How To Prevent Damage To Your Landscape Lighting System

A professionally installed landscape lighting system has many benefits. Not only does it highlight key aesthetic features of your home and boost curb appeal, it also helps to increase safety and security around your home and property. These are just some of the many benefits that a landscape lighting design can bring to your home. But, like many things in life, your landscape lighting system will only be effective if it is in working condition.

For homeowners who purchased and installed their landscape lighting system years ago, they may find that their system isn’t running like it used to. This is common if you’ve installed a landscape lighting system and have simply left it on its own for a great length of time. As the summer season quickly comes to an end, our team of experienced lighting professionals have decided to compile this list of tips to help keep your system in prime, working condition all year round.

Lighting Placement

If you are looking to install a new landscape lighting system, or simply re-arrange the design you currently have, remember that lighting placement matters, especially when it comes to preventing damage to your system.

It’s important to place your lights in an area that doesn’t receive heavy foot traffic. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t illuminate the areas people use most. Rather, it means you should find the areas people use most, and place your lights around that area.

Another thing to keep in mind when determining the placement of lights around your home is the effect of rain, snow and fertilizer. If possible, place your lights under the cover of overhangs or awnings, which will go a long way in preventing damage from the natural elements of heavy rain, falling snow and blustering winds. When it comes to placing your lights in and around a garden where fertilizer has been used, apply protective glass treatments on a regular basis or simply find an area where your lights will not come into direct contact with the fertilizer.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

Regular maintenance checks will do wonders for increasing the longevity of your landscape lighting system. Simply walk around your property on a weekly or monthly basis and keep an eye out for any damage to your bulbs, fixtures or wires. If you take this opportunity to clean and straighten your fixtures, and clear away any build up of dirt, snow or ice, you’re system is sure to be more effective all year long.

Be Mindful When Mowing Your Lawn

If you’ve created the perfect landscape lighting design for your home, chances are you have some of your lighting fixtures on the ground level. When you have fixtures on ground level, you have to be extra conscious of these elements when performing other landscaping maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn, trimming around edges and corners and pulling weeds in the garden.

Before mowing and trimming edges and corners, it’s a good idea to place buckets over any ground-level fixtures. This will ensure you do not accidentally run over one of your light fixtures while mowing, or hit your fixtures with any debris that might shoot out the side of your mower and cause damage.

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Preventing damage to your landscape lighting system starts with properly creating your design. From choosing quality materials to planning out the exact placement for each light, you’ll want to be sure you are making the right choices. Our team of landscape lighting professionals can help you make these important decisions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the landscape lighting design of your dreams.