Outdoor Lighting Trends 2012

Are you looking to dress up your yard and inspire envy in your neighbours? Then consider updating your Burlington outdoor landscaping and lighting design with exciting new looks from Nite Time Décor. Turn your tired outdoor living space into a lively gathering place with these five trendy 2012 lighting techniques.

For the Love Of Outdoor Lighting

The best way to beautify your yard and add that extra “pop” is with an outdoor lighting design. Our experts can help turn your lighting dreams into reality as well as answer any questions you may have.

Remember that variety is the key to creating a beautiful and unique Burlington outdoor lighting design. Think accenting, down lighting, and up lighting. Feel free to mix and match these techniques to get the look you want.

1. Ecologically friendly and fashionable
While LED lighting may seem like a big investment, it will actually save you money (and energy) in the long run. In fact, you could potentially save $40 – $70 a year in comparison to a conventional Burlington outdoor lighting system.

LED lighting also lessens your carbon footprint, which is a growing priority for environmentally conscious consumers. Why not show your neighbours how to be fashionable and eco-friendly this summer? Flexible and fun, LEDs can be bright and illuminative, or provide small specks of festive fairy lighting. What’s more, they can be used with any of our Nite Time Décor lighting fixtures and products.

2. Gorgeous gazebos
Do you have a gazebo in your backyard that’s looking slightly lacklustre? Spice it up with an outdoor lighting design that incorporates interior and exterior gazebo lighting.

With the right level of lighting, a gazebo can do it all, like provide avid readers with a haven of tranquility or act as an outdoor gathering place for late night partiers. Check out our article on gazebo lighting to learn how to plan for the perfect Burlington outdoor lighting design.

3. Illuminate your walkway
Walkway lighting will not only add safety to your outdoor lighting design, but also provide a warm and inviting entrance for your guests. Use either post lighting at intervals along the pathway, or else recessed foot lights. Steps and stairways are particularly important to light for safety’s sake.

Post lighting will cover a larger area of your walkway, allowing you to purchase fewer fixtures. These can also be used at the top of deck posts, gates, or fencing.

Foot lighting can be use to accent shrubs, while at the same time lighting pathways. It works as a subdued illumination to prevent your guests from tripping, yet provides a whimsical atmosphere to your Burlington outdoor lighting design.

4. Deck lighting
Whether you’re outside for a family barbecue, or attending a gathering with friends, deck lighting will ensure no conversation is left in the dark.

Products like foot lighting and post lighting can be used in combination on steps and around gates. Our tiki lamps are a great example of how deck lighting can be used to create ambiance. When installed properly, deck lighting will make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

5. Driveway lighting
Much like pathway lighting, either posts or foot lighting can be used. This is essential as it dissuades thefts from trespassing.

Driveway lighting also acts as a beacon to guests, and alerts other vehicles to your location.

Interested in learning more about lighting trends for 2012? Contact us for a complimentary quote and a Burlington Nite Time Décor outdoor lighting design expert will be happy to assist you!