Lighting Up The Gathering Areas

It’s now summer and the perfect time to make your outdoor spaces come alive with outdoor lighting. This is a great time of year to have your friends and family over, or just to get out there yourself to enjoy these warm summer evenings on your deck or patio.

Of course being able to entertain properly or even just enjoy these spaces on your own means having an outdoor lighting system that strikes a good balance between creating perfect ambiance and being bright enough for entertaining or your personal enjoyment. Here are some tips for making the most of your deck or patio lighting.

Know Your Purpose

Before you get too far into your lighting design, think through a few questions to help you determine what exactly you are trying to accomplish with your lighting. How do you most often use the area? Is it mostly for entertaining, or for your own enjoyment? Do you enjoy eating meals or relaxed conversations? Once you know how you use the space, decisions on how to illuminate it will be much easier.

Secondary Considerations

Once you have an overall purpose in mind, there may be some secondary things to consider. Do you have walkways or stairs that require additional attention? Any steeper slopes that you or your guests should be able to navigate safely? Any posts or pillars, doors or other obstacles that should be highlighted? Knowing these secondary considerations will further focus your decisions on outdoor lighting.

Feature Lighting

Are there some special features you would like to highlight? Are there some textures, architectural details, ornaments or landscaping that you want to show off or enjoy after dark? With the right lighting, these favourite features can play an integral role in filling your outdoor space with some character and ambiance after the sun goes down. Think through the things that are unique or special during the day and consider how you can add lights to include them in your evening decor. Lighting these special items helps create depth and intrigue in your outdoor lighting scheme.

The Final Details

The last consideration in your outdoor lighting plan are those final details to help give your overall lighting design something extra. Task lighting, stair lighting, deck edge lighting, or even ornamental lights are small things that can set your lighting apart and have a big impact on the ambiance of your outdoor spaces.

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