Mood Lighting is All About Moon Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent tool to accent and enhance certain features of your outdoor décor. Whether you want to light up your deck for social occasions, deter thieves by illuminating the house, or draw attention to your beautiful foliage, an outdoor lighting service can work with you to create the mood you’re looking for. Set your landscaping apart from the rest of the neighbourhood by creating a wonderful ambiance and atmosphere on your property. All eyes will be on your home when you have our outdoor lighting service include moon lighting techniques in your Oakville landscape lighting design. Read on to discover what moon lighting is and the wonders it will do for your Oakville home!

Ask Your Outdoor Lighting Service About Moon Lighting!

Moon lighting, as the name implies, mimics the light of the moon. It creates a soft, ethereal moonlight effect that shines down on your landscape. In addition to the light, its other effect is to create a natural shadow, similar to the moon. Romantic and whimsical, moonlighting is a great way to set the mood on a back patio, beside a pool, or on a front porch.

The residential lighting experts at Nite Time Décor use brass or copper fixtures in lighting installations, in order to add to the otherworldly feeling that moon lighting can create. These fixtures won’t stick out in your yard or garden; rather, they’ll blend nicely as if they were a natural part of your landscape.

Advice for Adding Moon Lighting to Your Oakville Landscape Lighting System

Moon lighting is typically done from large trees (25 feet or higher), and the light filters through the branches of the tree. This results in a soft, full moon glow, regardless of the actual moon or the weather. As such, a tree with a large canopy is the best candidate for a moonlighting installation.

For the right effect, you may have to use numerous lights. But numerous lights won’t necessarily mean numerous digits on your hydro bill. Ask Nite Time Decor about LED technology.

Flood lights are the most common products used. These will need to be placed at different angles and areas of the tree, depending on what you want to highlight.

To create more shadows and a lower light effect, place the lighting fixtures close to the trunk and higher up in the tree.

For lighter and less shadowing, ask your outdoor lighting service to mount the lights near the edge of the canopy and closer to the ground.

If you want to highlight just the tree trunk, place a light lower in the tree, just above the trunk and point it straight at the ground.

To save energy, try automating your lighting. Ask Nite Time Décor about our landscape lighting automation options.

Leave It to the Pros

What part of hanging lights in a 25 foot tall tree sounds fun to you?

No one wants to spend his or her weekends or holidays engaging in something that could easily lead to an injury. This should be the time to relax, after all.

Not only will working with our outdoor lighting service provide you the most aesthetic results, but it will also minimize the following:

Tree damage – installing electrical fixtures in trees isn’t as easy as you’d think.
Accidents and personal injury – why risk it?

Maintenance – we don’t walk away when the job is done. Visit our website to learn more about our lifetime maintenance!

For any outdoor landscape lighting job that needs doing, we can do it for you! Contact Nita Time Décor Oakville for more information or to book a consultation.