Outdoor Tree Lighting Transformations

A lot of your Oakville neighbours have probably discovered the wonders of landscape lighting. You too are likely eager to highlight your yard’s natural beauty with some lighting, but you also want to separate yourself a bit from the crowd. If you’re looking to spice things up with your outdoor lighting, why not ask your landscape lighting service to incorporate tree lighting in your yard. Outdoor tree lighting is one of the most unique ways to bring attention to your property and can really enhance the look of your outdoor environment. Your landscape lighting service in Oakville can use the trees as a centerpiece in your landscape, to add depth to your outdoor design, or as a tool to help focus more attention to specific areas of your property.

Start Your Tree Transformation With Our Oakville Landscape Lighting Service

Before you go crazy with the lights, you’ll need to plan out your landscape lighting style and approach. Questions to ask yourself include:

How big is the tree that you wish to light?

What’s the structure of the tree?

What is the shape of the tree?

What is the texture and colour of the bark?

Where is the tree positioned in the yard?

Not every tree is a great choice for outdoor lighting. As such, it’s important to consider each tree in your yard carefully before deciding which ones to light up. Ideally, you should pick a tree that is fairly large, structurally sound and undamaged. Also, the tree should obviously look good!

Pick Your Lights

Now you can decide on the lights. These days, lights mounted on a stake and recessed outdoor lighting fixtures are very popular for lighting trees. Stake fixtures are the cheaper and more flexible of the two, but they can be knocked out of place. Recessed lighting options do not have the same flexibility in terms of the angle, but protected from being moved or damaged.

The Best View for Your Landscape Lighting Installation

This is all about the position of the lights. You really need to consider what distance and angle people will be viewing the tree. If the tree is farther away, you will need brighter illumination than ones that are closer to the viewing recipient. This prevents your trees from fading out in the distance.

Another factor when choosing the brightness of the light is the colour of the tree’s foliage. Lighter colours reflect light much easier, so low voltage lighting may be all that is required. Darker coloured leaves need brighter light since the darker hues will absorb the vast majority of the light that is being projected.

That being said, leave room for flexibility. Adjustments are almost always necessary.

Positioning Your Fixture

If you decide that you want to uplight a tree, take into consideration the shape and density of the tree. If the tree has a dense canopy, uplighting won’t be too effective if the light is obstructed and can’t flow up into the tree.

If your tree has dense foliage, illuminate it from outside of the canopy. This will provide a blanket of light reflecting off the thick canopy of the tree.

If your tree’s canopy is less dense, then use your landscape lighting to uplight it.

If you’re looking for a landscape lighting service in Oakville, contact Nite Time Décor. The holidays are a perfect time to add some pizzazz to your landscape lighting design.