Lighting a Pond With Landscape Lighting

Ponds are beautiful landscape features that add natural ambience during the day, but it’s difficult to continue enjoying this hydro-haven after dusk. You don’t need to stop enjoying this peaceful ambience after daylight slips away, though. Light up your pond with outdoor lighting services to get the most out of your aquatic attraction. With improvements in landscape lighting technologies, you can safely illuminate your pond. This brings in myriad benefits beyond simply a greater physical appeal. Continue reading for tips from Nite Time Décor Oakville.

Why light up a pond with residential outdoor lighting services?
Simply put, pond landscape lighting is gorgeous at night. The light shimmers off the surface and glimmers from the depths of the water, creating an almost ethereal effect. It allows for a gorgeous focal point in your landscaping that will enhance your curb appeal, and impress your guests.

More practically, pond lighting increases safety. In the dark of night, you or a guest may not see the edge of the pond when wandering through your yard. Residential outdoor lighting services can also highlight waterfalls or rocks surrounding the pond to prevent anyone from tripping or falling into the pond.

Outline the pond
If you want to light up the exterior of your pond, outline the shore with surface or ground level fixtures. These should use low voltage white lights to avoid over lighting and should be placed within the surrounding rocks to create a subtle, mystic glow. You want the lights subdued enough that they don’t outshine the pond, but simply accentuate its ripples and features. Subdued landscape lighting will enhance the ambience of the pond, as well.

You can also use exterior lighting on the outside of waterfalls. These should be placed within the rocks of the waterfall to play with the trickling water, shadows, and silhouettes of the rock features.

Under water landscape lighting
If you have a waterfall, place a few fixtures the width of the fall. Light from the entire width, and shine the lights up to introduce a glow to the cascading water. These can also form lovely shadows around the crevices of the rock edifice, and above the waterfall.

Place a few lights around the walls of the pond. As with surface lighting, these lights should be subdued to avoid over lighting. You can play with lighting around decorative water ornaments and rocks below the surface.

Use minimalist outdoor lighting services
At Nite Time Décor Oakville, we discourage the use of too many lights. Over lighting will subtract the number of shadows and silhouettes around your pond, removing the glimmering effect against the ripples of the surface or cascading waterfall. Use simple Oakville outdoor lighting services. These will be enough to add just enough glow to your pond to illuminate the fish, aquatic plants, and surface of the water.

Play with colours
You don’t always need to stick to white residential outdoor lighting services to get the best effect. Playing with colours in your pond can be lovely, but keep them subdued. Blues, greens, and even warm ambers offer a different patterned effect that you wouldn’t get with pure white lights. The colours you use will depend on the types of features you have within and around your pond.

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