Pool Lighting Ideas That Aren’t Boring

A pool can make your backyard feel like a resort, but how do you keep that feeling after the sun goes down? Adding some outdoor lighting to your pool and surrounding area can transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis! There are many considerations for lighting in and around your pool. Some lights can be about helping you enjoy the pool at night. Some can turn your pool into a beautiful property accent, and some lights need to be more focused on safety around your pool. Here are a few ideas from Nite Time Decor Oakville that you can use to highlight your pool area this summer.

Overhead Deck Lighting

This type of outdoor lighting can give the illusion of moonlight, and we all know that swimming in the moonlight is a magical thing. Overhead lights can be mounted in surrounding trees or on gables and soffits of surrounding buildings.

In-Deck Lighting

Lights can be mounted right in your deck and pointed upwards to create an interesting effect. These lights can be installed in existing decks of all types including many concrete decks. Deck lights of this type can really help to accentuate surrounding architectural or garden features in a fresh way that is very attractive. In-deck lights can also be a safety feature by showing you and your guests where the edges of the pool deck are.

Stair Tread Lights

Since pool areas are often accessed with a set of stairs, why not take advantage of this and install lights under the edge of the treads. This is a great feature to have that not only looks great, but also helps improve safety for those navigating the stairs.

Professional Tiki Torches

To really capitalize on the resort atmosphere a pool can add, a few well made tiki torches can help add to the resort feel around your pool. Tiki torches can be purchased with either lights or wicks in them. It’s is wise not to go cheap with these if you would like them to last.

Water Features

If your pool includes a waterfall or other water feature it should be considered individually. Waterfalls lit from behind can be very attractive, or a light that captures the point where the water lands can capture that movement and create a very desirable effect.

Adjacent Buildings

Lighting on and around adjacent buildings is usually a good and economical way to add lighting to your pool area. If this building is part of the pool area – an outdoor bar or shed for example – there are many options for lighting these types of buildings. For a structure like a pergola, string lights can create that bistro feel, or up lights can highlight the structure’s architecture.

All of these are great ways to light up your pool area for an evening swim or just for entertaining around the pool in the evening. Of course some of these options help improve the safety around the pool as well. For more options and help to design an outdoor lighting system that ties your pool area in with the rest of your landscape lighting, contact our team at Nite Time Decor Oakville to get started today!