Outdoor Lighting Tips for Gazebos

Every good outdoor lighting design illuminates a space that’s perfect for socializing and relaxing. Gazebos can breathe life into any yard gathering, particularly when properly lit for nighttime entertaining. Here are some tips to help you incorporate gazebo lighting into your Burlington outdoor lighting system.

Gazebo Lighting Installation for Your Outdoor Lighting Design

The first thing to consider when designing a gazebo lighting system is wiring and electrical requirements. If you hire one of our electricians, you can be sure that your commercial or residential gazebo lighting system will be properly hooked into your electrical panel.

Our technicians will take care of installing the wiring underground to prevent tripping. We can also decide whether it’s best to hook it up to an outdoor outlet or an interior circuit.

This is not a job you want to attempt on your own. The professionals at Nite Time Décor are trained to handle complex electrical work. Our team of designers and electricians are here to give you the best consultation and continued maintenance for your Burlington outdoor lighting system.

Lighting the Interior

Something like a chandelier or our down light would be perfect for lighting the interior of your gazebo. Either of these fixtures allow for stylish lighting that illuminates the area without creating too much glare.

Remember to consider voltage when planning for interior gazebo light fixtures in your outdoor lighting design. There are some activities that will require brighter lighting. If you are planning on doing any of the below listed activities, you’ll need to talk to our technicians to ensure your gazebo is properly illuminated:

Board games
Work, or if you have a student who may want to do homework in the gazebo
Play cards
That’s the beauty of adding gazebo lighting to your Burlington outdoor lighting system – the possibilities for activities are endless!

Exterior Gazebo Lighting

As with any Burlington outdoor lighting system, lighting the perimeter of your gazebo is all about accenting the right features. When you’re conceptualizing your gazebo lighting, decide what sections of the gazebo’s structure you want to highlight. Looking for some inspiration? Then surf over to our gallery page and check out some of our recent work.

Think about up lighting versus down lighting when planning your exterior illumination. Down lighting has the benefit of also illuminating the interior, as well as the exterior. Our product page has a variety of lighting options to peruse when adding gazebo lighting to your outdoor lighting design.

Don’t forget to light the pathways and entrances to your gazebo. You want to make sure that your guests don’t trip on the way to your gathering. These can easily be incorporated into your outdoor lighting design and will help improve safety as well as ambiance.

Think about coloured lights if your yard has an insect problem. Coloured lights are less likely to attract bugs than bright yellow or white lights.

Budgeting Your Burlington Outdoor Lighting System

Now that you’ve worked out your concept design, think about budget. Consider what you can afford, and try to plan for the best Burlington outdoor lighting system based on that. For help with budgeting, without sacrificing aesthetics or function, request a quote from Nite Time Décor.

For the best advice for your outdoor lighting design, contact one of Burlington Nite Time Décor’s experts today!