Plan Like A Pro With Tips From Nite Time Décor

Planning is the key to success for any great endeavour. The same can be said of planning your landscape lighting system. It can be difficult to get the right landscape lighting design to represent your unique style. At Nite Time Décor, we understand how important it is to have a flawless night time façade on your home. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips and hints to help you plan your landscape lighting system.

Plan your spaces accordingly
Every great outdoor lighting system begins with a plan. The best thing to do before beginning anything is to figure out what each area of your lawn will be used for. Will you be spending more time on the back or front porch? Do you have a gazebo that you’d like to entertain in? Is there a walkway that should be illuminated in case of twilight strolls? Each area should be lit according to its function.

Pick your team
Nite Time Décor has a team of experts ready to help you get the most out of your landscape lighting. It’s a lot of work to realize an idea. With the mechanics, proper placement techniques, and all the fine details that go into creating a flawless landscape lighting system, you want to be sure to get the best.

Include convenient switches
Place switches at your entry points to make turning your landscape lighting on and off more efficient. Consider, also, placing a switch in your bedroom so you no longer have to run to the door to turn off the lights before bed.

Create a magnificent moonlit landscape lighting system
This is a gorgeous natural lighting effect that uses softer lighting, rather than sharp glaring lights. You want to create a design that feels as if a full moon has appeared just to illuminate your home. Low lighting around paths and greenery combined with soft lighting pointing up and down into your trees will create this effect.

Don’t overdo it
One of the major mistakes homeowners make is creating a design that is just too over the top: too many fixtures, too bright of lights, too many varieties. Pick one or two types of fixtures you like and stick to those. Use a few low wattage fixtures to avoid the prison yard-like effect that can come from landscape lighting that features too high a wattage.

That being said: avoid the overly yellow lights that homeowners think appear soft, but actually create a sickly effect. You want white enough light that it doesn’t make your plants look ill, but keep it soft. Try Nite Time Décor’s products with LED lights.

Think layered landscape lighting
The way you see your landscape lighting system matters just as much as the way visitors see it. Think about how your lighting will look to you as you look out upon your lawn from the comfort of your living room, but also when you are outside looking upon your gorgeous home.

Use your space to your advantage
Why cram all your fixtures into one area? Leisurely place your lights throughout your design.

Don’t use spotlights too much. Overuse subtracts from the dramatic effect. Space the rest of your lights far enough apart that you don’t detract from the safety and security of your design, and also so that your lights don’t become glaring. Pathway fixtures, in particular, should be no higher than two feet from the ground and should always direct light downwards.

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