Portable Lights For Summer Entertaining

Summer is the season for backyard barbeques, meteor showers, camping trips, and midnight dinner parties. Call the babysitter, and spend time with friends new and old while basking in your own backyard oasis. When sunset turns to nightfall, don’t let glaring flood lights ruin the atmosphere. Portable outdoor lights are a fantastic way to keep things safely illuminated without compromising on style.

Backyard Camping
There’s no doubt about it – camping is a ton of fun. But sometimes coordinating an out of the city camping excursion knowing you’re going to have to make dinner over a fire you have to start isn’t really the relaxing summer adventure you had in mind. There’s a certain appeal to roasting marshmallows over a hibachi in the backyard with modern plumbing and running water reliably nearby. Just because you’re glamping it up in the backyard doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like the real thing though. Use portable camping lights to set the mood. Go traditional with the Coleman Easi-Lite Lamp or bring your camping trip into the 21st Century with the LED version of the same lamp.

Modern Portable Outdoor Lighting
One of the best things about outdoor lighting and landscape lighting is its versatility. Simply by changing the intensity of a single light, or updating a fixture a whole new look can be achieved. If you love everything modern, there is no shortage of portable lights designed for outdoor use to suit your style. For example, these portable orb lights. They come in a variety of colours and sizes. They create a surreal, atmospheric effect when placed strategically around your backyard! Alternatively, these LED cubes act as both seating and beacons of light – and look how fantastic they look beside a pool!

Relax and Rejuvenate After Dark
Who says you have to retreat indoors to read your favourite book once the sun has set? Or, that you have to eat inside just because it’s dark outside. Summers in Vancouver feel their best when the sun has set and the ocean air is wafting in from the beach. Acknowledging the need for stylish outdoor lighting many lighting designers are introducing their own line of outdoor lighting that mimics the same level of style and design you have come to expect from interior lighting. For example, Metalarte. These luxury outdoor lighting options prove that you don’t have to compromise on style just because you’re using their products out of doors. Book lovers will rejoice when they see the Mate Floor Lamp, which makes reading al fresco easier on the eyes than ever before. Homeowners with pools know that lighting the pool in an aesthetically pleasing way makes the space even more enjoyable. Imagine going for a late night swim while these floating lanterns light illuminate your surroundings!

Portable outdoor lighting is becoming trendier every single season! And in beautiful Vancouver, we are lucky enough to be able to make use of our outdoor living space year round. Take the opportunity to customize it to suit your lifestyle and design aspirations!