Principles of Lighting Design

Much to our dismay, some homeowners still aren’t fully aware of just what landscape lighting in Burlington can accomplish for their yard. When it comes to designing a system, it’s important to note the flexibility. While some systems are limited to path lighting, others can include the extensive illumination of an entire home and property.

At Nite Time Décor, we find that our clients’ expectations vary greatly, mostly because our clients aren’t entirely sure what to anticipate from a landscape lighting installation. As such, our lighting designers often adjust their roles to lighting educators in order to help clients truly understand what it is they hope to achieve with their landscape lighting system. Through the years, we have discovered some basic principles when it comes to landscape lighting in Burlington. Please review these tips and you’ll be better prepared for your consultation with Nite Time Décor.

Principles of Burlington Landscape Lighting

Cohesion: the house is the central feature of the landscape. Other areas of focus can include plants, driveways, pathways, decks and lawns. A good design will tie these separate elements together with illumination to establish a cohesive appearance.

Depth: if only your home is lit, your landscape will retreat from view as darkness falls. This flattens the viewing experience, as the gaze will start and end with the surface of the home. Create a three-dimensional viewing experience; ask our experts how landscape lighting can add depth to your property.

Focal points: everyone’s vision is dynamic, and as such, your lighting designed should anticipate this. In the case of Burlington landscape lighting, the aim is for the viewer’s gaze to finally land on the home, and so we carefully plan the design to include various focal points in the landscape that gradually leads the eye to the entrance of the home.

Quality and direction: since many people already have porch lights or down lights under the portico, they don’t see a need to light up the home. Sometimes these lights can be pointing in a distracting (or blinding) direction and the brightness can be too harsh compared to the low voltage lighting in the landscape. This does not highlight architectural features of your home or the lovely landscape in your yard. A better approach is to ask about architectural lighting services from the design experts at Nite Time Décor.

Security: obviously no one wants a home invasion. Lighting only the house neglects the yard and gives intruders places to hide. Strategically placed landscape lighting aimed at the shadows in your yard can increase the security of your home.

Functionality: aspects of your home such as decks and patios clearly need to be lit up. However, you may also want to take a stroll through your garden at night. Why not create compelling and inviting lighting throughout your entire property!

Beauty: this is a pretty basic point. When you invest your money in some landscape lighting, you expect the result to look good. Contact the lighting experts at Nite Time Décor Burlington and we’ll be sure to leave your home looking better than ever!

Nite Time Décor can improve your landscape lighting design quickly and easily using these straightforward design principles. Let us show you how simple changes can improve the aesthetic and functionality of your system. Contact Nite Time Décor today at 1-800-952-3006.