Outdoor Lighting Spring Cleaning

The warmer weather has arrived and while you’re busy cleaning windows and sprucing up the inside of your home, don’t neglect your outdoor lighting. This is not a glamorous task, but it won’t take long and you’ll reap the rewards all summer.

While each fixture is unique, most have components that easily removed and cleaned. Knock out the bug carcasses and spider webs, and if you can’t take the glass inside you can haul a small bucket of warm soapy water outside. If you have questions about how to clean a fixture from Nite Time Décor Oakville, our experts are on hand.

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning before you begin, and disconnect all power sources before removing fixtures or components. Cleaning Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Read through the manufacturer’s booklet for washing instructions. If the booklet is long gone, try checking online.

Lightbulbs can be removed and wiped clean with a damp cloth. Avoid getting the bulb socket or the end of the lightbulb wet.

Some components may be removed easily, others may require a screwdriver. Any you can take inside, wash in the sink with warm soapy water and rinse clean.

Chemical cleaners, unless recommended by the manufacturer, can leave a filmy residue on glass that leaves the fixture looking dull. Some cleaners may contain mild abrasives that will mark the glass or finish. Some recommend vinegar and water. Use your best judgement.

If you need a ladder to reach an outdoor light fixture, ensure the ladder is sturdy and the footing secure before beginning.

Some tiki torches are lit with natural gas or propane. These can be cleaned but remove the gas connection before cleaning the head.

There are a variety of metal cleaners on the market. For light fixtures that are made from copper or brass, use the appropriate metal cleaner and wipe clean.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Outdoor Lighting

Since you’re out cleaning the outdoor lights, why not do a visual check to identify and fix any potential problems. Here are some general things to watch out for. Remember to always call a professional if any of this is beyond your know-how.

Check all the lights. Do they work? Some bulbs may simply need to be tightened and others may need to be replaced. This is a great time to do that while you’re thinking of it.

Check around the lighting, especially ground or garden lighting. Have any bushes or greenery grown enough to block or cast shadows? Trim or prune back what you need to. Did all the surrounding flora survive the winter? Have any branches or limbs come down that need to be tidied up? Have high winds or winter snowfall shifted the lighting? Take the time to readjust it if you can, or call a professional.

Wiring and cords are sometimes susceptible to damage from the weather, rodents, pets and other things. Do a visual check and ensure everything is in top shape. Repair any damage if necessary.

Have a look around the yard. Is it time to upgrade or change out some fixtures? Builders often install fixtures that are too small to save costs, now might be the time to swap those out. Tired of cleaning dead bugs out of light fixtures? Maybe it’s time to put up outdoor lighting bugs aren’t attracted to or can’t get in to.

If you are looking to upgrade or need damage fixed, let the experts at Nite Time Décor Oakville help you create just the look and function you need.