash of light across the floor or ceiling.

For some, creating an outdoor space that has a more whimsical feel is preferable. As long as an outdoor power source has been properly installed, winding rope lighting around columns or trees, and curtains of string lights that double as walls can add a bit of fairy dust to your summer evening.

Enjoying those warm evenings outside on your patio or pergola is one of the greatest reasons for installing an Oakville outdoor lighting system. Contact the lighting experts at Nite Time Decor for more great ideas for lighting up the night.