How to Mimic Moonlight with Your Outdoor Lighting

Moonlighting presents gorgeous shadows and silvery effects on natural settings that are impossible to mimic – or is it? Mimicking moonlighting with your Oakville outdoor lighting isn’t as difficult as you think. Here are some tips to help you get that natural night time atmosphere.

Be Careful With Your Blue Tones
To imitate moonlight you’ll want to have slightly blue tones in your Oakville outdoor lighting. To properly and effectively mimic moonlight, you want to avoid overly blue tones. If you use too much blue the illumination will appear artificial, tacky, and provide a nightclub vibe. A light blue tone will do the trick, by creating a silvery blue tone that is closer to how the human eye perceives moonlight.

Lighting From a Height
To simulate moonlight, it makes sense that you’d want to light from above. Lighting from within the upper branches of a tree, to shine through the lower leaves and branches creates the kind of effect that occurs from natural moonlight. The dappled shadows on the ground, particularly in the lower, silvery blue tones will make your guests forget about lighting fixtures. Attaching the fixtures within the tree also hides the mechanics from view, offering light without a visible source other than the moon above. A good height to use is about 20-25 feet up into the tree.

The other benefit of securing the fixtures high in the tree is that you avoid the glare that comes from lower angled lights. Bright, lower placed lights of which the bulbs are visible are harsh and stark on the human eye, and certainly would not create the moonlight effect that you want to achieve with your Oakville outdoor lighting.

Low Voltage Oakville Outdoor Lighting
When you are trying to imitate moonlight you need to use low voltage, softer lighting. You don’t want something that’s too bright, because it won’t look natural. If you do want bright lighting for security purposes, use these in other areas of your property in which you don’t want the natural feel. For example, you could use bright up lighting on walls, rather than use the bright lighting for the down lights in your trees.

Consider Your Architectural Options
Don’t just limit yourself to treetop lighting when attempting to mimic moonlight. If you have gazebos, or columns, these can also be used in your Oakville outdoor lighting plan. Depending on the height of your home, you’ll probably be able to use your rooftop as well.

Many of these options depend upon your home. Look at the architectural and natural features that your property possesses, and you’ll soon figure out what works best for the shape of your lawn and house. If you have water – whether in a pond, pool, or fountain – play with it. If you can make some of your “moonlight” reflect and shimmer off the surface, you can get a really gorgeous naturally enchanting effect.

Don’t Forget Practicality
While moonlight is an absolutely beautiful way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, you also want to make sure you’re being practical with your design. Plan for beauty, but also for safety and security. All of these aspects, as well as expanding your lawn usage time into the night, are important in a good Oakville outdoor lighting scheme.

To create the perfect moonlit ambience with your Oakville outdoor lighting this summer, contact Nite Time Décor for your complimentary quote.