Make Your Garden Glorious with Landscape Lighting

Lighting the gardens in your yard for the best affect and effect takes some careful planning and consideration. Just as you took the time to carefully plan your flower beds and planters, so too will you need to organize your approach to outdoor landscape lighting. Haphazardly throwing a few spotlights amongst the shrubs will leave your outdoor space lacking structure and balance. While there are no hard and fast rules for garden lighting (every garden is different, after all!), there are a few universal tips that will help improve the look of your garden lighting installation.

Design Your Landscape Lighting for Both Night And Day
The purpose of incorporating garden lighting into your outdoor landscape lighting installation is to enhance the beauty of your property at night, but doing so shouldn’t ruin the look of your garden during the day. The ideal garden lighting installation is inconspicuous – you notice the lighting effects at night, but the fixtures don’t attract your attention during the day. This landscape lighting design is difficult to achieve when working with solar power fixtures as the solar batteries require direct sunlight in order to charge during the day. Low-voltage lights or energy efficient LED lighting fixtures are a much more aesthetically appealing option.

Light Plants and Landscaping Properly
It’s important to remember that you want to SEE the result of your outdoor landscape lighting installation and not the actual light source. When selecting landscape lighting fixtures to use in your installation, pay close attention to the light shielding. This will help reduce the glare of the lamp and will help the fixture blend in with its natural surroundings. To avoid unnecessary glare, use spotlights sparingly. Spotlights should only be installed in an outdoor landscape lighting design in order to highlight an otherwise evenly illuminated space or an important feature, like a pond or tall tree.

Garden Lighting Tips to Consider
Every garden lighting installation can benefit from the following landscape lighting tips:

  1. Avoid the use of front lighting
    It doesn’t matter whether the light source is positioned above or below your garden, just make sure that most of the light is positioned to shine in on an angle. Front lighting is very unforgiving and can wash out your landscaping. Angled and side lighting results in better modelling and will create a more interesting shadow effect in the end.
  2. Create soft pools of light
    When lighting large flower beds, the professional landscape lighting installers at Nite Time Decor prefer to use many smaller lights rather than one large lamp. When placed correctly, these lights will create soft overlapping pools of light rather than one harsh beam.
  3. Avoid skinny branches
    Solid objects will illuminate better than thin ones. When setting up your garden lighting system, make sure that you avoid positioning any beams on open trellises, bare trees, or spindly branches.
  4. Since natural light almost always comes from above, try to ensure that some of your outdoor landscape lighting comes from this position as well. The higher your overhead lighting, the better, so don’t be afraid to reach for the sky!

You spend a great deal of time, effort, and money on your garden. Make sure it looks lovely long after the sun has set with sophisticated landscaping lighting from Nite Time Decor. Receive a custom quote from one of our professional designers today.