How Our Residential Lighting Experts Reduce Light Pollution

At our Oakville residential lighting service, we feel that there is a delicate balance when it comes to getting the right amount of outdoor light. You need to see what you’re doing. But wouldn’t it also be nice to see rest of your yard? Or the stars? If you use your residential landscape lighting in strategic ways, it’s possible to achieve the right amount of light, as opposed to creating unnecessary light pollution. What is light pollution? Read on to find out what it is, how you can avoid it, and how our Oakville residential lighting service minimizes it when installing residential landscape lighting.

What is Light Pollution?

Light pollution has three components:

Light trespass: This is when light is cast where it doesn’t belong or where it isn’t wanted or needed.
Glare: This is when light is too bright. It can be annoying for some people, hazardous in certain cases, and can inhibit some people’s ability to see properly.
Sky glow: This happens when light is projected into the night sky, either directly or by reflection. This can obscure your view of the stars.

Lighting of any kind is expensive enough to run. You don’t want to waste any of your residential landscape lighting by having it shine in unintended areas. By being precise with your lighting, you will not be paying for waste and your landscape lighting will be more visually appealing.

Achieve Good Residential Landscape Lighting

You can have good lighting in your outdoor landscape by considering the following:

Decide on what needs to be lighted and what shouldn’t be lighted. Your yard needs to be lighted. Your neighbour’s yards do not.

Decide how much light you need to perform the task. There is no sense installing more light fixtures than you need to perform the lighting task. Similarly, using bulbs that are too bright is also excessive.

Select a fixture that is flexible and can direct light where it needs to be directed.Places where it does not need to be directed include people’s eyes and offsite.

Shield the fixture so that the light goes where it’s supposed to go. Floodlights should be aimed down.

Turn off lights when not needed, with the exception of all-night activities that may be taking place.

How Our Oakville Residential Lighting Service Prevents Light Pollution

When you sign up with Nite Time Décor, we work with you to ensure that the areas you want are illuminated. However, we also try to be responsible with your lighting, so that you aren’t paying for unwanted light. Our down light is very popular for shining light in just the right areas. The shield ensures that there will be minimal wastage. This light would be great for lighting up a porch.

If a softer, all-round light is what you’re looking for, then our area light would be a fantastic choice! Use it to light up a path without the harsh lighting. All you need to do is ensure that you won’t trip!

Nite Time Décor is committed to responsible lighting that isn’t wasteful. To learn more about how to minimize light pollution in your yard or how we can do it for you, contact our Oakville residential lighting service today!